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May 20th 2019
Published: May 21st 2019
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Wake up! Wake up! We have to get stuff inside the RV put away so Brannon can do his work. Just as he said “I start work at 7:00 AM”. No problem....we are up and ready to go. First they move our RV (‘member her name? PP for Pretty Penny) into one of their bays. He’s working on other RV’s, too. We go over “Thee LIST”. He’s good with it; Cory is a little nauseous. They are starting out today with the removal of the bedroom carpet (only the section between the end of the bed and the passenger side slide-out. Anything is better than the crummy carpet that we have now. We brought the laminate wood flooring with us for him to use. He was willing to let me take photos of his process.....our friend, Joe, wanted this. Cory felt I would be in the way and hinder their progress. He’s the money man so I had to agree. Sorry, Joe. Brannon did say he takes the entire bed frame apart so he can be sure the flooring goes under it at the edges. I see he made a template so maybe he put in a new sub floor....I’ll check with him, Joe.

Wait a minute. We have to back up. Get in your time machine and set it for yesterday, Sunday. At noontime, we left Convenient Camping. Lulu was stunned with what she saw on our walk around. Where once she wallowed in the beautiful, stunning yellow wildflowers....she now wallowed in just green stubble. Someone cut down this brilliant, sun-light floral blanket! Whyyyy? Another reminder: Suck it up, Buttercup!

We took our RV up here to Brannon’s Custom RV business and hooked up to his electric. He has water but we don’t need it right now...we have our clean water tank full. Just as we arrived, torrential rains came down. Rats! Quickly passed over. One good thing with the downpour: our new leak onto the dash was gone. The spot was sealed by the paint guy. Good job, fella! Our new door window was perfect ....sealed tight! Thanks, Shane. Coincidence: Brannon’s place is located on Rt.19. At home, we live on Rt.19. Something, huh? I took some area pictures for your scrapbook. Remember how I said there was nothing around us....wrong. There are a few buildings but no clue what they are. We are still up on God’s Little Acre. I’m yodeling to you. Can you hear me now? A car came up from a house far in the distance: checking us out. One look and they left. Must be we didn’t look threatening enough. They didn’t see Lulu though!

We headed back “into town”. Went to Jack’s for a little snack and use of their WiFi. Still Sunday: most everyone there was in their Sunday best. Us: casual, frump wear. Folks here are very religious. They make sure God knows that with their constant, dedicated presence in church. We tend to worship in our little chapel inside out head & heart. Last time when we were here, there were 52 churches around. Might be more now. Some are big and fancy; others old & plain. Kind of like the houses in Red Bay. We drove around Red Bay searching for something to do. Closed up tighter than a drum other than the churches, Jack’s, Fred’s & Piggly Wiggly. We spotted an RV parked at Piggly Wiggly. Talk about not being level! I would be insanely hysterical! And I’ve been complaining about a little unevenness with our unit! Hah! Foolish me! Every day most all travelers have to go over the very very bumpy railroad tracks next to the Sunshine Dog Food Factory. This is a very unique little city...yes, it is a city....just doesn’t look like one. No traffic jams, no sky scrapers, no yellow taxi cabs, no city noise of honking cars. None of that city stuff. Traffic is normal....but what’s different are the thousands of motor homes that continually ride thru this town. Every moment of the day, both ways on the highway, one after another. It’s like a rolling RV parking lot. A sight to be seen.

We drove through Belmont again. Passed storm shelters. Cory stopped so I could get photos. I’m fascinated with them since we don’t have any like them back home in NY. Of course, we don’t have the wicked tornadoes and terrible storms they get down here in the South. Look at the one cozy, very small shelter with the 2 chairs in it. Doesn’t fit the picture of ones “great room” in a house. Of course, they hope to be in it for as short of time as possible. No need for an entertainment center. Just the basics to stay safe during the storm. See the other one that needs a good housekeeping? Don’t know why they haven’t bothered to do their chores around & in it. It won’t be pleasant if they have to use it...very dirty and dumpy! Continued on until we got to Tishomingo. Another small town with great wall murals.

Leaving Tishomingo, we saw the sign for their State Park. Why not? Gorgeous drive through the woods. The entrance building area was well decorated. Lulu went crazy. One lady, Martha, came out an took Lulu & me on a little tour of the stream & rocks & bridge below. Beautiful! A perfect via duct was under the road. Martha wasn’t sure what I was referring to. I asked her what she called it. She simply said “Stones.” Ok. Lulu loved Martha. Back at the building, Jeannie came out and posed with Martha & Lulu. Cory drove us deeper into the park, stopping for photos with Lulu. We went under the Natchez Trace Trail.

