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North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham September 3rd 2020

Why the hell am I in Birmingham, Alabama? And on a Thursday night? Under normal circumstances, those would be good questions. But 2020 has been anything but normal, and when it comes to college football, everything has been up in the air. So the short answer to those questions is, because it’s actual FBS-level college football where fans are allowed to attend. Spoiler alert: this post will have lots of reflection in it. In a year when most of us have been concerned about surviving, or on the other end of the spectrum, about government overreach and conspiracy theories, I’m just glad I got to attend a college football game at all. As it turns out, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has cheap tickets, is allowing fans to attend, and also hosted the very ... read more
My first glimpse of the field at Legion Field -- it was a hot day
Quite a few health concerns to be aware of on the big screen
rusty tower outside Legion Field

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham June 17th 2018

This entry covers our travel from Jacksonville Florida to the Great State of Texas. I have promised to my readers that we will share lessons learned along the journey as well as share interesting sites. The first photo was taken in Camping World where we had to deal with a generator that would not stay running. Electricity is a necessity for extreme telecommuting. Computers don't work very long without it. Non use of a generator will build up sludge. Thanks to Camping World we were up and running within a couple of hours. Of course girls have to shop so Sadie got a brand new raincoat. After all you can't get cold and wet on Denali. The second shot shows she travels well in her car seat. The first stop was in Pinson AL with Hal ... read more
Pinson AL1
Pinson AL2

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham April 9th 2017

We arrived at about 11pm and quickly got to our rooms. Vallery, Joyce and Tyler again had their go bags, Wife had squeezed our things into one of the suitcases so all in all it was much less to carry in. We had stopped to grab dinner at KFC and Tyler had walked across the parking lot to Jacks for a salad. KFC's Nashville Hot Chicken was ok, but really unimpressive if you have had the real thing. We cycled through the bathroom and soon were in our beds, or cribs, or couches, where ever we were going to get some sleep. Cross our fingers we will be on the road before 10am! ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham April 4th 2017

When we had checked in shortly after 1 am the guy at the desk told me that there was one heck of a storm due in a couple of hours and would likely last until noon the next day. It was headed north from New Orleans so at least once it passed we would have seen the last of it. When we woke up it was still raining a bit but not badly and I had hopes of getting quickly on the road and arrive before 3pm in New Orleans. Caroline and Tyler tell me that there was much thunder and lightning as the storm came through last night but I slept through it all. Driving on 3-4 hours of sleep will do that, plus I am know to sleep like the snoring dead. Abs fought ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham September 11th 2016

Geo: 33.5203, -86.8115This posting was NOT proof-read by Glenn, so please disregard any grammatical mistakes that I have posted.After going to church on Sunday morning with the Cokers, we met more of their friends. All the Cheshiers were there and we chatted a bit with them. The Cheshiers were CAM missionaries several years ago in Mexico.We left after the first service at First Bible Church and headed towards Pinson, Alabama where the Selfs live.We got to the Selfs house just around lunch time and were able to visit most of the afternoon. Linda had put some "shrimp" into her gumbo soup, so we "Quickly" took that out since Glenn is allergic to Shrimp. Because it didn't soak up the juice very much, he didn't have any reaction. Good thing.We left the Selfs house at 4pm and ... read more
the Frees

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham June 7th 2016

I had a beautiful sunny day to make the drive from Benchmark RV Park in Meridian MS to Birmingham South Campground in Pelham AL, a southern suburb of Birmingham AL (population 212,237 in 2010). The trip of about 150 miles and 2 ½ hours on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 was totally uneventful. June! Really? I haven’t even left the Deep South, and it is already June. I’d better hurry north for, as the temperatures rise so does my latitude! I almost made a serious mistake by omitting Vulcan Park & Museum in Birmingham from my itinerary. If one wants a synopsis of the history of Birmingham, here it is. The Vulcan statue is the city symbol of Birmingham, reflecting its roots in the iron and steel industry. The 56-foot tall, 120,000-pound statue, which stands on a ... read more
At The Foot Of Vulcan, Informational Placards Provide A Brief History Of Birmingham
The Museum Holds A Treasure-Trove Of Interesting Birmingham History
There’s Nothing Modern About This Operation!

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham July 30th 2012

I am officially home and about to get in bed. Thanks again for all the love and support. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I will be adding pictures to facebook in the next couple of days! Much love and Goodnight!... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham October 11th 2011

Geo: 33.5203, -86.8115Leaving Asheville, even though it was going in the wrong direction, I decided to head southeast toward Spartanburg, South Carolina in order to do a quick sweep through some of the southern states. The moment I passed into this new state was a beautiful one - a passing rainstorm just starting to dissolve, revealing ghastly forms of footless mountains off in the distance. Greens and blues of all shades and everywhere in between, accented in a thin veil of moisture hovering in the atmosphere.Within a few minutes, however, I was back in the rainstorm. The kind where even the highest wiper speed can hardly keep up. A few minutes after that... THWACK!!! What the...? Ah, damnit - a rock had been spit up into my windshield, creating a new little spider web, adding to ... read more
Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.
Georgia on my Mind
Sweet Home Alabama

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham May 7th 2011

Today I visit one of the most important historic sites on the entire trip. It tells the history of iron smelting in the US. Iron smelting, as noted earlier, is the reason Birmingham exists. Before that, however, I wanted some culture. I found it at the Birmingham Art Museum. Birmingham Art Museum The museum is a relatively small encyclopedic museum. I enjoyed it more than the Speed Art museum in Louisville (see ) even though they are close to the same size. Part of the reason was that they have more art that I like, and it was arranged better. Contemporary work in this museum gets an entire section, while at the Speed it was limited to one corridor. The other reason was the through explanati... read more
Iron smelter at Sloss Furnace
Casting shed at Sloss
Air Heating tanks

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham May 6th 2011

Bombingham I woke up today near Birmingham, Alabama. This city was the place the civil rights movement exploded. The movement was born as a formal force in Montgomery, but it reached critical mass in Birmingham. I studied the history earlier (see ) but that can’t compare to being here. For long months in 1963, the city was a vision of horror as Public Safety Commissioner Bull Conner and the Ku Klux Klan waged war against Martin Luther King and other civil rights organizers. Today, I explore that painful legacy. I started in Kelley Ingram Park. This park is the actual location where marchers were met with fire hoses and snarling police dogs. On one level, it’s hard to imagine that type of violence, because the curre... read more
Police Dogs
Jail, no bail

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