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North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 2nd 2017

Up at 7 a.m....latest I've slept in last 3 weeks!...45deg.,partly sunny...sunrise: 4:57...sunset: 11:12 p.m. Plan for the day is to head back to Portage tonight, same place we stayed earlier this week, so we'll be close to Anchorage for RV return day Saturday. Distributed extra halibut we had left over to staff at RV campground in Homer & a few bystanders in neighboring RVs...we saved enough for our crew on ice for dinner in Homer tonight. Headed out at usual 8 a.m. hour for 175 mile trip back to Portage. When we reached Soldatna, we decided to take side trip to Kenai City, about 12 miles off our route. Kenai has a population of 7,132 as is one of the larger cities on the peninsula. Kenai is situated on a low rise overlooking the mouth of ... read more
Good times in Homer
Boy Scout Memorial-Kenai
Russian Orthodox Church-Kenai

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 2nd 2017

Today was a very relaxing day as we are spending it here at the Homer Spit, and not traveling again until Friday. After a very leisurely morning, we took a walk with John and Dianne down to the dock area, where all the shops are located. We met up with Dorrie and the girls started browsing through the various stores. This whole area is only open from early May through the middle of September, at which time everything is closed down and the power and water shut off. The only place that remains open is the Land's End Inn and condos at the end of the spit. There is a cruise ship that sails out of Juneau that stops here once a week, and it's a real boom to the venders when it arrives. At 12:30, ... read more
Four fools in Homer
Fishing Charter
Rounding the spit on our way out

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 1st 2017

We awoke to a beautiful, clear and warm morning at the Portage Valley RV park. Sleeping in late was a treat, as we did not have far to go today. After breakfast, we unhooked and started on our way. This section of the Portage highway is beautiful, with high, snow capped peaks and glaciers along the way. Out trip here two years ago was during two days of extremely heavy rain. We could not see any of the mountains or streams, so this is a pleasant surprise to us. On the Alyeska Highway, we headed south and joined the Sterling highway. This is an enjoyable stretch of road running along the Kenai river. It's a fisherman's heaven here, witnessed by the many fishing resorts we passed along the way. Well, maybe not resorts, maybe fishing camps. ... read more
Portage Highway
Alyeska Highway

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 1st 2017

Up @6 a.m., temp. 42deg., sunny...sun rose 4:59 a.m.! Nice to get up and have a relaxing morning, knowing we don't have to rush off for another 8 hrs. or so of driving. Goin' fishin' this afternoon are the only plans for the day. We started to do some packing of the clothes etc. that we won't need for rest of trip. We'll be returning the RV in Anchorage on Saturday afternoon as our 22 day "Great Adventure" comes to an end. Al, Tom, Peggy, Ray, and I reported for "fishing duty" at the dock area @12:30pm for our charter. Dorrie, Sandy, Diane, & John went out for lunch and shopping on the "spit" while we fished. As part of the charter, we were provided with a 24 hr. fishing license for the day. We headed ... read more
Morning view from kitchen window-Homer, AK
Eagle on the RV office roof
View of Iliamna Volcano-elev-10,016'-on way to "fishing hole"

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer August 2nd 2016

Alaska by Land for 7 Days DAY 2: Tuesday We had a free day in Homer so decided to catch a boat across the Bay to the community of Seldovia, also known as the “Fishing Capital of the World.” We enjoy a brief stop near the world famous Kenai River and see where monster King Salmon fish are lured by fishermen, and learn about the five species of salmon that call Alaska home. We also learned about the Alaskan seasons, winter, breakup, summer and autumn. They call spring ‘breakup’ because this is when all the rivers that are frozen during the winter break up as the ice melts in chunks. Today’s real adventure was the boat trip, chasing whales, sea otters, and viewing the millions of birds that were nesting on the many rocky islands. We ... read more
Seldovia boat trip leaving from Homer (3)
Humpback Whales (5)
Tuffted Puffin (4)

