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August 19th 2016
Published: July 28th 2017
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Geo: 61.2176, -149.858

After a final wander around Denali village to buy that all-important magnet, we headed back to the train station where we were met with some of our first real proper rain of the trip. However, it had that tropical quality to it, and we could tell it would soon dry up. It did, and once we boarded the train, we were in much sunnier territory with blue sky peeking through the clouds and allowing us good views of the scenery as it whizzed by.

The scenery was the same as on the outbound journey (see The 'Terrific Train Travel' entry) - vast plains, huge mountains and rushing rivers. Steep sided gorges dropped off below the tracks and we searched Bain,y for more wildlife as the train thundered on. However, the seating was not. Our carriage was full of one very loud family who, for eight hours, made sure their presence was known. Luckily, we found solace in the dining car, where we were able to take on the beautiful surroundings as we raced past. We passed the worlds smallest city, owned by Mark and Clyde, who have turned their home into the city hall - they stood outside as we passed by and waved at us.

However, the most exciting part of the journey was passing by three Ospreys perched atop telegraph poles, gazing proudly around them as they surveyed the landscape. Having wanted to see an osprey since I was very young, I was incredibly excited at each one and my squeals of delight at least managed to cut through the noise emitting from the family from hell. One final incredible sight as the train pulled in close to Anchorage station was the weird and wonderful view of a helicopter carrying a bi-plane on ropes - the bully plane swinging dangerously beneath the helicopter as it flew over the train!

A short walk from downtown and we were back at our bed and breakfast, ready for our pampering part of the holiday starting the next day.


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