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March 17th 2013
Published: March 17th 2013
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Elegant TroganElegant TroganElegant Trogan

About 12 1/2 ", this is the male, the female has moer subdued colors
March 1st will always be remembered as the day we spotted the Elegant Trogon our 432nd life bird, and what a terrific bird it was. We had just arrived at Patagonia State Park on Patagonia Lake in the town of Patagonia , AZ, and decided to walk the birding trail. Folks coming off the trail were telling us to hurry because the trogon had been spotted. We had tried to find this elusive bird in 2006 but we always just missed it. We hustled down the trail and saw 2 people who waved us over, and there he was!!!! We watched him for such a long time, in fact we left before the trogon did. A few days later we joined a birding group and when the trogon was spotted the group became the stereotypical bird watching group. Folks traipsing through the brush and shushing each other and all heads turning the minute someone pointed. The bird flew and we all dashed to the new spot, he took off again and we all followed - lots of fun. They sometimes call birders 'Twitchers' since they are known to twitch when a new bird is spotted - we were all a bunch
Patagonia campsitePatagonia campsitePatagonia campsite

Our view of the lake was good and we could launch our kayaks just down the hill from our site
of twitchers that day. I didn't have my camera along either time we spotted him, but a fellow birder sent me her best picture.

Patagonia State Park is a great park not only for birding, but hiking and paddling also. It is part of BLM land which means that cattle can graze on it without much in the way of fencing. It is just very strange to be kayaking along a shoreline were cows are relaxing or walking a trail and stepping aside so a group of cows can get by.

Our next stop was Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, AZ. Our campsite had a beautiful view of the Superstition Mountains. These mountains are the remains of an ancient volcanic magma chamber left standing when the surrounding rock wore away. The mountains just glowed when the setting sun highlighted the alluvial fans. We took a hike in the mountains up Siphon Draw Trail to an area called the Basin where there was an area of slick-rock and a water fall. After a heavy rain this area siphons the water from the surrounding peaks to the valley below. The polished rock surface in this area let us
kayaking Lake Patagoniakayaking Lake Patagoniakayaking Lake Patagonia

Cows and a cowboy hat
know how fast the water must rush through.

We are at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ right now, and enjoying temperatures in the 70's again. The 90's of a few days ago was HOT even if it was a dry heat.

We are so glad to be in State Parks again after our month in the RV 'Resort'. We can sit outside and take in magnificent views and our bodies and souls just sigh with relief - so I guess we won’t be going back to the resort next year.

Additional photos below
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a group of twitchersa group of twitchers
a group of twitchers

Ron's the one sitting down.
Patagonia  - Sonoita Creek areaPatagonia  - Sonoita Creek area
Patagonia - Sonoita Creek area

Part of the Blackhawk Canyon Trail
Siphon Draw TrailSiphon Draw Trail
Siphon Draw Trail

We started down there in that valley
Siphon Draw TrailSiphon Draw Trail
Siphon Draw Trail

Very slick rock at this point.

Perfect backdrop for a perfect flight

17th March 2013

Elegant Trogons
Wow, no mistaking that guy for a Black-throated Gray Warbler! And, how lucky can you kids get, those Elegants aren't supposed to be in your neighborhood until April or May.~~Jackie and I will be headed that way near the end of the month looking for migrates. Be well and stay cool.
17th March 2013

Bird is beautiful. Pictures are great! Such scenery....looks/sounds like you have had a great adventure this winter!
17th March 2013

You surface again
Hi Tam & Ron, Glad to hear you have found a site where you can sit back and enjoy. THe photos are great. THings are warming here, Spring is . . . just around the corner. I see it peaking-out from around the corner occasionally. Maples have swelled buds and the Robin are fishing up worm, I suppose. Enjoy the SouthWest, and remember home await you. P
17th March 2013

Beautiful country!
Thank you so much for including me in blessing our magnificent country. You are positively poetic and you should write a book of your travels for others to follow or simply enjoy. Jo an

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