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November 26th 2010
Published: November 27th 2010
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Fouled PropFouled PropFouled Prop

wrapped with salt bag
We got up this morning to cloudy skies, breezy, but still pretty warm. What happened to that cold front that was supposed to move in last night? While we were still drinking our morning coffee, the wind shifted, the temperature dropped and in came the front.

Sara had been talking since yesterday about renting a tank and diving down to check out her propellar, but the weather was so nasty and the nearest dive shop 15 miles away. She and Trevor discussed and thought and finally decided it was worth the money to have the boat hauled out so they could thoroughly check for damage. It was scary and tricky moving the boat in the strong wind with poor handling, but they managed to get the boat over to the lift. Once the boat was out of the water, Kerry started laughing, and they knew it couldn't be too bad. A heavy plastic salt bag (probably off a shrimp boat) was wrapped and tangled around her prop and shaft. After cutting the bag off and inspecting for damage (none) they had new zincs applied and the boat put back into the water. The trip back to the dock was much
Sara points to the problemSara points to the problemSara points to the problem

she's pretty happy it wasn't worse
better with the prop working properly and handling back to normal.

We borrowed the marina's courtesy car and went to Walmart where we stocked up on groceries again. We also made a stop at Lowe's and 3 different auto parts places looking for oil for the boat. Then back to the marina where Kerry changed the oil on our boat, Sara installed a new bilge pump on hers, and Trevor did laundry. My plan was to do laundry, too, but the tide was out and I couldn't climb off our boat because the dock was too high.

The rain has finally moved east, but it is quite windy and cold, supposed to be down in the 30's tonight. We had hoped to leave in the morning, but the weather forecast is still calling for small craft warnings in the bay, maybe calming later on. So it's just wait and see. Meanwhile, we're secure and warm with our electric heaters plugged in.

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Boat on the slingBoat on the sling
Boat on the sling

The whole process of hauling, removing the bag and adding zincs probably didn't take more than 30 minutes
Back to the waterBack to the water
Back to the water

Boats look funny out of the water
Trouble makerTrouble maker
Trouble maker

that darned bag

28th November 2010

All our company just left today. It was a busy four days....but fun. Hope your thanksgiving was blessed! Love you all and continue to travel safely!

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