Side story: when we came to Red Bay in 2009, heading to Florida, Cory drove PP on this Federal highway. We just about froze to death but it was a nice drive. It was January. I think we picked it up in Tennessee. No traffic at all! Just as well, the keystone over-passes were low so Cory channeled PP through the center of them. It was here that our GPS said “turn right”. It looked questionable but we always do what we are told. Shouldn’t have this time. Got off on a narrow paved single road that soon became dirt followed by just a grass path. Nice! What are we to do? We are towing our car to make it a bigger challenge. Look, Cory! A small church up ahead....almost in a pasture. It had a small horse-shoe driveway. With God’s help and Cory’s perseverance, we got turned around and eventually back on the “Trace”. Somewhere, miles down the pike, we came to an old looking tourist center. They had coffee and hot chocolate. We were saved. The kindly Southern gentleman was confused when we said we came down the “Trace”. “Son”, he said, “That route is closed for the winter season”! Whaaaat? No wonder there was no traffic! No wonder!! So, dear followers, that’s’ our experience on the Natchez Trace Trail. Please google it and read its history. Very, very interesting.

Hey, Blabbermouth, get

House in the far distance
back on the park trail. I don’t means to digress but sometimes, I just have to! Work with me!

Our newly purchased Tishomingo State Park T-Shirts showed a muscular worker man on the front. Who is he? They had just erected his statue a few days ago, commemorating the CCC workers who made this park, 82 years ago. The statue represents all the CCC workers who created this State Park possible. Close by was a huge swinging bridge. This is their “piece de resistance”. Lots of picture taking here. Lulu was in her glory land. Behind us, there was a fellow, Scott, who had approached me earlier inquiring about Lovely Lulu. They all want an audience with her. She’s just like The Queen! While on this swinging bridge, Lulu thrust herself into his arms. FLASH! Their picture was taken. He liked Lulu as much as she did him...fast buddies. We already know Lulu is fast! We enjoyed ourselves and the scenery on & around this magnificent swinging bridge. It was a bit scary to cross...it kind of bumped up & down more than swing side to side but it did do some of that, too. Cory drove to more places in the park. We stumbled along to an old CCC cabin and checked it out. Trudged up to a waterfall and bridge. Actually found broken trees that had been chewed down by beavers. Must be they lived in the pond behind. Side story: At home, some of our grandchildren would hike with me & Chip along the Genesee River. The big thrill was when we found many trees chewed down by the beavers. “Beaver Chew” we would shout out at the top of our lungs! Fond memories!

Cory passed cabins and lodges you can rent. Drove around a lake where they had campsites. OMG. If you back into one of these slab sites with a big RV.....and step out of your door, you are going to instantly be Mr. or Ms. Tumbleweed. Ouch! We even found a worship pavilion. Took advantage of its presence. Lulu prayed out loud for all of us. Thanks, Lu! There were campers parked. One appeared to be here for awhile.....had hanging plants outside their trailer. It was a great day....so enjoyable.

As we headed towards Red Bay, we picked a Sonic for supper. It was okay. Disappointed the car-side trays don’t fit on the car window anymore. Lulu pretended she was our carhop. You have to give her credit. With no legs to skate out to the car she still looked convincing.

Still Sunday - Back at PP, I took a couple more pictures of you know who. We rented the movie “Replica’s” to watch. It was pretty good. OMG! Whaaaaaat??? Cory leaps from his seat and squints to see a car way up on the highway next to Brannon’s Custom RV sign. It’s dusk out! He frantically screams if I had brought Lulu back in with me after our photo session? I think I did BUT...NO—I didn’t. I feel weak & faint. She’s still sitting on top of Brannon’s sign...way up on the highway. She’s been hollering and crying. We never heard her with the air conditioner on. I can’t believe it! He runs to save her and bring her back home to her loving family. She’s inconsolable. And she’s really, really mad! Sorry’s aren’t enough. I sing “Soft Kitty” (TBBT) to her even though she’s not sick....just terribly distressed. We think those people in the car we’re probably planning to kidnap her. Oh, no!! She almost ended up on milk cartons, as an Amber alert, a story on America’s Most Wanted, her picture on telephone poles and billboards. We are all still trying to recover from this frightening event. I don’t want to think about it. I would have been the cause of her demise. Gag & hurl! Give me strength. Let all comfort Lulu together. She may never be the same! She’ll surely keep on smoking now!

I could keep going with this blog but now I’m rattled again thinking how we almost lost Lulu. I’m quitting for tonight. I have finished Sunday’s adventures - good and the bad. I started some of today’s happenings but there’s lots more to share with you. Don’t sell your time machine yet. You’ll going to be using it some more.

Brannon finished our bedroom floor. It looks beautiful and we are so pleased! Jonathan did some of the other things on our list so we are moving right along. Brannon backed our RV out of its bay for the night. He actually put our levelers up & down twice! Perfecto! They worked great. Hallelujah! A dream come true! We almost can’t believe it!

Back to business at 7:00 am Tuesday. Be ready to file out of PP. During the day, we are like homeless people living out of our car. It would seem okay if we didn’t have a bunch of stuff from Florida packed high behind us! I know you are crowded back there...but what can we do? Suck it up, Buttercup.

Well, it looks like I’ve done it again. Another “War and Peace” novel for you to read. And Banzinga (TBBT).....61 pictures for you to gaze upon. A true picture book this time. You know what to do to make sure you see them all. Scroll as far down as you can and click through the following pages of picture...quite a few pages for this bunch, for sure! Happy reading, everyone! We’ll get together again after your nap.

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Quickly into Mississippi

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