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June 6th 2008
Published: September 4th 2008
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I got out of the tent and started walking... barefoot... Now, it's Alaska and barefoot is not the usual mode. But it was June and the sun was out, just topping the mountains and filling the beach. The light was low and the shadows long. I walked the beach and spent a lot of time watching for pointy bits... but oh the tracks. Bear tracks, raven tracks, wolf tracks and gull tracks. Took a zillon photos and figured that if nothing else happened photographically that weekend I'd be happy...

As we sat at the edge of the grass watching over the beach and bay... a lone wolf walked across the sand to the river mouth. Looking in our direction once in a while but not particularly concerned. Down to the water, looking. Then back towards us the way it had come but a little closer.... click click click... It went down the beach then right into some low breaking waves after something. Didn't pull out anything though.

With the tent packed we started across Taylor flats. Pumping up the pack rafts and crossing glacier outflow streams if they were to deep to wade. Eventually we got to the west side of the flats. Big stream coming out of the Brady. Crossed it with the pack rafts no problem. Then tried to get up to one of the bigger lakes but oh! ice on the lake. Back to the flats and camped out. Next day hiked up on the glacier. Many glaciers here are covered with rocks - big ones, little ones, right down to sand. The areas where they end are often flat, and the Brady where is meets Taylor Bay is is mix, some flattish areas some steep crevasses and seracs. It is easy to walk on the flattish areas if the rock coverage is high. We managed to hike around the southwest end of the Brady for a morning without crampons. Red rocks and white mountains...

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Tent on the beach at Taylor BayTent on the beach at Taylor Bay
Tent on the beach at Taylor Bay

Brady Glacier, LaPerouse Mountain and Crillon Mt. in the background.
Where the stream leaves the glacierWhere the stream leaves the glacier
Where the stream leaves the glacier

This stream flows out from beneath the glacier. In the center of the photo where the rock meets the ice, the water comes out from under the ice and flows along with one side of the river the rock face and the other side of the river the ice.

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