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North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 6th 2017

Got up early to go river rafting and fly fishing down the Montana Creek. Absolutely perfect. Stopped and fished from shore with hip waders. 3 1/2 hrs of utter joy! Ended the day with a flight seeing tour of Denali and the Alaskan mountain range. I have no works at how utterly breathtaking it was. We flew just under 10,000 feet thru passes and crevices. Got some great photos. Once in a lifetime experience. Went to the Denali Brewery to eat. Had their special prime rib sandwich on a pretzel bun. Delicious Fantastic last day here. Would loved to have stayed longer..... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 5th 2017

Kinda drizzly today. So we went to Talkeetna to do some shopping. Stopped by the brewery to fill a couple of growlers and had the best appetizer - deep fried provolone cheese wedges with Marinara sauce. !! headed back to the cabin to do the wash.. Then did a little more exploring. Its so beautiful here.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 5th 2017

Monday We took the Denali Star north to Denali National Park. The Anchorage train station is about 230 miles south of the park, and it took about 8 hours to get there by train! The train car is very comfortable with large windows, and during the trip, it’s easy to walk from car to car, and stop in small open-air vestibules between the cars for an even better view. There is also a dining car, where you can order meals, or you can lounge and eat your own snacks that you brought. We visited other cars in the train, including the double-decker with the glass top for a panoramic view! They made announcements during the ride to let us know what we might see on either side, including, “On the right side of the tracks you ... read more
Summit Lake - Matanuska
Above Hurricane Gulch
Crossing Hurricane Gulch

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 4th 2017

Nice scenery along the Park Hwy. Stopped at Denali State Park. Horrific head on car crash about 30 miles from destination . Was stranded on the highway for 2 1/2 hours. Heard they flew in 10 rescue vehicles. When we drove by the site the vehicles were unrecognizable. Sooo sad. Arrived in Talkeetna about 3. Checked into the Meandering moose Lodge. Staying in the Cozy moose cabin. Got settled into our 1st dry cabin then headed to the Denali Brewery. Nice selection. We loved 4 of the 10!. Ordered some appetizers and enjoyed our brews outside. Talkeetna is so quaint and beautiful. After all their Mayor is a CAT!!... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 2nd 2017

Weds The alarm went off at 5.30am (arghhh!!) and we grabbed a cake/coffee before leaving the ship and jumping on an Alaskan train. The Rocky Mountaineer it wasn't, but the views were diverting enough to see the five hours journey speed by. We got off in Talkeetna, that gives two horse towns a bad name!! The TV series North Exposure was based on Talkeetna, so we did the full-on camera bit, fitting in a crepe at a hippie coffee house!! Then on to our 'Wilderness Lodge", with its magnificent views of Mt Denali. It has rained here for four weeks solid, but we arrived to find clear blue skies!! Thurs Blue skies and today the temperature was touching 80F!! We started with a breakfast that we couldn't finish - and so did a couple of trail ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna March 8th 2017

I had a day off from working with the Iditarod Race, so I rented a car. My goal today was to see Denali. 36 years ago I was here with Ed (my husband), and we never saw the peak. We had miserable weather while up here in June 1981, but we perservered through it and did as much sightseeing as we could. I remember reading the Alaska Milepost " and on your left you will see blah blah blah mountains . . ." We couldn't see crap - rain, clouds, wind. But now the weather is absolutely beautiful. My AirBnB host told me of a road I could take to see Denali. I rented a car with studded tires and drove up Arctic Valley Rd. I had to remember how to drive on black ice. I ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna September 21st 2015

Today we continued our road trip South and completed our drive to the sea town of Seward. It was another beautiful day and although we were sad to leave the lovely Wasilla so soon, we were excited to be heading somewhere new. Before we did leave though, Daisy got to experience the wonder that is Target (boutique). Laura wondered why the UK doesn't have the shop if Australa manages to have them, but Daisy quickly pointed out that they would put all other shops would swiftly go out of business. On the drive we stopped at yet more scenic stop areas and it's become clear that although you're planning on only drive a 100 miles or so, you should plan to take all day to get there because you can't help but be caught up in ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna August 18th 2015

Of the many tiny towns with great personality in Alaska, Talkeetna stands out as the artsy, bohemian mountaineering gateway to Denali. Recommended to us by our nephew Shannon, this busy flight center for those aspiring to conquer The Great One lies at the end of an 11 mile access road. To reach there from Valdez, we took the Glenn Highway across the southern belt of the interior through Palmer, Wasilla, the heart of the Matanuska Valley and started north on the George Parks Highway toward Denali. As we drove up the Talkeetna Spur road, the sky lit up with a spectacular sunset, with brilliant shafts of sunlight shooting through dramatic clouds. We hurried to a turnoff that our 1998 Milepost guide said offered an unstoppable view of Denali. When we arrived, tall trees had grown in ... read more
Welcome to Talkeetna Town Sign
Go Kiss a Moose Talkeetna
Talkeetna Sunset

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna July 31st 2014

My honey left, my roomy arrived. The rain stops, the sun shines. The family gathers and we're off. Tomorrow we board the train for Talkneeta and then on to Denali but tonight we need to eat. Our first choice was jammed and our second too (there was a 5K race that ended with a pub crawl) but we were able to snare a table and enjoy our first meal together. It's great to see Bill & Ann again and to meet David and Kenton. Let the adventure begin! We arise early meet our guide Carlene and our driver Phil, drive to the depot and board the Wilderness Express. We occupy the last two cars of the train, both domed cars. Phil will meet us in Talkeetna with the bus. The rest of us settle in as ... read more
The Clan
Not one cloud
Roomy, MaryLou

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna August 29th 2013

Drive to Talkneeta from Anchorage this morning. This about a 3 hour trip. The road to Talkneeta is a good straight highway. The scenery up this way is different from the Kenai Peninsula area. The area is flat and the wooded areas have different trees. Have been told they are mostly alder trees in the area. I guess I will learn more as the days go by. Arrived at Talkneetna around 11am and checked in for our train ride to Hurricane Gulch. This service is provided by Alaska railroad and is the last flag stop train in North America. Weather today is overcast, cooland showering but still a good day to be out and about. This is another one of those days where you just go "wow". a fantastic way to see how Alaskans life in ... read more

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