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May 16th 2019
Published: May 17th 2019
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First off....I was way too tired last night (feel sorry for me?...or are you just glad for a breather?) to do a blog so turn on your time machine again. Back it up to yesterday.

Wednesday was our “free” day. Just going to roam around and go to.......Hip-Hip-Hooray....a Walmart! Who cares that it is in Mississippi about 30+ miles away. That’s the norm for us back home. Okay...let me stay on track for a change. Before Walmart, we decided to locate the three different repair places we would be taking our RV to beginning Thursday (today). Plus we are on the hunt for another window of ours broke. The Tiffin store has only the newer, plastic ones...ours is metal. We are hoping to find a place with discarded, clouded windows and get the latch from one of them. Bunkhouse said they had over a 1,000 clouded windows and someone just came in and bought them all! Rats!

First we drove, in the car, to Bay Diesel (easy drive) where they are to check everything on the chassis, change oils and fluids, do our levelers and a bunch of other things I put on our list. Cory could only moan. We confirmed everything with Theresa in the office. She left and came back and wanted to know if we could bring our RV here in 45 minutes. SURE! They said they could do a lot of the work now and save the levelers for tomorrow. Great! Zooooom. Back to the RV....just a short jaunt through town. Packed everything up and took it to Bay Diesel. We mentioned if they found something “big,” just to let us know first. We were happy with this head start! Lulu, of course, stays with us from now on. No sleeping in at the RV. God only knows what would happen to her if these workmen found her. She is so irresistible! She’s too loving and eager for attention . She’s been known to be a little free!

Next we followed our GPS to the paint shop. Our appointment is on Friday. Here they are going to paint a tiny swirl on our door cover for our heater “something”. Remember how the door blew off in “Somewhere Land” when we were driving down to Florida last October? We replaced the door but he couldn’t paint it without the RV...needed to match up the twist of the swirl. We also asked if he could paint our new satellite dome we had installed last year. The man who put it on never gave us an option for color and he put on a big white dome. It looks like a giant marshmallow on top of our RV. We certainly know it’s our RV in a crowd. We really wanted black...just like our old one. The paint guy said it would be easier just to get another one in black and he would put it on. He’s looking for one for maybe our marshmallow will become toast! Hope so....

Our final destination is to Custom RV. It is here where Brannon will do most of our work: new refrigerator, new flooring, new recliners and a list too long to even add here. Cory keeps moaning and going to the ATM’s and drawing out more cash. Please don’t tell anyone....we don’t want to be robbed! Our GPS took us out of town, way out of town....maybe 9 miles out of town. The stretch of road had nothing but big pine trees lining it. An occasional falling down shack pops up now and then.

Finally, high on a hill....we came to Custom RV. It’s a big pole barn with bays. Absolutely nothing around it! Nothing! Complete isolation! H-E-L-L-L-O-O-Oooooo. Brannon was there but on his break. He says they only take one break for lunch and it was obvious we came at a poor time. Anyway, we confirmed our plans. We had also arranged to just hook up outside his building (water & electric) beginning Friday evening. Work begins on Monday (the 20th). What the heck are we going to do for over a week in this deserted no- man’s land? No Wi-fi, of course. He said we might get some TV. Oh, God! Lulu will be getting lots of attention....that’s for sure!

Alrighty...enough riding around. Time to go to the really important destination: Walmart! Of course, I want it to be a Supercenter, too. Now let’s find the closest one. There are opposite directions, each about the same distance away. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....which way shall we go? Our crystal ball says “Go to Fulton, Mississippi.” You need to realize if we go out of Red Bay by a 1/4 mile....we are in Mississippi. Just like in Shongo....a few hops, skips and jumps and we are in Pennsylvania.

Zoom....kind of...we are talking narrow, winding roads with nothing along them ‘cept tall trees. At one point, we are now on a nice open highway and sailing along with excitement. I don’t have to remind you that Walmart is my favorite store. I wouldn’t mind if my ashes were scattered here, up & down the aisles. After a hefty drive (over 30 minutes), we have arrived! Whaaaat! This “ain’t” no Supercenter! Rats! They say it is BUT it sure doesn’t look or seem like the Supercenters we are used to. Hey.....suck it up, Buttercup! It’s a Walmart. Once inside, I felt comfy and at home. Cory found what he was looking for and I found stuff I wasn’t looking for. All’s right with the world.

Too fast with that comment!! Cory’s phone was Bay Diesel. They got most of the basic work done and found a problem. I’m not good with technical stuff but I’ll give it my best shot. Our fan clutch had locked up at some time. We needed a new one and a sensor. They would have to order it. ???When would it come in??? No idea...rats! Occasionally, our
Piggly WigglyPiggly WigglyPiggly Wiggly

Look at those prices! A great place to eat!
RV would run hot and Cory had to add more coolant. I’m sure you remember reading about those nerve-wrecking you were there when they happened. Bay Diesel would keep working (labor=$145/hr) on the rest of the stuff. Another bump in the road as an RV’er! They always say: if can afford an RV, you can afford the upkeep! You don’t have to tell us that. Been there, done that, doing it! We actually have minimal issues after you sit around the Tiffin RV lounge and listen to everyone else’s sad tale. We don’t even compare! We can use a bandaid on our wounds where they require major surgery for theirs. A book should be written about these personal accounts. It would knock your socks off! It might put a bad light on the RV sales, though. Just remember, our life in our RV is so exciting and rewarding in so many ways. The maintenance and repairs are no different than with a stationary house. It just has “different variations of stuff” to deal with. Having not lost our appetite (yet), we grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy’s.....tasty, especially their 50 cent frosty!

