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North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez August 25th 2018

Ever wonder what a weir is? It's a man made waterfall. This one is the Bear Creek Weir in Palmer, AK. It's used by the fish hatchery to count the number and type of salmon going upstream. If you look closely you can see the salmon swimming below the weir. The mountainous pictures are of Valdez - right where the oil comes from. It's a little town of 3,000 set beside these huge mountains and glaciers. The colorful fleet of power boats are primarily personal use. Hearty folk, they are, who calling it fun, boot and suit up to spend a day fishing in 2' seas and worse, freezing water and 59 degree, drizzling weather. A few of our group have tried their hand and are taking home over sixty pounds of salmon. For the healthcare ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez July 18th 2017

Arrived here in Valdez before noon as we didn't have very far to go. The drive was beautiful. This area reminds me a little of the Hawaiian islands except there are glaciers on the mountains instead of Palm trees. It is extremely green but the vegetation is almost tropical looking. There are no pine trees or spruce trees like in other parts of Alaska. We are staying at Bayside RV park and it is your typical Alaska RV park in that it is a gravel lot. It isn't as big as the other park across the street so it makes it feel a little homier, if that is even a word. There is another place that is nicer, smaller and right on the water but it would have been a little tight for us. This worked ... read more
Worthington Glacier
Helicopter up on Shoup Glacier.
Bridal Veil Falls

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez July 8th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Encore une super journée, que ce soit au niveau du temps, comme des paysages qui nous ont été offerts tout au long de la route. Avant, un petit mot sur mon compagnon de voyage. Pier n'aime pas dormir les fenêtres fermées, si non il étouffe, même dans une chambre de 30m2, n'aimes pas dormir les rideaux tirés. Mais quand vous dormez sur le bord de l'Alaska highway, qui est une route assez fréquentée, par les camions qui s'arrêtent sur le parking, par les motards qui traversent l'Alaska dont pas mal de Harley, que la nuit tombe à 23h30, et le jour revient vers 3h30, je laisse à votre imagination: la nuit. Mais par contre il dort très bien dans une cabine de bateau de 4m2, avec un hublot complètement étanche. Va comprendre ?. ... read more
Chilana River
Liberty Falls
hôtel Tok

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez June 23rd 2017

Denali 11 June to Anchorage 23 June 2017 I was so keen to post the last blog (knowing we would only have wifi that night and not again until we reached Valdez) that I think I should have explained a little more about Denali National Park & Preserve. As you might guess from the name it prohibits hunting and any contact between humans and animals. So there is no feeding of animals or any attempt to interfere with the balance of life in the area. There is a scientific research centre which monitors and studies the flora and fauna but in theory does not intervene. The Park was established under a different name in 1917 so has it's centenary celebration this year. We could have had some birthday cake but we went walking when it was ... read more
Santa lives in North Pole, a village near Fairbanks.
Inside our RV, spacious and solid.
The shower room.

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez May 26th 2017

Ready and on the road by 7:50 this morning. Beaver Creek was a great stop, especially with "Buckshot Betty's" two driveways down. Will miss Canada as our dollar is so strong there. We had pretty much a 25% discount on everything we purchased. In addition to that it is a beautiful country, and we really enjoyed traveling through it. After passing through the Canadian border there were bunnies everywhere! Not sure why, but I guess the wolves haven't discovered that they're there. The road between the Canadian and US Border crossing continues with the washboard I am beginning to feel like I am in a covered wagon on the first crossing. Certainly not an area where you want to be putting on your make-up! The "Minnie Winnie" seems to be holding up well. No issues ... read more
Nutzotin Mountains
On the road to Tok, AK
Wrangell Mountains

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez May 26th 2017

Oh baby, did it feel good to get up this morning and not have to drive for the rest of the day. We were lulled off to sleep last night to the sound of a steady rain beating on the roof of the RV, and awoke to a gloomy looking morning, with low clouds hanging on the surrounding Chugach Mountains. After a leisurely breakfast however, the clouds began to break and the sun shone through. It was quite a sight to finally see all of the mountains that are around us. We ventured off with John and Diane to view the town of Valdez. It's a modest size town of 3,976 people. It's economy depends on the oil industry, the Prince William Sound fishery and tourism. The history of Valdez is interesting, with it's early inhabitants ... read more
Indian Carving
Valdez museum

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez June 23rd 2016

My road trip is over now, but I had such a great time. And one of the best parts of it was meeting other “road trippers”, but of a different kind: touring cyclists! I now realize that most people doing Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (or Alaska to anywhere else) are leaving Prudhoe Bay early June, and depending on their speed and route, they seem to all end up around Tok or the Canadian border at this time of the year. So as I was driving back, I met a few of them, and of course, I got really excited and stopped almost each time to see where they were doing, if they needed anything or just to chat with “real touring cyclists”! I was amazed by how light most of them are traveling, and also ... read more
On the Haines Road
Alaska somewhere...
Robe Lake, near Valdez

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez August 13th 2015

Continuing south on Route 2, the gorgeous Richardson Highway ultimately ends in Valdez, the terminal port of the trans-Alaska pipeline, forever associated with the infamous 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. We were hoping to hike the Gulkana Glacier but were unsuccessful in finding a good access point after bouncing along miles of extremely rough dirt and rock so we decided to turn around and drive towards Valdez and set up camp early in the afternoon. Blueberry Lake Recreation Area This turned out to be one of the luckiest unplanned changes on our trip because the stunning Blueberry Lake Recreation Area, 24 ... read more
Beginning Trail of 98 and Wild Blueberries
2015 08 13 Enjoying our beautiful Blueberry Lake campsite on Thompson Pass
2015 08 13 Becky Tent Blueberry Lake Campsite

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez July 14th 2014

Pour moi Valdez c' était en Amérique du sud. On peut avoir des lacunes. Merci Apres réflexion, il m' ai revenu a l' esprit que c' était bien en Alaska, quand en 1989 le tanker l' Exon Valdez avait fait naufrage et déversé dans la mer, plusieurs millions de litres de pétrole, et pollué des centaines de kms de côte. Nous avons maintenant 10 h de décalage, et 4 avec le Québec. Comme hier au soir, je n' avais ni tv, ni internet, au lit a 20h30, sous un grand soleil. Il faudrait que je m' organise autrement, car le soleil brille, ici la nuit. Apres un peu de lecture dodo a 9h. Le matin je pette le feu tôt. J' attend 6h30, l' ouverture du bar pour prendre un café. A 7 je démarre. Le ... read more
vite un rayon de soleil
beau mâle
Tok down town

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez May 14th 2014

Morgenochtend in alle vroegte zullen wij Valdez verlaten. Wat een plek! Het stadje ligt aan het eind van een lange weg door de bergen met een pas op 1000 meter (Thompson Pass) aan een baai en haven omgeven door besneeuwde bergen. Tegen de toppen zie je op de meeste ook gletsjers liggen. Omdat het nog steeds zulk prachtig weer is associeer je dat eerst met wintersport maar dat wordt weer tegengesproken door een vissers- en small boats-haven. De foto laat dat zien. Ja, heel vroeg, want om 6 uur moeten we klaar staan om de boot naat Whittier op te rijden voor een tocht van bijna 7 uur langs de gletsjers van de Prince William Sound. Volgens de boeken zouden we walvissen, dolfijnen en orca's moet kunnen zien, wie weet! De weersvoorspelling is goed met zon ... read more

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