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September 9th 2013
Published: September 9th 2013
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View on the to Teslin
Day 41 - Monday August 26 Skagway to Teslin, YT 160 Miles

As we left Skagway we knew we were on the homestretch of the trip. We got back on Highway 2, then took Hwy 8 over to the Alcan again to Teslin. We had stayed in the same RV park on day 5 now with so many adventures behind us. This time we went over to the George Johnson Museum. He was a remarkable First Nations man who lived during the building of the Alaskan Highway. He had purchased a car even before the highway was ever built and gave taxi rides for a $1. He also was a photographer who captured the life and times of his people.

That evening we played a trick on the group and joined them in our shower robes during the trip log meeting.

Day 42 - Tuesday August 27 Teslin, YT to Cassiar Hwy 37 Junction 149 Miles

The drive was fast and uneventful, it was a part of the Alaskan Highway that we had been on before and walked to the beautiful Rancheria Falls. We realized after we got to the RV park that most of us had

The George Johnson Museum
stopped at a little restaurant here on the way called "Wolf it Down". We had a little cocktail party with the group for the log briefing. That night I set my clock for 2 am, a few people had seen the Northern Lights in Whitehorse and the app I downloaded on my phone had predicted them every night ever since. I was unable to ever catch them the entire trip.

Day 43 - Wednesday August 28 Cassier Hwy to Iskut, BC 208 Miles

We headed south on 37. We stopped at the Jade City store. Jade City produces 92% of the worlds jade. Who knew? A little ol' town and a little ol' city in the middle of no where. As we drove the rest of the way and had thought surely we had already seen the most beautiful sights, we realized we were wrong. The highway took us by Dease Lake and through the Cassiar Mountains, over the Stikine river bridge and more stunning views. We stayed at Tatogga Lake RV park. The owner treated us to a delicious roast beef dinner. We found out at the dinner from some young kayakers from around the world that

George Johnson's car, he would paint it white in the winter to go hunting on the ice and then green again in the spring.
the Stikine River was considered the Everest of Kayaking. They were there earning their keep working for the owner as servers for the night. Pat made his debut on the guitar with Jack after dinner. They played Pretty Woman as a duet and Pat sang Stormy Monday. Later that night as we walked Leisel to the lake she turned tail and ran back we never were sure what she sensed, but we picked her up and carried her to watch the sunset. Then we joined the group at the campfire, roasted marshmallows, and used our RenFest mugs to sip beer.

Day 44-46 - Iskut, BC to StewartBC/HyderAK 182 Miles

Another amazing drive this time between the Coast Mountains to the west and the Skeena Mountains in the Bowser Basin in the east and a view of Bear River Glacier. This is quite a unique place because Stewart is in British Columbia and Hyder is in Alaska and they are situated right next to each other. You can drive straight into Hyder without a stop at the border, you have to have a passport to get back into Stewart and stop at the border crossing. Pat and I stopped

Headed to the showers in our robes after the trip log briefing
at the Hyder General Store, not to be confused with the General Store, and asked the owner why there was no check at the border. He said laughingly "because we're bad a$$es here and no one messes with us" then he pointed behind the counter. Later that night the group went to the bear viewing walkway by the river. The salmon come up to spawn and the bear go to feast. We saw one on that trip, and tried several other times but had a better chance to see bear on the way to the city dump. There was a little restaurant and bar called the Glacier Inn that had a long standing tradition of you take a shot of ever clear 150 proof and if it stays down you get a card saying you were Hyderized. Pat and Connie did it Jim and I were the Designated drivers and picture takers after all we did have to cross the border again. We took a walking tour of Stewart one day and found out about its history and way of life. The final evening we had a Chili Cookoff and tasted wonderful recipes even venison chili.

Additional photos below
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Jade City

Views on the way to Iskut

Tatogga Lake

Leisel's scary walk to the lake

Fishing on the lake

Pat and Jack entertaining the group

RenFest mugs at the campfire

Views on the way to Stewart/Hyder

The walkway to Bear Viewing

A bear coming out to feast on the salmon

The Glacier Inn

The walls were filled with dollar bills at the Glacier inn.

Pat and Connie after they were Hyderized. After you finish the drink they pour the rest on the counter and light it to show its real. Oh yeah, and if you don't drink it you buy around of drinks for everyone in the bar.

A cute grocery in Stewart on the tour.

A good bear sighting when he is on the way to the dump.

The Chili Cookoff

9th September 2013

Good call!!
9th September 2013

I would have loved the jade store. And Dad, a shot of Ever Clear?! That's pretty hardcore, I've only had it once and that was in trashcan punch lol
9th September 2013

I would have loved the jade store. And Dad, a shot of Ever Clear?! That's pretty hardcore, I've only had it once and that was in trashcan punch lol

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