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North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee January 18th 2019

Bisbee & the Coronado National Memorial: After finishing our hike at City of Rocks State Park, we drove about 3.5 hours to Bisbee, AZ, where we checked into the OK Street Jailhouse. The jailhouse has been transformed into a surprisingly comfortable B & B (though you have to cook your own breakfast). Built in 1804 as the county jail, it was part of the prison system until 1915 when a larger facility was needed. It is believed to have once been owned by John Wayne. In fact, there's a life-size cardboard photo of John Wayne in the corner which took us by surprise every time we looked in that direction! The former drunk tank is now a living room, kitchen, and half bath. Upstairs where the serious offenders were housed is now a large bedroom and ... read more
From Joe's Canyon trail
Another from Joe's Canyon trail
From Joe's Canyon trail

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee June 9th 2014

Grandson joined up for the summer. Our first stop is Bisbee Arizona where we will tour the Queen Mine (Copper Mine).... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee April 1st 2013

WARREN FIELD Baseball was first played on Warren Field near Bisbee, Arizona Territory in 1908. It was the last year of Teddy Roosevelt’s second term as President. One of Roosevelt’s proudest accomplishments was passage of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Trusts were a business arrangement in which the owners of the trust gained monopolistic control over the nations growth industries. It was good for them, the trust holders all became extremely wealthy, but it was bad for everyone else. The trust system gave rise to trade unionism and a strong socialist movement in America. In 1916 America had finally declared war on Germany and we were gearing up to send troops to France. Within a year industrial production was in full tilt and copper from the mines in Bisbee was critical to the war effort. ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee February 21st 2013

ALLYN WHEELER Harry Wheeler took a California girl named Mamie Olivia Stafford as his bride on Valentine’s Day, 1898 at Fort Sill, OK. They were married the same day that the USS Maine blew up in Havana Harbor. Harry was private in Company H of the First U S Cavalry. It was the war hysteria, no doubt, that caused the happy couple to work quickly at starting a family. Their first child arrived only 7 months later on August 11, 1898. He has strapping lad that they named William Allyn Wheeler, but they always called him Allyn to avoid confusion with a grandpa and uncle also named William Wheeler. Harry was discharged from the army for medical reasons and became a private in the Arizona Rangers. He quickly rose to sergeant, then lieutenant and ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee May 22nd 2012

Nestled within the Mule Mountains, the historic town offers visitors a window into the past. This picturesque town founded in 1880 is home to the old Queen Mine, the very heart of riches and economic growth when the town was at its height of growth. The old West mining town was then the richest mining town in the United States producing large tons of gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper. Until the early 1970s Bisbee was a thriving town, but then the minerals became unprofitable, leading to the departure of many employees who sought work elsewhere. Today, Bisbee is one of Arizona’s main tourist attractions drawing thousands each year. Whether you are a resident of Arizona or just a visitor, a weekend getaway to Bisbee will engage you, your friends, family or colleagues in different activities. ... read more
Historic Bisbee, Arizona
Historic Bisbee, Arizona
Historic Bisbee, Arizona

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee February 23rd 2011

I went on a quick roadtrip with my friend Rochelle. We didn't want to venture too far since I'm only a few weeks from having a baby (possibly even sooner!). We opted to make the quick hour & half drive from Tucson to Bisbee since neither of us had been there. As soon as we drove through the tunnel at Mule Pass the rolling hills laid out before us and were speckled by houses perched against the ledges. What a beautiful, quaint town. Bisbee was once, in the early 1900s, the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. It's hard to believe that in less than the span of one decade, a city can go from a bustling metropolis to a sleepy town. Alas though, a town with a rich history in mainly copper and ... read more
main strip of shops

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee December 13th 2010

It’s 2010 and, for the life of me, I’m amazed there are still cities in our country that somehow function at less than the average mach speed. I live in the Southwest, and today I took a trip to Old Historic Bisbee, Arizona where I moseyed along and took shots of the random sights that make it so unique. Bisbee became famous in the late 1800s thanks to the discovery of copper throughout the area. The elevation is just shy of 6,000 feet, and in the main historic district, homes are stippled throughout the varying tiers of hills that roll along for about a mile. This is the start of a Southwest Chapter for me, so please, enjoy a few glimpses back into the historical moods that make Bisbee so eclectic after all these years. Stop ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee March 28th 2010

We woke up about 7 am; everyone came over for lattes. The wind is horrible again. Breakfast was a combined effort; we made the bacon and eggs, Larry made pancakes. Everything was delicious. It was time to clean up, pack up and head home. I really enjoyed Denny staying with us. If you don't know Denny, she is 82 years old, Australian and a lifelong friend of Annie's. She is very mobile, keeps up with everyone, is cheerful, funny, sharp and a delight to have around. I'm so glad I got to spend the weekend with her. I think the key to her health is walking and red wine. We followed Larry and Henna home and good thing we did. We were behind him and all of a sudden, he blew another tire on the RV. ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee March 27th 2010

It was a very windy night. I couldn't get to sleep. Maybe I read too long. I got up to go to the bathroom a few times. Got up around 7:30. Denny said the wind woke her a few times. Whenever someone moves around in the RV, you can feel it slightly if you are laying in bed. Denny said she felt it. She thought we were perhaps 'carrying on'. Not! We invited everyone over for lattes. After our lattes we had a big breakfast: eggs, hashbrown, bacon, sausage, toast, orange juice. We had reservations for a tour of the Queen Mine at 10:30am. It is within walking distance, just down the hill. We got to the tour and suited up, heavy coats, helmets, flashlights; seemed quite realistic. The pictures are great. The tour was fantastic, ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee March 26th 2010

We get up around 7AM. We slept good. Larry and Henna join us for lattes. We sat around and chatted for awhile. We then had a leisurely breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, Larry's chili (shredded pork, tomatoes, spices). It's hot and spicy and we put it on top of our eggs. It was about 10:45. I'd better get a shower; Annie, Bobbie and Denny are coming around 11:30. They arrive safely around 11:30. It is very windy up on top of this hill. We help them unload. Denny is staying with us; Bobbie and Annie with Larry and Henna. The guys head to Sierra Vista. Larry has to get a spare tire for his RV. The girls sit around and chat for awhile, then we head to town. If you've been to Bisbee, you know it's an ... read more
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