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North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile July 8th 2018

On our way to Gulf a Shores we drove through Mobile. We stopped off to see the USS Alabama. It’s a WWII warship docked and open for tours. We had fun running all over the ship and exploring.... read more
Doug with a sailor hat
Robert on the guns
The top deck

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile May 1st 2018

The drive from French Quarter RV Resort in New Orleans LA to I-65 RV Campground in Mobile AL on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 was short and uneventful. I was set up by early afternoon and headed for the Visit Mobile Welcome Center to get some tips, particularly dining tips as Uncle Larry really likes fresh seafood. After my visitor center stop, I cruised about town and happened upon an interesting-looking ma and pa kind of eatery named Roshell's Seafood Cafe & Family Diner. Of course, I sat at the counter only a few feet away from the food preparation area. While I was awaiting my food order, I watched the cook making hamburger patties for the next day that had to be about 8-9 inches in diameter. The menu calls them “pure Angus steerburgers,” and they ... read more
Of Course, The Mardi Gras King and Queen Need a Jester in Their Court!
City Hall and Southern Market Is a Fine Architectural Specimen in Its Own Right
Here Is All That Is Left of Colonial Mobile – It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Enough to Identify the Building

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile March 27th 2017

Mobile, Alabama. Une ville de 195,000 personnes sur la Baie de Mobile qui communique avec le Golf du Mexique. La ville est connue pour animer le plus vieux Mardi-Gras des Etats-Unis. ( Depuis 1830). Nos avons aimé la visiter, surtout la section Dauphin island dans le Golf. Elle était la capitale de la Louisiane Française en 1702, c'est pourquoi on rencontre beaucoup de noms français dans les rues, les rivières...etc. A+... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile June 28th 2015

Bonjour à tous Sans mauvais jeu de mot Mobile, je n'en ai trouvé aucun pour venir ici, mis à part que c'est sur ma route. Je vais y revenir. Hier au soir, après la satisfaction d'avoir trouver un très bon hôtel, passer 2 heures sur le blog, le break du souper. De ma fenêtre je voyais un bâtiment que je croyais être une église. Mais à la nuit tombée j' ai vu une partie de l'enseigne steackhouse (resto de viande). Ici ou ailleurs et surtout pas de voiture à prendre. C'était un Brésilien, le même principe que celui d'Edmonton en Alberta. J'avoue avoir fait une belle entorse à mon régime. Pour mémoire ce sont des serveurs qui passent aux tables avec une broche et découpe la viande directement dans l'assiette. Le premier qui est passé m'a ... read more
le fleuve Mobile
USS Alabama

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile February 18th 2015

As you're standing at the ledge getting ready to jump, your heart is pounding, looking down at the ground knowing that you are 50 ft in the air, palms are sweaty and the platform is shaking because its windy. As you count to three you are still hesitant to jump even though you are secured in a harness. Finally after much convincing you close your eyes and jump!!! The first time you are stepping out of your comfort zone is when life starts. Imagine doing the same routine over and over and never getting the excitement of something new. We were meant to go out into the world and preach the gospel and making disciples of all nations. But how can we do that is we are standing still?? Our feet are beautiful if only they'd ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile September 6th 2014

We flew from Puerto Rico to Jacksonville, Florida, to rent a car and begin the hunt for real estate. We headed east and found ourselves in Mobile Alabama before heading north to Tennessee. We decided to stay the night in Mobile before heading north. We attended a Fabulous Four (Beatles impersonators) concert and then spent the evening walking around town and catching live music. We were fortunate to meet Walter Simon, a local artist and political activist, who was brilliant and entertaining to hang out with. He showed us around town. It was one those nights you will never forget. We both loved Mobile, in large part because we had made a new friend who knew how to have a good time.... read more
IMG_0062 (Medium)
IMG_0026 (Medium)
IMG_0051 (Medium)

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile November 21st 2013

A Day in Mobile, Alabama We spent a very pleasant day in Mobile, Alabama yesterday – that’s ‘Mo-beel’ and not like mobile phone! The town was founded in 1702 by Frenchman Jean-Baptists Le Moyne who later continued on to found Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. These early white settlers brought with them Mardi Gras which has been celebrated here since 1704, the oldest of its celebrations and several years before New Orleans was ‘discovered’. The English and Spanish also ruled here and the old buildings and squares reflect their influence also. After a brief stop at the very friendly visitor center located in the reconstructed Fort Conde, we boarded the free circular bus to get our bearings and we immediately given an impromptu tour by a local man riding the bus and were quizzed about ... read more
Mobile Alabama 001
Mobile Alabama 003
Mobile Alabama 004

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile October 17th 2011

Our Saturday was a planned shorter day crossing Mobile Bay. The Mobile Harbor is a very busy industrial port with large ships and barges everywhere. Once a little past this industrial part the skyline of Mobile appeared in the distance. After passing the Downtown Convention Center we saw a huge Carnival Cruise Ship, Elation. It sure made our little PDQ look tiny. Mobile Bay is very good size, much larger than Charlotte Harbor and busy with barges, large fishing ships. I was impressed with the hundreds of birds that diligently followed the fishing vessels. Incredible sight. We found our way to Dog River and nestled easily (nearly) into a slip. Thankfully our boat is only 17ft wide and with Cap't Roger's superior driving skills, we were tied up without issue. Time to give a little credit ... read more
A Mainstay Bro John's BlackBlueberry Jam
Second Mainstay Ginger Snaps

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile October 14th 2011

Actually, this afternoon we stopped about 15 miles north of Mobile Bay for the night. We're at Big Bayou South Canot. It is a wide channel, clearly marked just off the Mobile River. A fast fishing boat passes every once in a while. We are enjoying snacks on the flybridge with a lovely gentle breeze. I'm thinking we should have packed a fishing pole. Instead, we'll conger up some less interesting grub. Last night we stayed at Lock 1 anchorage and were joined by a sailboat, Visitor and her two mates. They quickly anchored while we struggled to make sure our stern achor held. It is amazing to us that we can be so tired at the end of the day (after not doing much but steering and looking). Rog, for the first time is transferring ... read more
Stern tie to the trees
Buddy Can't Wait
Close to home

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile July 3rd 2011

Set off quite early this morning but made sure we missed the work traffic. We had decided that it would break up the journey and allow us to visit another state if we drove down to Mobile in Alabama, in the good ole deep south! After driving through the great countryside of Mississippi for a couple of hours we finally crossed the state line. The weather started to turn slightly and the plethora of churches became more apparent; seemed like every second house was a house of God! Quite eerie really! He's obviously managing better than his flock as the people seem very poor with a lot living in trailers. In our wisdom we thought we should plow on to Florida, a distance of only fifty miles and cross off another state! Then traffic happened, It ... read more

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