Back in Red Bay, we started our search for Pine Power. This is the cleaner Tiffin recommends to put down your toilet. You can’t find it anywhere anymore!! Believe me, being used to doing a scavenger hunt in our antique business, “🎼🎼we’ve been everywhere, man!🎼🎼” They used to be in all the Dollar Stores. Went to local Market Dollar Store ( nice - had a big grocery section). Nope on the Pine Power (P-P....that’s how I remember it....don’t want Pine-Sol, Pine Cleaner, Pine “anything” has to be Pine Power, P-P). Rats! Cory saw it at the Tiffin store for $3.68. EBAY has it for similar price with $6.21 shipping! We did buy two bag chairs (cheap) so we had something to sit on at Happy Hour other than our heavy, folding dinette chair. We had looked at the Walmart for P-P....nope. Over to the grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, we go (across the street). Remember, this is an option when we have to select a place to eat. You can order off their “deli” and they have a small, narrow room where you can eat you meal. Oh, happy days! They had Pine Power....$1.97 a bottle! Hallelujah! We bought eight! This is a definite stock up item and we certainly did! We are good to go. Mission accomplished!

We shot the whole day. It was good, though. We are glad we could get down to the nitty gritty and actually get a head start on our work jobs. Back to the RV. Our friends were out having their Happy Hour! We wanted to join them but our stomachs were growling. Now here’s a tidbit for you. Do you the medical term for that growling sound your stomach makes? The word for the day is “Borborrigimus.” I love that word: Borborrigimus, Borborrigimus, Borborrigimus.....let’s say it together now: Borborrigimus. Fun, huh? The plural is: borborygmi. Cool! It actually means the sound made in your abdomen as gas passes through your bowels. Sweet!

Get back on track, Guenter!

We could hear our Borborrigimi speaking loudly. Realized it was feeding time again. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.....tell us where we want to go! You want pizza? Great! So do we. Hometown Pizza in Belmont, Mississippi has the best. Don’t panic....remember Mississippi is just 1/4 mile down the road from our campground. Lulu guides us as we recognize so many places we visited when we were here in 2012....for a month! Hometown pizza was more of a take-out place so we brought it home. While waiting for our Italian pie, Cory drove us around Belmont. We saw the old restaurant (Belmont Dixie Queen Cafe)with the pressed wood interior walls. It had an unfinished style to it. It was here where we went to dinner with Joe & Bonnie. Just by chance, they were at Red Bay the same time we were in 2012....such a small world. We were in awe when we peered out our windshield and saw them walking past. Hey, folks! It’s us! Small world. I was fascinated with their Belmont Hotel. Where we live in Wellsville, NY, 8 miles north of it is the town of Belmont (NY). They have a Belmont Hotel, too. We used to live in Belmont (for a year) when we first moved to the area after Cory took his job at Air Preheater. This Belmont Hotel, here in Mississippi, appears to be open cause when I went inside for my photo, no-one was anywhere around! Dead silence. Speaking of dead....a bench out on their porch was made from a new gravestone...unique! Let your local funeral director or monument salesperson know this — it might be another market for their, money, money! Once the owner of the bench dies, they can have the legs removed, get it engraved and use it for its original purpose: savings, savings, savings. Next door was a neat, stone Lion fountain. I’ve included some before and after photos of this grand hotel.

Next to that was the Monkey Barber Shop: closed! I’m wondering how many monkeys live in this area and need their hair cut. Inquiring minds want to know. That’s a joke, guys! Picked up the pizza and ate it in our RV. Mighty tasty. Good choice, folks. We only had a choice of a small or large pizza. Should have gone with the small but wanted to have enough for all of you. Even then, we had leftovers. Cory took them up to the Happy Hour group..... made them even more happy. We were too whipped to hang up. Hope we get to use our new bag chairs one of these times.

This in-depth review is primarily from yesterday (Wednesday) but with a couple of today’s doings. The main “piece de resistance “of tonight was watching the final show of The Big Bang Theory” at 7:00 pm CST. I was intense & focused. We could watch it in our RV....if that wasn’t going to work, I had plans to go to the local hospital lobby if I couldn’t find any other location. We were good! Turned off the air conditioner because it makes some noise. The RV became like a sweat box as in the movie “The Bridge Over the River Kwai”. Just deal with! Use a hand fan! Propped up and comfy, I was ready. Cory watched with me in support ...knowing he could not speak at anytime. The show was on for an hour. Ooooooooooo. Tears flowed a couple times. I love this’ve heard me recite that before. I’m beginning to go in to a catatonic state. It’s going to be a long and difficult recovery.....won’t be pretty, folks. Stand by me, though. I need alI the help I can get. Next I watched the final season show of Young Sheldon. Love this show, too. Just glad it will return in the Fall. Then following this show was a “Farewell” Special for TBBT. Excellent but I had to use more Kleenex. I’m drained! Both of us are exhausted so I’m going to close this blog now and, hopefully, get today’s (Thursday) published tomorrow. Got that? Kind of should be living it. I have reams ready for the next blog...oh, lucky you! Right now we have no idea what the date is. I keep repeating the days just for sanity sake. The stress over TBBT has caught with me. I can see the dark hole! But the blogs must go on......yes, keep applauding, it helps. Keep your time machine up & running. We’ll be back! 23 photos for you to review.

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The hotel in years pastThe hotel in years past
The hotel in years past

Note the change in the stone statue

17th May 2019

Interesting as always !! Love it.
17th May 2019

Thanks, Dave
Wait for my next one. You will never believe why our levelers didn’t work.

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