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July 2nd 2006
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 57.1839, -134.209

Pas woke us as we entered Tracy Arm, on our way to the Sawyer Glaciers. We popped upstairs, bundled up, to the jogging track, to watch the fjord slide by. Saw a few fur seals on icebergs; did not see any icebergs tip, much to my disappointment. The depth of the fjords below the water line is about 2000 feet; the mountains (their summits hidden in the fog), could rise to heights of over 4500 feet. At the end of Tracy Arm, there are two glaciers: Sawyer and South Sawyer Glacier. Sawyer is in rapid retreat; in fact, in the not too distant future, it may no longer be visible from Tracy Arm. Sawyer Glacier is more impressive, but we could not get too close, due to the vast quantity of ice bergs in the water. As they pointed out, glacial ice is very dense and thus very dangerous to the ship's hull and propeller. Another smaller vessel (daytripper from Juneau, almost certainly) got much closer, but still held way back from the main ice. We turned around a small island in the middle of the fjord (very odd to find a small island in the middle of a 2000 foot deep fjord), then began drifting back down Tracy Arm.

After we emerged from the arm, we started down the Inside Passage (passing Sum Dum Glacier on the port side). The overcast skies eventually cleared, giving us a sunny, calm day to pass through the passage. Gorgeous mountain ranges on both sides. Paul and I sat on the stern and read, then went into the hot tub. We were eventually joined by Kyla and one of her new friends (Andrew). It was amazingly warm, sunny. Just beautiful.

Went to see the comedy show that night -- an old-style comedian who told "stories," many of which I had heard before. Still, I liked many of the jokes he told, and his delivery was fine, so we had a good time.

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