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(Sorry, but this one's a biggie. It just has to be big! Just a reminder that you can see the full size pictures by clicking on any of them.) Today we were to fly to Katmai National Park to see the Brown Bears in the Brooks River feeding on salmon. Brown Bears are what we in the lower 48 call Grizzly Bears. I guess the correct name is Brown Bears as naturalists have been telling us. They are bigger in Alaska than in the west, and the biggest ones are the coastal Brown Bears that feed on the plentiful salmon. The inland bears grow to 600-700 lbs., but the coastal bears can go up to 1,200 lbs. The largest are the Kodiak Bears of Kodiak Island. They get as big as 1,500 lbs.! All Brown Bears ... read more
Turboprop Otter
Heading Into The Pass
I've Got Bears On The Mind

Walking back from dinner at the Fresh Catch in Homer, still daylight at 9:00 pm, two eagles flitting overhead after a day of bear watching for me and a day of fishing for Jim – life doesn’t get much better. Would you have ever thought to put bernaise on grilled salmon? Not me, either, but I had grilled sockeye salmon served on a bed of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, topped with Tanner crabmeat and bernaise. I cleaned my plate. Jim opted for prime rib served with macaroni and cheese. He cleaned his plate as well. Yummy! It was a beautiful day for flying, clear and about 65 degrees. I got lucky in not having to report for the 6:00 am flight. My flight left at 12:45. The flight times are dependent on the ... read more
Mt Augustine volcano
View from where plane landed
Linda and the bears

Flew from Anchorage across the Cook Inlet to Redoubt Bay to track and shoot some bear.......with a camera. ... read more
Crossing Cook Inlet
Landing at Redoubt
Arrival at the Lodge

Bears and More Bears… My passion, as I’m sure most of you already know, is photography. I started my own business a few years back and have had some success selling my pictures but, more than anything, I’m just a big photo-nerd. As a traveler, it works out pretty well for me. I get to see cool places and take pictures of them. For Kel, it works out pretty well too because, when I would have been bored by some activity, I now spend my time shooting photography. It’s a win-win situation for Team Turner. The really cool thing about photography is that, once you’re really serious about it, you actually make decisions based on the passion. So, when it came to Alaska, I was certain that we just absolutely had to see some bears ... read more
Foxy Lady
Kel's Crazy Red Fish
Lookin Away

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