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North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier September 14th 2019

Alaska is de 49e staat van de Verenigde Staten en werd in 1867 van Rusland gekocht. Tot de Tweede Wereldoorlog speelde Alaska eigenlijk geen rol van betekenis, er woonden tot dan maar ongeveer 70.000 mensen. In 1942 werden enkele eilanden dicht bij het Aziatische continent door de Japanners bezet en een aanval uitgevoerd op Dutch Harbor. In hetzelfde jaar werd in een half jaar een weg aangelegd door Canada van 2700 kilometer lang om militaire goederen te vervoeren naar Alaska en ook Rusland. Pas in 1959 werd Alaska officieel een staat van de VS en in 1977 werd de beroemde Alaska pipeline gerealiseerd om olie te vervoeren uit het noorden van de staat naar Valdez in het zuiden. Tegenwoordig wonen er ongeveer 700.000 mensen in Alaska en is het wat oppervlakte betreft veruit de grootste staat ... read more
Mount Denali

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier July 16th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir nous sommes à Whittier, environ 100km au sud est d'Anchorage. Pour vous faire une idée de l'endroit perdu où nous sommes allez sur Google Hearst, et votre imagination, plus quelques photos feront le reste. L'info de la journée. Lorsque nous sommes arrivés, dans ce micro-village, à notre hôtel, situé à ras l'océan, Pier me dit âjeun (précision importante) « la mer est plus haute à l'extérieur du port, qu'à l'intérieur » autre précision il n'y a pas d'écluse. Question à vous tous que dois je faire de lui ?. Je lui accorde, qu'il y avait un effet d'optique. Mais quand même !!!!. Après une nuit presque blanche, pour moi, nous prenons la North Kenai Road, en vue d'aller voir le cap Captain Cook. En un mot 100km dans le bois, pour ... read more
mon petit fils ou plus?
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la maman Russe orthodoxe

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier June 6th 2017

The morning dawned and again we were facing the possibility of inclement weather accompanying us onto Prince William Sound. Before you wonder how today’s Prince William got his name attached to a sound in Alaska, chill for a second. This Prince William was the third son of King George III. We had big hopes that this boating tour would be as photographically productive as our previous visit here during our first trip to Alaska about six years ago. We’re just hoping that we’ll be able to take the pictures of gleeful otters at play in the water or massive walls of ice falling to the sea; and, that they won’t be missed due to people being oblivious to others trying to take a picture. On our whale watching outings there had been multiple cases of people ... read more
Turnagain Arm
Eagle in Turnagain Arm
Lazy humpback in Prince William Sound.

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 21st 2016

Geo: 60.775, -148.683Today was a sea-day so nothing too exciting happened.....We won two quizzes, having met two Canadians who joined us and made us a forece to reckon with, and I won the spa raffle of $150 credit!We met the people on our table and enjoyed another great show. It was meant to be a relaxing day but we were charging from one place to another on the ship and taking part in all of the activities!... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 20th 2016

Geo: 60.775, -148.683Today, we were due to board our cruise ship, an hour out of Anchorage in Whittier. However, being us, we decided to make a day of it and so caught a transfer to the port via a few scenic viewpoints. After our amazing breakfast provided by our host - fried pork steaks, roasted potatoes, curried apples and then masterful cinnamon pumpkin muffins, we made our way to or transport meeting place. When we boarded the coach, everyone was sat on the right hand side. We asked if that was for any reason and were assured that it was just coincidence, so we sat on the left. Big mistake. Big. Huge! Every turn in the road reveled gorgeous scenery. On the right. None of it was on the left!!!Our first stop, after the humdrum scenery ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier September 24th 2015

Our penultimate day in Alaska gifted us with yet more briliant sunshine, clear blue skies and nary a cloud to be seen. This last week has truly been the Alaska of the travel brochures, all clear days, glistening mountain tops, sparkling rivers (their unnatural blueness comes from a build up of glacial silt in the water) and any number of glaciers. It's a different world to the Alaska that greeted us the week before, with its constant low cloud and threat of snow. While the snow was fun for a while, it's amazing what a difference a bit of sunshine can make. The plan today was to head back to Anchorage, taking in any sights that tempted us along the way. Before setting off, we went for a final walk around Seward's Small Boat Harbor. The ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 31st 2015

Today is our last day in Alaska - assuming the flight leaves on time tonight. But before you get started on this, be advised that photos have now been added to Aug 28 (College Fjord) blog entry. We set our 2 bags in the hallway last night (47.5 & 48.5 pounds), so we were down to a backpack and small roller bag. We got up and packed our final things as we did not have to be out of our cabins until 8:00, so we met the Sieberts in the hall at 7:55 and went up to the Horizon Court for a final breakfast on the ship. Our steward (Mar) was waiting in the hall to bid us farewell and to get started cleaning our cabins for the next set of passengers. The food court must ... read more
Billings Glacier
Tubenkof Glacier
Orca Whales

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier July 19th 2015

I'll write about two days in this blog, both centered around Prince William Sound We left the err... delightful Camelot Cottages on the way to Whittier. There are three ways to get to Whittier; plane, boat, or car. We drove for a couple of hours to the access to Whittier. To get to Whittier by car you have to go through a tunnel. The tunnel serves traffic in both directions, and a train. So far so good. The thing is, there is only one lane for all of that! And it's just barely wide enough for a train! Crazy! So, they have a time schedule. We paid the fare and stood in line for the 10:30 opening to Whittier. They put the vehicles in waiting lanes; the first three or four lanes for cars, then small ... read more
On the cruise
On the cruise

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier September 1st 2013

Location: Whittier Wildlife: salmon and marmot Scenery: glaciers Today I find myself in the quaint fishing village of Whittier, AK to go fishing for silver salmon with my niece, Ginny, and her husband,Will. I'm very excited because I know grizzly's like salmon and there are sure to be fishing along the shore trying to get their share of salmon! You access Whittier by driving down the Seward highway, one of the most picturesque highways in the country, and driving through one of the world's longest one-way tunnels, finally popping out in Whittier! Will found a lovely cove to cast out his line while Ginny and I 'helped' by standing on the shore shouting helpful advice to Will while he fished. After awhile we got bored as Will was not taking any of our advice (and subsequently ... read more
LuAnne and Ginny

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier August 8th 2012

Whittier is the western gateway to Prince William Sound and is located on the northern edge of the Gulf of Alaska. It is a very small town of a few hundred. Whittier was established by the U.S. Army during Word War II as "the secret port". Following the war, the Army built the two large buildings that still remain as landmarks in Whittier. The 14-story Begich Towers is now a condominium that houses most of Whittier's population along with its post office, city hall and medical clinic. Whittier has a mild maritime climate with a maximum of 84F and a minimun of -29F. Average snowfall is 260 inches annually. There is not much there except for small restaurants, shops, train station, day cruise dock, and ferry dock. When we arrived in Whittier, we lined up in ... read more
Rainbow at Valdez
The Aurora
Leaving Whittier

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