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer August 1st 2016

Alaska by Land for 7 Days – 1- August 2016 DAY 1: Monday - Seward/Homer Our Norwegian Cruise Line Tour Director greeted us in Seward upon debarkation of the Norwegian Sun. We boarded our deluxe motorcoach for our journey through the Kenai Peninsula where Alaskan’s go to play! In dramatic fashion, and despite the rain, we saw where mountains met the sea. We stopped several times including at the Spike River where fishermen call this area home from May to September. As we continued through the mountains of the Kenai Peninsula down the coast, we enjoyed the spectacular views of Kachemak Bay, and the Kenai Mountains. Near the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula we arrived at the town of Homer, an authentic Alaskan community not geared toward mass tourism often described as “where the land ... read more
A playfull otter seen at Homer Harbour (1)
A different no-smoking sticker
A playfull otter seen at Homer Harbour (2)

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer May 7th 2016

Day: 20/21 Distance: 7026 Hey guys! I'm in Homer (doh!) at the bottom of the Kenai Peninsula. Well ok ok (knitpickers), as far south as I can go by car. So the score is: I've made it driving as far as you can going north, south and east in Alaska. I screwed up and didn't stay on SR 2 when it split to go on the Dalton Highway! Drat! That would have taken me to Manley Hot Springs. Of course there are towns (Juneau being the obvious example) that are further in all 4 Cardinal Directions but you have to get to them either by ferry/boat or air. Yesterday was a fairly easy drive and relaxing. Well, except going through Anchorage during rush hour on a Friday. That wasn't fun. Apparently, there is a loop road ... read more
On the peninsula in Moose Pass looking over Jean Lake (?)
My campsite
Sitting back and relaxing

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer September 23rd 2015

Homer is a tiny little fishing port at the far south of the Kenai peninsular. To get there from Seward takes a good three hours, longer if the roads are being re-paved as they are at the moment. The road follows the Kenai river, which is the most ridicuous shade of blue when the sun shines, and was busy with fishermen and boats even this late in the season. It then hugs the coast of the Cook Inlet as it travels through Soldotna, Clam Gulch and Ninilchik, all of which are pretty small towns that mostly close during the winter season. The sun was high in the sky and the scenery was magnificent. At one point we could see four active volcanoes - Redoubt, Iliamna, Augustine and Spurr - which make up part of the Pacific ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 2nd 2015

This morning began with all of us deciding to sleep in, as we are not leaving the Homer area today. It was wonderful to sleep late for a change. While looking out the window toward Cook Inlet, Ray and I thought we saw a few whales. After they hadn't moved in 5 minutes however, we deduced that they were rocks, and it was low tide. So much for that animal sighting. The day started out overcast, with the forecast showing a 30% chance of rain, but by the time we all had breakfast, straightened up and got going, the sun was shining through, and the temperature warmed up nicely. Our first stop today was the Homer Spit, a long narrow bar of gravel with is home to dock facilities and boating services, along with shops and ... read more
The tip of Homer spit
Downtown Homer
Shops on the spit

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 1st 2015

Once again, a great nights sleep and great breakfast. We got off a little later than planned, as Jan's clock was set an hour earlier than it should have. While waiting, we watched some guy prancing around the RV park in his bikini speedo and pink crocs. First wildlife sighting of the day. We headed out a short time later, gassed up the RV's, and headed for Rte 1 to the Kenai Peninsula. Traffic in Anchorage appeared very busy and hectic after spending the prior 16 days in the quiet of the wilderness. Almost immediately after leaving the Anchorage area, we were treated to some more spectacular scenery. We entered the Seward Highway's scenic byway, with Cook Inlet's Turnagain Arm off our right, and the Chigmet Mountains in the distance. Wisps of clouds hung over the ... read more
Wildlife at the Golden Nugget RV park
The beginning of the Seward Highway
Near Chugach State Park

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