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Today is a very exciting day, a very exciting day indeed; because, today we join our cruise ship. But first, we have to get to our port of embarkation in Seward, about 140 miles from Anchorage and we're doing the journey in style, namely 'Goldstar' on the Alaska Railroad, Coastal Classic service. However, this service does come at a cost, namely..........getting up at 5.00am, to check out of the hotel, hop in a taxi for a two minute ride to the station (too far to walk with all our luggage!) and then check in for the train. To be honest, it was a bit of a bun fight at the station, but we were lucky because Celebrity Cruise Lines had a truck waiting to take all our main luggage direct to the ship and all being ... read more
The Coastal Classic train - 2
The Coastal Classic train - 3
The Coastal Classic train - 4

Hubbard Glacier 31 July 2016 The next morning, we woke to more wonderful weather with a little more cloud cover. We had reached the Hubbard Glacier which is slowly moving into the Pacific. Again, another stunning site. We had a relaxing day on board the ship with it being the first and only day we did not see too much land. The crew put on a talent show for us. It was good to see the ‘other side’ of some of the talented crew. Acts varied from a Balinese dance, to singing, hip-hop dance to comedy act. There was also a cake cooking contest between the cruise director and one other crew member. They made black forest cakes. Of course there was too much cherry brandy put on the cake and the cream was flying everywhere. ... read more
Hubbard Glacier (33)
Hubbard Glacier Alaska (1)
Hubbard Glacier (37)

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier August 29th 2015

Today is our last full day of sailing and that makes it a little bit sad. However we were determined to enjoy the last day and here is what we did. We started by meeting the Sieberts and we all went to the Portofino Dining Room for another sit-down breakfast. Tomorrow we will have to use the buffet, so we took advantage of this last opportunity. Then we went around the ship doing various bits of business. We checked e-mail in the Internet Café, got advanced copies of our stateroom bill to be sure there weren’t any surprises, did a little shopping in the boutiques, and talked to the Future Cruise person. David started trying to put things back into the suitcases so we could judge whether we will have a problem or not. The big ... read more
Alaskan Coast
Bryn Mawr Glacier
Harvard Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier August 27th 2015

Photos from the Hubbard Glacier Well, since this blog is primarily about the photos, this entry will surely be a short one. There were only a total of 25 exposures that were deemed worthy of entering the digital darkroom, and only 18 of those were forced into the gallery. You can imagine that the criteria of acceptance were drastically relaxed, and the results were again a day without wall-hangers. We woke early enough for a fine breakfast, then lazed around the ship and socialized. By early afternoon we were testing the quality of each bartender’s version of a caipirhina. Surprisingly they were all made properly with all the right ingredients, and we felt much more at home after the tests. Finally in the late afternoon we arrived at the day’s destination, the Hubbard Glacier. I was ... read more

It’s very much like a “Sea Day” today, in that there is no port of call or sanctioned opportunity to disembark, what they like to call a scenic viewing day, when you’re supposed to see something really spectacular! Our day started in the Lido where we were dismayed by the worsening weather and visibility and the possibility of another Tracey Arm washout loomed as an increasingly likely possibility. There is at least with Hubbard Glacier a very wide sea approach; so, except for the increasing brash ice and bergie bits bobbing in the water, there really is no “visibility hazard” such as the narrow meandering fjord on the approach to the glacier on Tracy Arm; or the side glacier that you sometimes get a glimpse of there, what is it they call it, oh yes: Some ... read more

Geo: 59.9197, -139.542The return trip delivered! We travelled back along the coast for 24 hours, flanked by the snow capped peaks of the coastal mountains. Hubbard Glacier loomed just as imposing and just as blue. But it did seem as if the bay was covered with more floating ice and icebergs on this return visit.The ship nudged much closer today and unfortunately we had been listening to the Captain's updates which indicated we would arrive later than expected. We lounged around and eventually went up to the observation deck only to be met with hundreds of guests who had arrived much earlier than us. There were absolutely no spots left on the railing so short people in the second or third rows were out of luck!So I hightailed it to the open Deck 6 and secured ... read more
Too many layers today
The castle
Canal walk

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier August 17th 2013

We learned about glaciers and this region of Alaska in two onboard lectures today. The ship entered the glacier area mid afternoon and cruised near (very near) Hubbard Glacier. The beautiful blue striations are due to the density of the compacted glacier ice. The photos do not do justice to the beauty of this area. Sounds similar to thunder or gunshots were constant indications of glacier movement. There was minor calving on this day and that crashing of ice into the water was not captured in the photos but was amazing to watch.... read more
Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier September 19th 2012

Woke up to find had a bit of a roll on happening. Unfortunately it was just the boat! First real movement in the boat...and this is now all sounding wrong. Weather was overcast and cold as. First real cold snap we have experienced but we are at the northern most point of our travels. Had breakfast in the Aqua restaurant which is the health type bar / cafe on the ship. Funnily enough only a handful of our companions seem to frequent it. Things like orange rind and zucchini muffins and similar along with whites only omelettes with mushroom and spinach kind of explained the limited patronage. The food was great here also and we managed to sneak some healthier food past the king of pizza although it did involve lying. Missy found heaps to go ... read more
...and round the next corner
Dropped something...
Cool moment...

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier September 10th 2012

After a very rocky 14 hours we arrived very very close to Hubbard Glacier about 400m!, a 122km long glacier that took 400 years to reach the point where it's at now, so the foot of the glacier that we saw in the picture is about 400years old! On our way to there we passed a few stunning icebergs...couldn't help but think..... "Titanic"!!!! But the captain and 'pilot' that they picked up on the way seemed to know what they were doing.. It's about 9,65km wide and about 125m from top to sealevel (high) and another 100m below sealevel! This glacier is moving fast and as it moves calving takes place, it sounds like gunshots or thunder going off as the ice cracks and breaks off, it was absolutely amazing being SO close to it and ... read more
Hit the breaks already!!
Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Hubbard Glacier September 9th 2012

Cruising Hubbard Glacier We spent our day cruising out of Seward into Hubbard Glacier on our way to Juneau, Alaska. The glacier was covered with a light covering of silt, a grinding of the glacier ice against the mountain rock. The temperature was cold out by the front of ship but didn't keep cruisers from viewing the glaciers. We met up with others from cruise critic to do our slot pull. It was a fun way to spend our 21.00. We didn't strike it big on the slots but we eached earned 10.00 back. We moved onto to red, white, blue slot machine that was dad and Ann's favorite and won around 25.00. Lavern won $14 on a penny machine. I lost some so when we headed out of casino we had an enjoyable hour and ... read more

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