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July 4th 2015
Published: July 5th 2015
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I wanted to get at least one picture of a sign with the name of a bayou and a parish. This had both, but freeway speeds didn't work in my favor. And of course it was the last one we saw.
…had more gray skies. And rain. And lightning as we neared Demopolis. Not the sheet lightning like the last two nights but bolts that ran across the clouds. Yes, across, not down. I’ve only ever seen down. Across was kind of cool to watch.

Today we drove in three states. Started in Louisiana, went through Mississippi and stopped for the night in Alabama. The rivers down here are all brown. I wonder if it’s because of flooding or if they’re always that way.

I didn’t really feel like taking pictures today because we’re seeing everything from an interstate; not much to see. Then I thought about taking pictures of billboards and unique town and river names. By the time I got the camera out, all those things had passed. I didn’t see much in the way of goofy town names after that. One of the highlights we passed was the exit to Grambling State University and the Eddie G. Robinson Museum. At the top of the grassy area at the exit ramp were low growing bushes sculpted in the shape of the letters G, S and U. I get the feeling the area is a wee bit proud of

High water along the side of the road. I don't think it belongs there. A little way up the road (between this shot and the next one) we passed a road going off to the right. I looked over and the road disappeared into the water. There were light poles and power poles in the middle of the water.
their university.

As we neared Monroe we saw a billboard advertising that the town is the home of the Duck Dynasty clan and another advertising their restaurant.

We passed the town of Chunky and crossed the Chunky River (that just sounds gross), we drove through Cuba to get to Demopolis, Philadelphia isn’t as far north as you’d think, rivers in Louisiana are bayous--I thought that was just in the southern part of the state or large bodies of water where large bodies could be hidden, and the Mississippi River is pretty wide (not as wide as the Columbia) and very brown…and shy.

No sleeping armadillos today, but we did see wild turkeys pecking in the grass a little way off at the side of the road. The first sighting was just one bird. The second was a group of 3 or 4 adults and just as many babies. That was totally unexpected.

We’re back to dry camping, but I’ve tapped into a somewhat reliable wifi connection. Of course, as soon as I mentioned reliability and wifi, I got dropped. It’s a good thing I started this in a Word document that I can copy and paste.

More excess water.
The blog is auto-saved quite often, so when I touch the right combination of keys and all my work vanishes, it’s easily recovered.

We did our grocery shopping (got our carrots along with more produce), Mike fixed spaghetti and salad for dinner, and I started in on research. Looking at the 7-day forecast it looks like the rain will be accompanying us to the coast and north. We hope that’s all it is. Fireworks are being lit off in the parking lot behind us and I’m beginning to hear some off in the distance as well. We hope everyone has/had a safe and fun July 4th celebration.

More fun with the wifi...once I was so unceremoniously and without just cause disconnected from the local motel's wifi, I couldn't get reconnected. I had to resort to using my phone as a hotspot again. I try not to do that because it uses a chunk of our data plan which is shared by the kids and us. I went to switch on the internet sharing option and it wouldn't let me. It kept telling me I had to go to their website or call them for assistance. I called. I
The Mississippi River Says I Don't Think SoThe Mississippi River Says I Don't Think SoThe Mississippi River Says I Don't Think So

It's hard enough to get a good shot driving down the they add girders!
was on the phone with a guy for over half an hour and what he ended up having me do is reboot my phone; take the battery out while it was still turned on, wait a bit, put it all back together and try again. Voila! And now you're able to read today's post.

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More high water, but only if you can see it over the barrier.

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