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March 25th 2010
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You can just barely see me and All there - They are HUGE!
You cannot tell me that there is not a Creator who orchestrated everything on this earth. There are things out there to see in this world that are just incredible. There is just no describing what we saw today. We walked up toward the Romero Pools (we couldn't go all the way because we found out half way there that we couldn't take Al and she was with us). The views were incredible and the Saguaro Cactus (Cacti?) were all over the place. Then we drove up to Mount Lemmon. They are still skiing up there so we couldn't ride the lift up the mountain. There is a base of 60" of snow - in Arizona. Huhlloohhh.... Arizona? This drive was about 23 miles of constantly changing scenery that went from about 2500 feet all the way to 8500. The view of Tucson from up there was great. At 4000 feet the cactus disappeared. We got all the way up to 8000 feet and there were Sequoia's and other evergreens all over the place. Evergreens. In Arizona. Along with snow, ski lifts, and 37 degree temperatures... Okay so, is it obvious that this is just fascinating to me??? This drive puts

This one seems to be hugging itself.
the North Cascade Highway to bigtime shame.

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Side viewSide view
Side view

This was right over the highway. Huge. Really huge.
Front viewFront view
Front view

Mt LemmonMt Lemmon
Mt Lemmon

The road up there was filled with incredible sights.

These are right over the road. Perched up there, watching. Waiting...

This was just about half way up the mountain. The view was just incredible.

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