Alaska Cruisetour - Day 6

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August 30th 2018
Published: January 4th 2020
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A leisurely morning as the ship was in open waters speeding towards the Hubbard Glacier area. We were supposed to reach the glacier around 4 PM. There is no port to stop here. Captain will stop close to the glacier for sometime for all us to take a look and then turn around. Sandhya and I went to have breakfast around 9 am in the morning. It was a bit chilly in the open deck with occasional showers, nothing heavy though. We decided to explore the ship as we walked around on 14th and 15th floor for some time. This is where the food court and open deck are with swimming pool. The have glass panes on top of the open deck wall. I am not sure if that was a later addition as there were recent cases of folks jumping off from the deck. Kids were up by the time we returned to our room around 11 am. They went straight for a combination of lunch and breakfast. Around 3 PM, we heard announcement from Mark, the naturalist. Ship had a dedicated person to comment on geography, history and animals of the region. Meanwhile, an auditorium - Princess theater was showing videos and talk about the ship’s activities and an overview of next 7 days. We rushed to the upper deck to view the Hubbard glacier. There is another open area in deck 7 as well. By now, the sky had cleared and it became a bright and sunny day. We enjoyed the spectacular views of white and blue colors of the glacier. The ship started its journey toward Glacier bay national park around 5 pm. We went to our rooms to dress up for the evening. THis was the formal night event. In the central atrium (huge 3-4 stories of open space in the center), we were supposed to gather for the champagne waterfall ceremony. Organizers invited key folks from the ship’s crew and guests to pour champagne onto glasses stacked like a pyramid. I would assume, you would have to take around 50 trips or more to become one of the Princess’s premier members to be part of this ceremony. After this event, we moved to the dining room. There were photos taken in the formal attire by the ship’s camera team. You could buy these pictures as a package later when the tour ends. Since our “anytime” dining has super long lines, the dining room stewards were asking some of us to move to the formal dining room for dinner. Menu is all the same and wait here was a lot less. We asked for ‘vegetarian’ meal. This meant we had to wait for food to be cooked at this time. Meanwhile, we were indulging on soup, appetizer etc from the regular menu. We got papads, basmati rice, very good rotis, raita and 2 subjis. Quantity was quite huge for 4 people. After completely stuffing ourselves, we headed to the Princess theater for the 9:45 pm show - Encore. It was very colorful with excellent songs. I was amazed at stage preparation and professionalism. It has been an excellent and relaxed day.


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