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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Loreto February 24th 2007

Dogs, roosters, loudspeakers, music, gusting breezes, dust........BUT it is sunny! The rooster pen is just adjacent to this RV park. They do NOT stop! But hey, it IS, after all, Mexico ......... Today, Saturday, is market day in almost every city in Mexico. It is a fun thing to visit but this one is more for the locals. Clothing, much of it second hand, is for sale, as well as fruits, veggies, meat (unrefrigerated!!!), cheese and household goods, even some furniture. It was soooo windy that even some of the vendors were threatening to close shop. The dust was really bad. In fact after we got back, I was covered in a dust crust!!! LOL!!! Only the main roads are paved--well, if you can call it real pavement, and all the side streets are dust. After ... read more
The Malecon in Loreto
Rough waters in Loreto
La Posada de Flores

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 24th 2007

San Cristobal de Las Casas - A hip place to be - is the best way to describe this small town with the historic centre of old churches and buildings, cobble stone streets and squares, artisans markets, cafes, restos, bars, and surrounded by treed mountains. Not too hot and cool (about 10) at night. Perhaps a bit too hip - many hippy types - both richer mexicans with cars and laptops (and dreads or goatees), and other people so cool to be here it seems. In many ways it has the best of both worlds, and at one time I would have loved the scene, but now am not sure. The artisans markets - one around church Santo Domingo, and another were wonderful, but like with everything it becomes more of the same - the blouses, ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Loreto February 24th 2007

The 24th at 8.30 am we were on our way out of Playa Santispac in Bahia de Concepcion and on to Loreto some 90 miles from here. After using the dump station, Mike had a little trouble getting out of the turnaround b/c it really is not designed for larger Rvs . And throw in all of the rocks and bumps and you have a very disgruntled man! We had thought that the drive here was not going to be too bad but we were wrong again. Loads and loads of winding hills and hairpin curves again!!!!!! It was very beautiful landscape but the highways are treacherous with the curves and hills!!! We got here around 11 am into the city of Loreto. Loreto has a population of about 7500. It is considered the oldest continuously ... read more
Loreto Shores RV Park
Mission Church
Loreto's Artisan Alley

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur February 24th 2007

Yesterday, the 23 February, was another beautiful day here. I actually slept in until almost 9 am! Very unusual. I actually got up at 7 am and was going to catch the sunrise but it was cloudy so I went back to bed! The venders come right here to the beach to sell their goods--vegetables, fruits, t-shirts, eggs, milk, fresh shrimp and scallops and crafts. We bought fresh shrimp here yesterday and it was so fresh. They were huge too but the bad thing is that you have to devein them. That is gross! Earlier we bought some fruit empanadas which turnovers and some fresh tamales all for $3.00. I had bought a little jacket yesterday in town and got the price I wanted to pay!! The day before yesterday, we got to know our neighbors ... read more
Out on the island in the Bay.....
Blue footed Boobie
Pelican shot from the Kayak

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 23rd 2007

We spent Wednesday taking it easy, since I came down with some little bug Tuesday night...but did get the house where Diego Rivera was born and to a speciality shop for local sweets. We also took the funicular up the hill for the first time! Our hosts had us over for dinner....and we went to bed after packing....and heard the incredible dog chorus for the last can hear the dogs barking in waves around the city..and then several times a night the more than five dogs that live on the roofs below us and the ones behind us take up the call....I actually started sleeping through it! Today (Thursday) we took a first class bus back to Mexico City, checked into our hotel, and went out to is hot here today..hard to think of ... read more
Diego Rivera's birthplace
Wash day
Diego Rivera's family home

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Loreto February 23rd 2007

It has been a few weeks since I did a letter about our activities here. We celebrated Kip’s 66 birthday over in Lopez Mateous with our friends Billie and Ted, and their dog Porter, and Rod and Patti and their dog Matey. We camped out near the panga harbour and had a bonfire and cooked baked potatoes in the fire and reheated chicken cordon blue that I had pre done on the boat. Billie made a salad and Pattie made a birthday cake. It was quite windy that day so there was some concern that the fire’s heat would blow away and the food would n’t cook. The food did cook and the birthday candles lasted long enough for Kip to blow them out. We had a visit from Jon and Kottie, they are down here ... read more
fig tree
Tea at Dick s Palapa

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Acapulco February 23rd 2007

We havent realy done much since i last posted, except go to see the ´world famous´ cliff divers of acapulco, they had to climg the cliff from the water and then dive down into a narrow gully where the surge was HUGE, it all looked very dangerous. we got our moneys worth aswell, after the first show we climbed over the wall and got a better view for the next show. luckily nobody noticed we were still there so we got 2 for the price of 1. other than sitting on the beach the only other thing we have done is go clubbing. wow is it cheap. a whole night out including bus there and taxi back cos us 255 pesos which is under 13 pounds!!! and that was in the expensive part of town. We ... read more
The Cliff
Cliff Diver
Jack in da club

North America » Mexico » Veracruz » Papantla February 23rd 2007

Just a quick blog really to let you know where I am and show you the photos I have taken to date. Think I am suffering from writer´s block as no mysterious Austrian fisherwomen or poetry have manged to penetrate my blog this time. However the good news is that in Xalapa I managed to get hold of a Mexican wrestling mask. Thus evenings in hotel rooms have been spent shadow grappling in front of the mirror whilst getting more and more addicted to Amercian tv cop shows like CSI Miami (once you get hooked on Caruso´s voice there is no turning back). Spent the last three weeks just pedalling up the eastern side of Mexico. Trying to find the quieter roads through the farmlands and oilfields in the state of Veracruz. Had a good time, ... read more
The Geordie Grappler
Santo Domingo, Chiapa de Corzo
Plaza, Chiapa de Corzo

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur February 22nd 2007

Today, 20 February,we left around 10 after a night in the Rice and Beans RV park just outside of San Ignacio. We had hoped to stop in Rosalia but it was too congested and we can do that as a day trip another time. We also passed through Mulege but didn’t stop. The road here passes through the Sierra San Francisco and there are some dangerous “vados” or dips that allow for water to flow over the road. About 35 miles outside of San Ignacio, the descent starts to climb again. The grade is called the Cuesta del Infierno or GRADE of HELL! It is about 2 miles long and is the steepest grade on Mex 1. Throw in several curves and some semis coming opposite and you have yourself quite a rollercoaster ride! Bahia de ... read more
Just outside of San Ignacio
Leaving San Ignacio
Cuesta del Infierno

North America » Mexico » Veracruz » Xalapa February 22nd 2007

No i helga var me i Veracruz (byen altså), for denne byen som ligg ca. 2 timar frå Xalapa, kan verkeleg å feire karneval - faktisk ein av dei byane i Mexico som har størst feiring av karneval. Det var mykje folk, mange fargar, mange lettkledde kvinner (og menn, forsåvidt), mykje dansing etc. Skal legge ut bileter seinare, men eg tok ikkje med kamera til sjølve parada fordi eg er ein paranoid nordmann. Me fekk "låne" eit tomt hus med ein kompis av ein kompis, og sto på taket for å fylge med på parada. Veldig veldig kult! Veracruz er ein relativt skiten by, men eg likte meg der likevel. Den eine dagen reiste me til stranda, og eg kan ikkje få sagt kor godt det var for sjela mi å høyre, lukte og sjå havet. ... read more
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