Sitka to Ketchikan

Published: June 30th 2008
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Sitka to ketchikan

Golden EagleGolden EagleGolden Eagle

This is the 5th and final photo of this beautiful creature
Having to wake up to catch an early morning ferry is starting to get old, real quick. We had the alarm set for 3:45 am, but neither one of us slept that well, in anticipation of the early rise. We skipped the coffee and tea and ate bananas for breakfast as we waited in line for our 5:15 am ferry departure. We are on our way to Ketchikan, which will take 24 hours by ferry. Good news is that we booked a stateroom and as soon as we are onboard, we intend to go right back to bed.

Our second rising, from our very comfortable bunks bed aboard the Taku was about 9:30 am. Breakfast in the cafeteria was excellent and then we set about the ship before Dave settled in to read his book and I worked on my pictures and our blog. We had several whale sightings along our cruise. A pod of about 8-10 whales made quite a splash as they romped past the port side of the ship.

The ship made several stops along the way from Sitka to Ketchikan, the first being in Kake. You are allowed off the ship to stretch your legs,
First Picture of EagleFirst Picture of EagleFirst Picture of Eagle

I saw him take off from the shore
so I took a short walk in Kake, which is a native town of about 600 people. The second stop was in Petersburg and I again took a stroll ashore. A very nice lady with Alaska Marine Highway told me of an exciting part of our trip that was soon to come, the Wrangell Narrows. The Narrows is a very thin channel with very little water in it and it makes many sharp turns. While in the Narrows we saw many bald eagles, and I was taking pictures of them from a distance away, when a golden eagle flew right toward me and I got some fantastic shots. After that, we saw three black bear feeding down by the waters edge. It was a great day for wildlife viewing.

Dave and I had supper in the cafeteria and finished watching a movie on the computer in our room and called it a night around 9:30 pm. We will be landing in Ketchikan at 5 am, so once again it will be an early day for us.

Additional photos below
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Second PictureSecond Picture
Second Picture

I was so glad that he got closer and closer
Third PictureThird Picture
Third Picture

He flew right along side the ferry
Fourth PictureFourth Picture
Fourth Picture

What a great experience to see this magnificent bird this close
A Whale CalvingA Whale Calving
A Whale Calving

Caught him just as he rolled to his side

2nd July 2008

bunk beds
Dad fit on these bunk beds? Top or bottom??? HeHeHe!!!

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