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North America » United States » Alaska » Denali National Park September 16th 2015

We awoke on Wednesday morning, while still dark, to the thrum of heavy rain upon our plywood roof. After a scratch breakfast of yet more cornflakes, we drove the 15 miles north to the Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali was one of the first things that we had booked, opting for the hop-on hop-off shuttle service that would carry us 92 miles into the park, almost to the base of Denali itself, the tallest mountain in North America. You cant drive further than the first 15 miles in your own car, so if you didn't feel like hiking the bus was the only alternative. (There are also very few set hiking trails in the park so you pretty much have free reign to walk any of the 6 million(!) acres that you like, which is ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska September 15th 2015

Today we said goodbye to the lovely Christy and her beautiful B&B and headed out on the road for the long drive to Denali. We were sad to leave a place where we had pancakes made specially for us, but were excited to move on to the next stage of our adventure. Along the way we stopped for more food at a cool little restaurant called the Noisy Goose Cafe where they openly mocked people who used their "cellphones" when the waitress is at their table. It was fun, the food was great as usual and it Daisy got her first experience of eating a breakfast burrito. A couple more hours into the trip we stopped at a town called Talkeetna. We were excited to finally make it here as the Mayor of the town is ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska September 14th 2015

It was a very soggy Anchorage that we left behind. Luckily once we had put a few miles behind us, the rain eased off and the skies began to clear. Our plan was to drive up to Glennallen, taking in a few sites of interest on the way. A drive of just under 180 miles, we hoped that we would find enough to do, but it turned out there was too much to do! The guidebooks had warned us that driving north from Anchorage (our planned route) was nothing like as spectacular as the drive south. Perhaps the drive is different in the summer, but the mountains and the Fall colours were absolutely beautiful. We started out on the Glenn Highway, but were soon tempted to take a detour onto the Eagle River loop road which ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage September 12th 2015

Iron-grey sea, low gray clouds, constant drizzle... Laura and I are finding ourselves very much at home already. We arrived in a fug of exhaustion last night, to the point where neither one of us could remember the way to the hotel lobby this morning. Thankfully, Laura's description of hotel rooms in America turned out to be pretty spot on and we each had our our own double bed to recover in. Oh, and the room has its own Mr Coffee. Heaven. As for the journey itself, well, it's a long one, and it encompassed a mad dash through Minneapolis airport to catch our connecting flight (90 minutes is more than enough time to get through US immigration they say, pffft) but we did get to see some great scenery including the Rocky Mountains. There are ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage September 12th 2015

We were collected from our hotel and taken to the car rental, where we became the proud - albeit temporary - owners of a Dodge Something Something. It's shiny and grey and should be perfect for helping us get lost in the wilderness. Breakfast was our main priority, so we headed to Denny's. There we sat in a booth, enjoying unlimited coffee, and listening to the teenagers behind us discussing what they had done for prom. The Americana remained strong all day, with Daisy getting giddy at the sight of a drive-through ATM and several fire hydrants. Anchorage Museum was the highlight of the day. The place has apparently benefited from some serious investment recently, and it really shows. The Native Alaska exhibition was fascinating and the children's Imaginarium was incredibly interactive (and open to adults, ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 31st 2015

Today is our last day in Alaska - assuming the flight leaves on time tonight. But before you get started on this, be advised that photos have now been added to Aug 28 (College Fjord) blog entry. We set our 2 bags in the hallway last night (47.5 & 48.5 pounds), so we were down to a backpack and small roller bag. We got up and packed our final things as we did not have to be out of our cabins until 8:00, so we met the Sieberts in the hall at 7:55 and went up to the Horizon Court for a final breakfast on the ship. Our steward (Mar) was waiting in the hall to bid us farewell and to get started cleaning our cabins for the next set of passengers. The food court must ... read more
Billings Glacier
Tubenkof Glacier
Orca Whales

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier August 29th 2015

Today is our last full day of sailing and that makes it a little bit sad. However we were determined to enjoy the last day and here is what we did. We started by meeting the Sieberts and we all went to the Portofino Dining Room for another sit-down breakfast. Tomorrow we will have to use the buffet, so we took advantage of this last opportunity. Then we went around the ship doing various bits of business. We checked e-mail in the Internet Café, got advanced copies of our stateroom bill to be sure there weren’t any surprises, did a little shopping in the boutiques, and talked to the Future Cruise person. David started trying to put things back into the suitcases so we could judge whether we will have a problem or not. The big ... read more
Alaskan Coast
Bryn Mawr Glacier
Harvard Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay August 28th 2015

This morning we arrived in Glacier Bay National Park. Alas, the excellent weather we have enjoyed the past few days has turned to low clouds and mist/light showers. This is a location where scenery is the cornerstone of the day, and sadly we do not have the best possible viewing conditions. But we made do as best we could. We got up at 7:00 and called Kathy and Jim. We all agreed to meet down in the Portofino Dining Room for a formal breakfast. We all got there about 7:45 and had a nice breakfast. Janet was able to order the Eggs Benedict even though it wasn’t on the menu. David had an Omelet and Blueberry Pancakes. Jim had bacon & eggs while Kathy had poached eggs on toast and blueberry pancakes. It was delicious and ... read more
Lamplugh Glacier again
John Hopkins Glacier
Ice Breaking of

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 27th 2015

This morning we had our 3rdexcursion day in a row – Skagway Alaska. However today is different in that the Sieberts are going on a bus/train tour into the Yukon and we are heading the opposite direction for a Wilderness Adventure. Our group did not need to assemble on the dock until 9:30, so we were able to sleep in for a while before going up to get breakfast. We had another big buffet breakfast and still had plenty of time before our excursion. We decided to go to town to look at some of the stores so we left the ship about 8:45. It turns out that the stores are not as near the pier as we thought they were. Apparently the pier has moved since we were last here eleven years ago. The first ... read more
Two Glaciers
Trre which had been

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 27th 2015

Mum, sis and I had survived our two days in Vancouver, now was the big test: surviving, seven nights in the same room on a cruise ship that just so happened to be going through Alaska and BC. I was very much looking forward to this particular trip as Alaska had always interested me. What I had expected and what I saw were two totally different experiences. After we managed to cart our luggage up Hornby St to Canadian Place, we found our way to where checked luggage needed to be stored and where we had to check in. As I had mentioned in my previous blog, I was nervous about my ESTA and going through US customs always made me feel like they would ping me for looking the wrong way or not being clean ... read more
Deck 9 on the Cruise Ship - Vancouver
Recycled Percussion

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