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North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm July 14th 2013

Next on the tour was Alaska’s capital town of Juneau. Many campaigns to move the capital to Anchorage have failed and this small tourist town, isolated from roads in or out, is still home to Alaska’s first family. We took and adventurous bike ride which took us to nearby Mendenhall Glacier. The base of the glacier ends at a small lake with a spectacular waterfall. The bike ride was pretty easy as biking goes, but perfect for tourists who haven’t been on a bike for few years. The glacier cooled air was a joy to breath as we rode through paths in the forest where one of our guides provided new words to challenge us by. These were pretty interesting terms such as glacial isostatic relief which describes the unweighting of glacier pressure on the ground, ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm June 25th 2012

After gorgeous weather and blue skies at the Hubbard Glacier and a day of scenic cruising in Glacier Bay we headed south. Being here just left us in awe...we hit such incredible weather and it is difficult to describe such raw beauty when nature reveals it so stunningly. The snowcapped mountains, glaciers and blue green glacial waters with the large floating ice cubes were quite the combination. We felt so lucky. We got quite a few incredible photos and videos and was able to get video of the Marjorie Glacier calving. Here as well there were birds sitting out on the ice incuding an eagle. So hard to judge distance on water. There was one wall of mountain that looked like it had many faces carved into it. We walked miles on deck. In Skagway the ... read more
Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm June 2nd 2012

Alaska was amazing! We boarded in Vancouver and spent the first full sailing day going up the inside passage. We didn't expect the boat to move so much as it was so big but you definitely get quite a bit of sway going on when on the open sea. It is much smoother in the fiords and inlets where the swell is smaller or non-existant. The scenery for the entire trip was just spectacular. Up the inside passage you had the coastline of Canada on one side with the snow capped mountains. We were never too far from land and there was always a forest covered coast line or mountains to gaze at when on deck. We spotted plenty of spouts from whales on and off during the trip but nothing more until Glacier Bay. The ... read more
Majorie Glacier Calving
Majorie Glacier
Up the inside passage

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm June 1st 2012

Trip to Alaska Part One – June 2012 - Juneau to Ketchikan Intro I have always wanted to visit Alaska. I have made numerous business trips to Ketchikan, but, they were, well, business and I really did not have time for more than minimal sightseeing around Ketchikan. On these trips to Southeastern Alaska, I learned that it was beautiful, it rained a lot, and that I wanted to come back. My wife and I knew we wanted to take a special trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, we did not have the time for some of our dream trips such as Australia and Southeast Asia. Knowing my interest in visiting Alaska my wife kept up-to-date on the travel news and noted that Innerseas Discoveries, part of American Safari Cruises, was now doing Alaskan cruises on ... read more
Wilderness Discoverer
Transit from Juneau

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm July 17th 2010

Dad Blog Yesterday was a big day on a boat to Tracy Arm. We had hoped to see whales on the way but didn’t. the Inlet up Tracy Arm was really cool—huge waterfalls every few hundred feet fed down from the canyons. The canyons and everything around here is really steep as its all carved from the Fjords and Glaciers cutting through the mountains. We stopped at one spot where the walls were at least 2000 of more feet straight up. At the Glacier itself, there were 850 seals who had either been born recently or were those that gave birth. They go to the glacier area to get out of the moving sea for birth, and will return to the open sea in time. It was much better weather—cool still but no rain. The night ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm June 10th 2010

After eight and half months onboard - it is officially my final cruise! Every cruise we have a scenic cruising day where we’re still on the ship but we sail into an Alaskan fjord and up to a glacier. Though our itinerary has said all along that we’d be sailing in Tracy Arm, each week we’ve been in Ellicott Arm. Ellicott is wider and there’s been less ice there so our captain has felt it’s been safer going there. Every week the scenic cruising has been beautiful, but all of the crew have been very curious to see the neighbouring fjord that has been alluding us. Well this week, I lucked out because today we cruised Tracy Arm - just in time seeing as it’s my last scenic cruising day. Wow. Again, Ellicott Arm is beautiful. ... read more
Glacier Ahead!
Seals Sunning

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Tracy Arm July 2nd 2006

Geo: 57.1839, -134.209Pas woke us as we entered Tracy Arm, on our way to the Sawyer Glaciers. We popped upstairs, bundled up, to the jogging track, to watch the fjord slide by. Saw a few fur seals on icebergs; did not see any icebergs tip, much to my disappointment. The depth of the fjords below the water line is about 2000 feet; the mountains (their summits hidden in the fog), could rise to heights of over 4500 feet. At the end of Tracy Arm, there are two glaciers: Sawyer and South Sawyer Glacier. Sawyer is in rapid retreat; in fact, in the not too distant future, it may no longer be visible from Tracy Arm. Sawyer Glacier is more impressive, but we could not get too close, due to the vast quantity of ice bergs in ... read more
Tracy Arm #2
Tracy Arm #3
Tracy Arm #4

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