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North America » Mexico August 22nd 2006

The past week has been absolutely fabulous as I’ve got to spend a little more time exploring Chiapas, a state in Mexico that I fell in love with when I was teaching nearby years ago. Like I mentioned in the last blog, Chiapas has a large population of indigenous people, and most of these have Mayan heritages. Because of this, it seems to have more life, more history to me. All the people are so beautiful in their bright traditional clothing and warm smiles, and it’s fascinating to learn more about their customs and beliefs. Unfortunately, Chiapas is also one of the poorest states in Mexico with some of the highest child mortality rates and illiteracy rates in the country. My Lonely Planet book on Mexico reports that a third of the houses in the state ... read more
Mayan girls on market day
A festive church in San Cristobal
Mayan woman showing us how to weave

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey August 21st 2006

Hola everyone! I hope all is well in Chicago, Green Bay, De Pere, Virginia, Texas, or from wherever else you might be catching up. I myself have been a busy lass down here in Mexico but you're in luck because I have some time to update!! Since the last time I've written, I have waited in many, many lines, endured much confusion over seemingly easy processes (for example, who knew I'd have to go to 6 different places on campus to enroll in a salsa dancing class with some friends... or how difficult it would be to get the university to take my tuition money). It seems that some processes are complicated by some very unnecessary bureaucracy, but hey, when in Mexico, I guess. I started my internship at Museo de Historia Mexicana (Museum of Mexican ... read more
Cerro de la Silla
Cerro de la Silla
Cerro de la Silla

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Sayulita August 21st 2006

The one thing our bungalow doesn't have is with hindsight probably also the most important - air-conditioning. The temperature barely dropped at all during the night and we had a thoroughly miserable night's sleep. The bungalow is like a studio, and with non-stop wall on 3 sides there was no breeze passing through; we might as well have slept in an oven. So there was only 1 thing for it - a very short walk to a couple of sunbeds, under the shade of an umbrella and about 10ft from the ocean (a relatively steep beach here so high and low tide are very close). That was more or less it. A lot of swimming and just sitting by the sea reading. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan August 21st 2006

hey team. well saturday we (me, heather, and temo who was one girls' friend who was visiting for a week) went down to the golden zone and hit the beach. we found a catamaran ride in literally about 30 seconds it was pretty funny. the guy was so funny he offered to go and buy us beer to take on the catamaran and insisted to walk us to the convenience store because he knew the owner and would make sure we got a bag of ice for free. it was amusing. he obviously knows how to work for his tips. anyways, the catamaran ride was only 300 pesos for 3 people, with is about 10 bucks each. basically the best 10 bucks i've ever spent. he took us out to an island about a 20 minute ... read more

North America » Mexico » Hidalgo » Pachuca August 21st 2006

I used the esoteric characters in the heading to prove to you that I am in fact, in Mexico. We got here Saturday afternoon. It takes less time to fly to DF from LA than it does to fly to NYC, or Dubai for that matter. We got to the airport, where we met the director of the school, or actually where we were supposed to meet the director of the school. He wasn´t there. I like to think it´s because he wanted to teach us a lesson in self-reliance, rather than an error in translation (my bad). My Aunt Lauren, met us at the airport, she lives in DF, she helped us catch a bus to Pachuca. The ride to Pachuca is about an hour and fifteen minutes, or about the amount of time it ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres August 20th 2006

Isla Mujeres, Mexico - 7th August 2006 - 21st August 2006 I met with Katharine and Rachael (my friend from Uni who came over for a two week holiday) in Cancun and we took the ferry straight over to Isla Mujeres (Island of Women). Which is a really nice Island, the sea is such a beautiful colour, the only problem is if you want to swim you need to wade out quite a long way to get to a depth above the knee, very laid back place, people are very friendly and there is a great Beach Bar at Poc Na Hostel. The highlight was of course swimming with the Whale Sharks, they are just huge (the guide said about 18 metres!) and it is a fantastic experience - a definate must do if you get ... read more
Whale Shark
Snorkelling with the Whale Sharks
On the way to see the Whale Sharks in the rain

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres August 20th 2006

2 weeks on Isla Mujeres, where Rachael (a uni friend of Cheryl's) joined us from sunny Huddersfield,, and within 3 days was browner than either of us! .. Isla Mujeres is a really chilled, quiet little island just off the coast of Cancun (which we visited for one day to do some chores, and is horrible.. unless you like McDonalds, rows of big hotels, and lots of Americans!).. Had an amazing day yesterday snorkling with whale sharks.. $US115 for the day: boat, guide, food, water, beers etc, so not cheap, but a fantastic experience.. they are HUGE! .. we took a tiny (and bumpy!) boat out past Isla Holbox through the rain clouds and into what looked like a storm.. and floated around in the sea looking for these huge creatures.. As we arrived at their ... read more
Isla Mujeres
Playa Norte
Isla Mujeres

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 20th 2006

We left the cozy comfort of Alex and Gaye’s in the Bahia (only to find a few weeks later that a huge hurricane had visited the area leaving many houses torn asunder. We hope all is well with everyone in La Ventana and have heard that there were no casualties) and headed for the mainland. We slept as happily as one can on the deck of the ferry (close to the lifeboats) and booked our tickets straight to Mexico City as soon as we arrived. Liam had met Diego, a friend of Pat and Hayley (friends in Canada), at their wedding in Mexico and knew he lived in Mexico City. We were pretty much on our way to Mexico City when we received the reply from Diego quoting a Canadian phrase something to the effect of ... read more
Coyoacan Square
L & K with Diego, China, Filipe and Pablo
Flaco (Skinny)

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara August 20th 2006

Up early to catch a bus... but not just any bus... an ETN bus! This is the top end of the bus companies in Mexico, but are still a lot cheaper than Greyhound prices. You get complimentary drinks and food, films to keep you entertained, normal size coach but only 24 seats (3 seats per row) and the best bit of all is the wave goodbye from the staff as you leave. Unfortunately this journey only took us 5 hours to Puerto Vallarta where we then caught a crammed local bus, with local busking entertainment, to the main road turning to Sayulita. We then walked the final 2km to the villiage. Sayulita is a small-ish village. It's off the tourist route but still has prices for the rich gringos. It has no bank or ATM but ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta August 19th 2006

Alrighty, so here we go. A full fledge account of whats up down in ol' Mexico ( i would put an accent on that like Im supposed to if I could find the accent button. one of these days Im going to figure out this keyboard). This one is going to be a little long, because I want to let you know all about stuff and I want to keep a good record for myself. I've even seperated it into headings so you can skim, so you dont have to read it all in one sitting or even all of it and I wont even get offended haha, thats the joy of internet. It will still be here later should you feel the urge to read it. Drive from PV to GDL So last weekend(read ... read more
View of Puerto Vallarta
Pacific and PV Mountains From Under a Palm
The one, the only : La Malecon De Vallarta

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