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June 21st 2010
Published: July 16th 2010
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Welcome to the Last Frontier. That phrase used to crack me up when I lived here in 2008 but now it makes me smile. I moved to Alaska in June and spent a month here before I left to drive back down to Washington with my sister. I love Alaska, there is just something about it here that fits. Now I just need to get a job and I will be sorted! It did take me a while to get used to the continual daylight. I didn’t think it would bother me but on the gray days when there is no sun to see moving across the sky it just seems like the same gray from 3 am to 12am. Between the hours of 12am to 3am it just gets kinda dusky. I did have a wonderful surprise when I arrived in Alaska, not only did my sister make me a gluten free pink cake but she also gave my birthday present early, a bike! It even had streamers on the handlebars! Yes I know I seem like I am 6 years old, but I love it. On my actual birthday we went out for a nice dinner which was really enjoyable. Lindsey and I also went on a trip to Seward which only lasted one night but was still a blast. We decided to leave at the last minute and encountered a lot of rain. We learned a valuable lesson that putting a tent under a tree during a rain storm does not give you protection from the weather but rather just delivers the weather in large doses. Throughout the night the wind would blow the rain that had collected in the tree onto our tent with incredible noise. Not a restful night. Apparently Seward is really beautiful and has lots of mountains, but I can’t say I saw them. Our purpose for going to Seward was to go Kayaking but our 4 hour trip turned into a 45 minute trip after we decided we were not ready for whitewater kayaking through terrible weather. We did spend a nice day in a coffee shop and at the Seward Sea Life Center then had to take turns driving home because we were both so tired. Between Seward and our next trip to Swan Lakes Lindsey and I had a great time doing some walk/runs and hanging out. In fact there were days when we had too much fun and I had to tell her I couldn’t play today because I needed to look for a job! When Kris came back into town the three of us + Brody took off for the Swan Lakes down on the Kenai for a pack/paddle trip. The great part about the continual sunlight in Alaska is you can be indecisive. We finally decided to take off for our trip in the afternoon, drove for about 4 hours then paddled/portaged for 4 hours arriving at the island in the 7th lake at midnight right when the sun dipped below the horizon. Swan Lakes was amazing. I loved the island we were on, we had a blast canoeing around and exploring lakes further in the chain. I even learned how to fly fish which I really enjoy. I did hook one large fish but was unable to land him. After we arrived home from the Swan Lakes Kris got ready to go back out into the bush for work and Lindsey and I got ready to drive 2400 miles down the Alcan and to our parent’s house. I will be putting up two new blogs of our Alcan trip as well as the most amazing baby shower ever that I threw for Lindsey at our parent’s house as soon as I get the photos off my sister’s computer. Even though I will now being staying in America for a while I will keep this travel blog up with photos of my new life here in Alaska.

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