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North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande October 10th 2014

IRA HAMILTON HAYES Ira was a Pima Indian and a damn good Marine. He enlisted in the Corps on August 26, 1942 at the age of 19. On November 30 he graduated from jump school, made PFC the next day and the following day was assigned duty with a Marine parachute outfit. On March 14 they all sailed merrily off to go fight the Japs in the South Pacific. They waded ashore in April at New Caledonia to harden themselves to the tropics. Between October 14 and December 3 they were busily bloodying up the Japs on Vella Lavella. On December 4, 1943 they joined the heavy fighting on Bougainville until January 15 when the decimated outfit was pulled out of action and returned to Camp Pendleton for reorganization. During that vicious fighting Ira carried the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande October 9th 2014

MATHEW B. JUAN The Gila River Pimas take justifiable pride in their war heroes. Mathew B. Juan was born in San Tan to Joseph and Mary B. Juan on April 22, 1892. He got his elementary schooling at Sacaton and then went on to the Sherman Institute in Riverside, CA. It was an Indian boarding school. When he graduated he left town with a travelling circus. In June of 1917 he registered for the military draft in Wichita Falls, TX and sure enough he got drafted on December 11. Soldiers were needed quick and dirty for the Great War in France. In January of 1918 he was already aboard the troopship Tuscania bound for Le Havre. The Tuscania was torpedoed and sunk in the North Channel on Feb 5, 1918. Two hundred soldiers and sixty five ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande December 23rd 2013

Geo: 32.8795, -111.75Finally managed to get out to see Casa Grande. It was interesting; glad I did it but not sure I'd make it a priority to return.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande April 11th 2013

Well friends, relatives and followers. We have completed our fourth winter trip from the Pacific Northwest to southern Arizona. This past winter, we spent one month (December 2012) in Yuma, and three months in Casa Grande. It was the wettest and coldest winter we have experienced to date in the sunshine State. But we appreciated all the more, the cold and wet of southern Arizona compared to the cold and wet that greeted us when we arrived back at the homestead in Washington State. We are slow and old. My bride celebrated her 70th b’day in January; sure, the gentleman I am, I picked up the dinner bill for the big 70 celebration. On a minor note, I hit the big “69” in February. What is it with a required minimum distribution? We put another notch ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande February 24th 2013

The first few pics were taken one of the last days that we were in Quartzsite. We decided to go into Mexico one more time. On the way, we saw something in the sky that looks like a fish! I'm guessing that maybe it is a weather balloon?? I can't imagine what else it could be. (Reminds me of one of those Goldfish crackers!) There is a casino just before you get to the border....a lot of RV's in the parking lot. Jim wanted a haircut, so the first place we went was a barber shop....$3.00 for the haircut (they did a good job). There are a lot of Dental offices in Mexico....and we even saw a building that advertised both Dental & a Bed & Breakfast??? We did a little shopping, then left. Mexico is ... read more
its a fish
Indian Casino near the Mexican border
Barber Shop in Algodones Mexico

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande February 22nd 2013

We are enjoying the sunshine this winter in Arizona. It's nice to be off the road for a few months. We've made new friends and are helping to get pickleball established at Casa Grande RV Resort. The resort has a teacher, Tony, come in once a week. However, since none of the snowbirds here are "Thousand Trails members," the sport is new to most of them. A friendly crowd and I am so happy Tom is playing just about every day. Me? I continue to work hard NOT to make PB the center of my universe. I definitely drank the Pickelball Kool-aid. Many of our new friends are leaving soon so we had a PB tournament to cap off the winter. So fun. The tournament started at 9:30 in the morning and about 6 pm we ... read more
Sky Diver
Wind Tunnel

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande February 2nd 2013

Update from Palm Creek On the evening of Feb 1, 2013, Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort, where we are staying in Casa Grande, AZ, hosted a hot air balloon glow burn in Palm Park common area. Six hot air balloons were on hand as featured attractions; part of the Resort’s support of the Cancer Support Center to help locals of Casa Grande. The Cactus Middle School Marching Band led a parade through the streets of the Resort. I grabbed my camera and tripod, and went for a stroll through Palm Park to grab some colorful photos. It has been unseasonably wet and cold during the month of January. Plans to watch the Super Bowl with friends in Chandler have been canceled because of flu in their family. Maybe we can get together later in the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande January 23rd 2013

Ensconced in Casa Grande It has been a little over a month since my last update, back when we were in Yuma for most of the month of December. It was the day after Christmas that we hitched up and headed out of Country Roads for Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ. No sooner than we arrived at Palm Creek, winter was close behind. After the first week of getting acclimated, we had several nights of below freezing temps, and cold days too. Both of my girls have been gussied up and groomed since we arrived. I, myself, have been shorn by my sweet bride, otherwise known as TB (my Trail Boss). TB and I went to a line dancing class the other day. Nerve pain in my left foot and lower ... read more
Casa Grande Ruins01 web
Casa Grande Ruins06 web
Casa Grande Ruins05 web

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande March 27th 2012

Today we are headed to San Diego, CA, the most western destination for this trip. We will be here three nights. Crossing the dessert we got to see the saguaro cactus, very interesting. Went through the plant inspection station, they came on board to check out Aleta's Ivy plant. All ok!! Went through two border patrol checkpoints. Only asked if all onboard were American citizens and let us go. The mountains are beautiful with rocks balanced on top of another. Strange, the temp on the eastern side of the mountains was nearing 80, but when we dropped over the mountains to the west the temp dropped to high 60's. Jack cooked tonight - Jambalaya. YUMMMMMM!!... read more
32712 download 178
32712 download 179
32712 download 180

North America » United States » Arizona » Casa Grande January 29th 2012

Within a few days, we will be concluding a two month stay at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. This is our third snowbird adventure, traveling in a 5th wheel trailer to southern Arizona for the winter. Our homestead in Washington State recently has been hit with both a snow storm (3 feet), followed by an ice storm! How sweet is that? During the past two months, we have enjoyed the hospitality of friends Dave and Mare in Chandler, Arizona who have had us to their home two times for smoked barbecue and fixings. Like me, Dave is a master chef with the Black Diamond dual chamber smoker; a fire box and a smoke chamber. We drive up and stay at the Red Roof Inn because after a great meal and libation, ... read more

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