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North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder September 8th 2016

8 Sep 2016: It is a little over 1500 miles from Skagway to Vancouver. O six day journey is condensed in this blog as we wanted to cover the distance as quickly as we could. Consequently we skipped over many remarkable places. We will have to go back and spend a summer in British Columbia some day. We left Skagway about mid morning today.taking Alaska route 2 North and up over the White Pass. On our right were the White Pass & Yukon railroad tracks which paralleled the Skagway River. Beyond these two features rose glacier covered mountains. As we rose in elevation, we were enveloped in fog. We crossed the White Pass (3292 ft) and shortly came to Frazier, where there was a railway terminal. Cruise passengers can choose to take the train out of ... read more
White Pass Moonscape
White Pass RR
Autumn Colors

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder August 10th 2015

Hello Famliy an Friends! Hallo Familie ind Freunde!On our way to Alaska we travelled through many small villages. It was amazing to observe the Natives in MoriceTown Canyon in the rushing river..... scooping nets full of salmon in seconds. We visited an authentic Native smoke house where they were smoking whole, half and pieces of salmon. Martin made friends with the guys and traded some cherries for some smoked salmon. On our way to Alaska we saw a moose and four bears. We had a little car trouble on the way. We ran over a pylon and it hit our exhaust pipe and it fell off. We didn't notice it until the inside of our RV started smelling like smoke. We stopped to take a look around and noticed that the exhaust pipe fell off and ... read more
such a cuttie!
Trip Map
Our little accident

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder September 9th 2013

Day 41 - Monday August 26 Skagway to Teslin, YT 160 Miles As we left Skagway we knew we were on the homestretch of the trip. We got back on Highway 2, then took Hwy 8 over to the Alcan again to Teslin. We had stayed in the same RV park on day 5 now with so many adventures behind us. This time we went over to the George Johnson Museum. He was a remarkable First Nations man who lived during the building of the Alaskan Highway. He had purchased a car even before the highway was ever built and gave taxi rides for a $1. He also was a photographer who captured the life and times of his people. That evening we played a trick on the group and joined them in our shower robes ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder July 31st 2012

Hyder Alaska. The friendly Ghost town. The drive toward Hyder Alaska was beautiful. We climbed slowly up the mountains to a glacier and then on the other side down toward a little isolated pocket of 15 square miles belonging to America. Hyder is a little town with a population of 97 people and is located at the head of the Portland Canal, a 70 mile long fjord which forms a portion of the border between the United States and Canada at the southeastern edge of the Alaska Panhandle. Driving into town was like driving into a ghost town. At our arrival most everything was closed. Tourist season had not yet started and Hyder had been buried under 30 feet of snow during this winter. Lots of the old building did not withstand the snow load and ... read more
The Gacier
The Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder August 27th 2011

Saturday August 27, 2011 Salmon Glacier Road It rained last night; surprise, surprise. Everything was wet and overcast in the morning. I decided to ride up to Salmon Glacier today. As mentioned this is the 5th largest glacier and the largest accessible by vehicle. I got a good early start. The general store was closed for some reason which meant virtually no food for the day. I stopped by the bear viewing platforms. There were no bears and they charge $5 for a 1 day permit. I said I would keep moving on and stop by on my way back. The road is in pretty rough shape and all gravel. The gravel was quite compact so things were not muddy and my bike did not get very dirty at all. The first 10 km’s is flat; ... read more
Just a View
Remnants of the Old Mining Days
A Caved In Mining Shaft

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder August 26th 2011

Friday August 26, 2011 A Day In Hyder I woke up to rain; surprise, surprise. I slept and watch a movie until lunch. I had plans to go up the road today. There is a bear viewing area where you can watch bears catch salmon in a river. Apparently the only bear viewing site in Alaska that is accessible by road. Further up the road is Salmon Glacier the 5th largest glacier in the world. But I wanted the full day and no rain. I am also hoping for things to dry up a bit. Everything is pretty wet and muddy; not something I care to ride my bike through all day. I had fish & chips at some restaurant that runs out of a bus for lunch. I took a bit of a walk around ... read more
Downtown Hyder
A Bus Restaurant

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder August 25th 2011

Thursday August 25, 2011 Hyder, Alaska Yeah that’s right; Alaska. Bet no one figured I would be in Alaska but I am. I woke up late and then fell back asleep and didn’t wake up until 12 noon; oops. That is what happens when you don’t sleep the night before. I actually got up at 10 am for my morning pee. I heard a noise in the trees. I knew it was a bear. I watched silently waiting for him to appear and maybe come into camp. All I saw was 2 very quick brown flashes and the brown was a lot higher (or taller) than I expected. I can’t say for fact but if I had to bet money I would say a Grizzly Bear walked about 100 ft. from my camp. Nothing touched my ... read more
A Mountian View
A Mountain View
A Mountian View

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder May 30th 2010

From Vanderhoof we drove west along the Yellowhead, through the lake region, passing numerous pretty lakes lined with pines and aspens. We drove alongside and crossed several rushing rivers with muddy brown water. At Kitwanga we turned onto Hwy 37, the Cassiar, after stopping for fuel and to see totem poles and an old church and belltower. As we headed north we kept seeing the beautiful, snow-covered Coast Mountains. At Meziadin Junction, we turned west on 37A towards Stewart. Another beautiful drive and we got to see our first blue ice and our first glacier, Bear Glacier. We saw dozens of waterfalls formed by the melting snows. At Stewart, the campground where we had intended to stay turned us away. Because of bears, they don’t allow tents or soft-sided campers. The manager told us he had ... read more
Mule Deer
Bulkley River
Blue Ice on mountains

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder August 6th 2009

At the start of the Stewart-Cassier Highway there is a sign that says 'south to Alaska'. This just seems wrong you don't go south to Alaska, Alaska is north. However, its true there is a part of Alaska, inaccessible by road, that runs down the west coast of Canada. So here we are hopping between Stewart in Canada and Hyder in Alaska. We are staying in Stewart, a two horse town with, lots of historic wooden buildings and a toaster museum. However as Hyder, at the southern tip of Alaska is only a mile away, we nipped over to Alaska for lunch in the Halibut Bus. Hyder is a no-horse town, it was once a mining town but is now a ghost town. The reason for visiting it is to go to Fish Creek where grizzly ... read more
view from the pier
Downtown Hyder
The Halibut Bus

North America » United States » Alaska » Hyder September 8th 2007

Saturday September 8, 2007 Dease Lake is about 4.5 hours from Hyder. We planned to reach Hyder by afternoon. The road was even better today so we made good time. The highway turned toward the southeast and the scenery started to change. Mist draped the blue mountains and moss hung on the douglas fir trees. Waterfalls streamed down rocky mountain crevices and there were glaciers. Fall was just beginning to show itself. Hyder is part of Southeast Alaska in British Columbia, kind of funny. The mountains separate Hyder from Wragell and Ketchican. It’s a quirky place, known for bear viewing at Fish Creek. After we checked into a campsite, we headed to Fish Creek. There’s a viewing platform above the creek and the bears fish below it. Maybe 50 people were there, but it wasn’t crowded ... read more
Got One!
Now for the Feast
Do Her Eyes Look Bloodshot?

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