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August 11th 2012
Published: August 13th 2012
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This morning we were up early to pack, have breakfast and walk the short distance to the wharf to catch our float plane back to Seattle. We couldn’t have asked for better weather while in Victoria so the plane ride back to Seattle was spectacular.

Once back in Seattle, we gathered up the rest of our luggage, got in a taxi and made our way to Pier 91 where we were to board the Golden Princess. We had seen the ship from the air, but I was not prepared for the mammoth size when we were standing beside it. We were told upon check-in that there were 2900 passengers on this cruise plus 1000 crew members. We turned over our luggage to a nice young gentleman who said that it would be delivered to our rooms and we proceeded to check-in. It was an orderly process but took some time before we finally were on the ship. We made our way to our room and shortly thereafter our luggage arrived, that is, except mine. Next, we were told that lunch was being served buffet style on the Horizon Terrace Deck 14 . On the way we passed several swimming pools, shops, places to grab a quick bite, restaurants, open areas where there was music ranging from a piano to 4-5 piece bands. After lunch, there was a mandatory safety presentation where we were directed to bring our life vests and report to our section of the boat (Muster A) for instructions. Once that was over we set off to explore the ship with a stop at Guest Services to ask a few questions and get oriented.

At 4:00 we were under way for the start of our cruise. We had to learn the in’s and out’s of dining and when we could dine. We had chosen Anytime Dining which meant that we had our choice of 2 restaurants and could eat between certain times. We found out it was good to make reservations and I think everyone else was trying to figure it out too. The dress for the restaurant was smart casual so we got ready for dinner and it was after 7:30 before we finally got seated. We decided to share a table and enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their stories. One couple raised bees for honey but more importantly they would rent out hives for their pollenation properties. Another woman traveling with her granddaughter had taught swimming all her life and now retired still swims and will compete in the Senior Olympics in 2013.

Dinner was leisurely and afterwards it was time for a visit to the casino. After a long exciting day, we went back to our room where the housekeeper had turned down our beds and left a chocolate on our pillow. One could get used to this.


13th August 2012

Wonderful Way to Begin
Sounds (and looks with photos) that the first several days were exciting, beautiful, comical, adventrouous, wonderful, beautiful (oh, I said that before), wondorous, wily, worth (it), and wanky (a British term, I think). Georgie, you continue to be a great writer and capture all the important and fun things. I forgot about Sunken Garden's greatness and don't remember the Cove but it is very picturesque (that's a good word for your scrabble game). Things are going well back at the Ranch-I had a great time with Nolan and Circus Juventis--those kids (10 - 21) are bright, energetic, F l E xib LE, and fun. Also, Mi Mi's stay was great after a good meal at Macaron Grill (which she "ate the whole thing") and the night venture with me and my C-Pap and she with her animal that has a light that sheds stars on the ceiling throughout he nite. Pat and I are having fun, went to one two movies Hope Springs and Campaign (too much swearing and f. this and sex that) and I made some marinated chicken on the grill and tonight again but I get turkey hot dogs this time. We watched most of "The Meat Train" with Brook Shields (On Demand for free) but we had to stop because of all the butchering (really the protagonist was a Butcher) and all the blood, etc. Oh well you can't win them all. I know you will continue to have a good time and we will keep up with your blog.

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