Day 18 - May 29, 2017 Day in Denali National Park

Published: May 30th 2017
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A Day at Denali

Slept in this morning, and it felt great. Very chilly start, with temps last evening in the high 20's. The cloud cover is low, so it's doubtful that we'll get a glimpse of Denali Mountain. After breakfast, we met with John and Dianne, and walked over to the Princess Hotel across the highway to pick up the park's shuttle bus to the Denali Visitor center. After viewing the attractive and informative displays and viewing the well done movie about Denali, we took a hike on one of the many hiking trails leading out into the park. We quickly started seeing moose, first deep in the forest, then as they started coming out onto the trails. These are very impressive animals to see up close. Although very awkward looking, they are quite nimble and quick. One mother had her two young ones in tow, and that was a real treat to see.

After returning to the RV park area, we did a little shopping, had lunch and took care of some laundry. Later in the afternoon, Ray and Tom, one of the Naples group, were picked up to go on a fly-fishing trip. They were fishing for Artic Grayling, as the other species in the area have not begun to run. Grayling are native to the area, and hibernate under the ice for the winter. They returned at 9:00 pm, and reported a good time was had by all, catching about 20 fish between them.

After having dinner, we decided to hit the sack, as the TV is acting up and the internet is awful here. We leave for the Kenai peninsula tomorrow, probably staying the Portage first.

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30th May 2017

mama moose with two calves
Awesome trip so far. Did you know how rare it is to see a moose mama with 2 calves? I seen on some nat geo show that she will quite often kill the weaker of the two within about a week of birth.
31st May 2017

Glad you are enjoying the blog, and thanks for the information!

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