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January 4th 2016
Published: January 4th 2016
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Today is our first rain since arriving in Arizona more than 3 weeks ago. Our first stop was at a small RV park in Fort Mohave. We stayed there 3 nights, while there we did some scouting in and around Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona to find a camping area that was more to our liking. The small RV park was nice but crowded. We settled on a campground in Katherine Landing which has a small marina on Lake Mohave. This is part of the Lake Mead National Recreational Area. We are above the Davis Dam, but down river of the well known Hoover Dam.

The campground has 4 loops on the east side of main road and one on the west side. The west side and 2 loops on the east side are closed for the season. Only A & B loops are in use at this time. We chose a nice spot on A loop that overlooks the marina. Since arriving here on the 16th of December our weather has been mostly nice. mid 60's and sunny. But the past week we have had quite a bit of wind. One day it was gusting up to 60 mph. Today we have no wind, but it is now raining so thought it would be a good time to get caught up on this blog. Our camp hosts have a small dvd & book library that is open to the guests. The only item we have borrowed since being here is a DVD on western ghost towns. We have a sattelite dish now so we do get some movie and tv watching in at night, and thanks to Dustin we have had some great movies to watch. As the days get longer we hope to be outside more, but it does get dark here now around 6:00pm. We have found though that since being on the road we have done more walking and hiking since it is a new area to explore.

We have a nightly visitor, mostly because I've been feeding it, he is our little kit fox. He is very elusive but he has allowed me a couple times to come out while he was eating and not run off, although he does not go far he sticks around until he has finished the food. He is not very big, about the size a Large cat. One night I had one of my garden croc shoes go missing. We would leave our crocs outside for use around the campsite and then kick them off before coming into the trailer. But one night when we decided to go out for a walk we went out the door and I noticed one was gone. I had just used it about an hour prior to it's disappearance - I had to put on my tennis shoes and with flashlights we searched all over around the campsite and neighboring sites but there was no sign of it. The next morning I was up and dressed and out searching all over again. I circled the entire area even venturing out into the desert a bit, but there was no sign. When I returned unsuccessful about an hour later, Dick then went out to cover another area that I did not get to. After more than an hour he also returned without it. Not sure if it was the kit fox that took it, or if it was a coyote. There are several in the area and we hear them all the time at dusk and into the night. One day we were driving down by the marina as we have seen a flock of California Quail many times in the area so thought we'd go look to see if they were there, but instead we found a coyote. It was about a 1/2 hour before sunset and he was napping in the late afternoon sun under a bush. We sat watching him until the sun sat and the temps cooled. He got up stretched and headed out for his evening hunt. He was a large canine and a had nice colorful coat. Did not have a good camera with me otherwise I would have taken some pictures. The iphone pics would not capture him very well as we were about 70 yards away.

The campground we are in has had numerous occupants come and go since we arrived. Some are just tent camping for a couple days and others are RVing just like us. Mostly they have all been from other states, none from Oregon, that is until recently. Just the past couple days most pulling in here have been from Oregon. Just yesterday we counted 10 Oregon plates. Some have pulled out this morning though, but just saw another truck and trailer pull in and again Oregon plates.

We spent New Year's eve Casino hopping in Laughlin, Nevada. We had a nice meal at the Colorado Bell and then walked from one casino to another checking out all the festivities each one offered. There were lots of revelers and difficult to move around. But something new to do for us. On the 2nd of January we headed up to Christmas Tree Pass in Nevada which is not far from us and we can actually see the mountain pass from our camp ground. The pass has a small canyon off of it called Grapevine Canyon, once parked at a trail head and a small hike into the canyon there are some ancient Indian Petroglyphs. We very much enjoyed exploring this area. There were about 15 to 20 other people there also. The weather was around 60 so it was perfect for a hike and exploring. When we finished in the canyon we then drove the rest of Christmas Pass. It is entirely dirt road and about 16 miles long but very passable. This pass gets it's name from the tradition of the locals decorating the bush and cactus along the road. The rock formations along the pass are tall and rugged, they were quite striking and could not stop taking pictures.

On January 7th we are leaving Katherine's landing campground and will be headed down to Lake Havasu. We will stay there for a few days before moving onto Quartzite.

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