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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum August 18th 2006

Having a wonderful few days on the beach after spending whole 15 hours on a coach getting here - all worth it! Sleeping in bunglows on the beach - you cant reserve so its a case of hunting around when you arrive in the heat. Sam and I made as executive decision to stay somewhere nicer to avoid cockroaches.... and the lack of mossie nets. Worth while! Having a couple of days in these rather luxury cabanas enjoying a rest after a fairly busy week doing the whole of Guatamala… those photos are to come are on my memory card that is locked up. ... read more
Our Cabana
Sammy reading in the sea
Beach view from Cabana

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey August 18th 2006

I finally got some pictures off of my friend´s camera, so I´m ready to show you guys some of the cool folks I´ve met. ... read more
Dancin´ some salsa

North America » Mexico August 18th 2006

12.08.06 Ich stellte den Wecker auf kurz vor 06.00 Uhr und machte mich parat. Ich oeffnete schon mal das Fenster, damit ich Jorge’s Auto oder sein Klopfen hoeren konnte. Doch bis 07.00 Uhr traf er nicht ein. Ich packte meine Sachen und ging schon mal auf die Strasse. Dort wartete ich an der Sonne und waermte mich ein wenig auf. Jorge kam erst eine halbe Stunde spaeter. Ich dachte nicht, dass wir uns so schnell wieder treffen. Wir suchten den Ausgang aus San Cristóbal und fuhren Richtung Palenque. Der Weg war recht kurvig und laestig mit den sogenannten Verlangsamungstechniken, sodass sich die Fahrt sehr in die Laenge zog. Aber wir wollten ja auch nicht direkt nach Palenque fahren, sondern noch ein paar Orte dazwischen besuchen. Den ersten Halt machten wir in Ocosingo. Der Hauptgrund dafuer war ... read more
Agua Azul
Agua Azul
Agua Azul - Jorge

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 18th 2006

Mexico City was next; I celebrated my 30th Birthday here too. Its one of the largest cities in the world and we had heard lots of scary stories about it, from people being kidnapped and forced to hand over credit cards, the thieves then taking the maximum amount of money each day, until the money ran out or they were discovered. There were also the usual big city worries of pick pockets, muggers and bag snatchers, so we arrived with apprehension. The L.P also advised about dodgy taxis who would take you to some seedy area before mugging and dumping you. At the bus station we had to make sure that we got an authorised taxi, usually an easy thing to do, except this time, the traffic was really busy in the centre where our hostel ... read more

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey August 18th 2006

I held off on writing another blog for two reasons: a lot of things were still in process and subject to change so I wanted to wait until I had some solid material to write about before I excited anyone. Also, I haven't had access to my camera charger until this afternoon and I didn't want to leave you without photos! And don't worry, I have seen more than just the campus it was just easier to take these photos this afternoon. More city stuff later. My second week of Mexico was rough. My third, was consumed with recovering from the second, getting adjusted some more while overcoming some hurdles. I don't want to dwell on the bad things so I'll just say that I started off with "el gripe" (flu) but managed to figure out ... read more
ducks crossing a bridge

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 18th 2006

okay guys. looks like i'm gonna do it again. for those of you who haven't heard yet, here is yet another big news, which, actually, shouldn't be big, just because i always have a little "bomb" to drop: monday i'm leaving for los angeles, wednesday for mexico, then back to los angeles, then on the 29th going back to chicago, tentatively. may the force be with me! "the force" as in...whatever that may be that will enhance my happiness quotient. amen! love, and will keep everyone posted! dana g.... read more

North America » Mexico August 17th 2006

Today was the Olympics at my university. each different section of students wears a different color of shirt and compete in a whole bunch of games. the international students have their own group so it was all of us competing in really random things like singing in spanish and salsa dancing. we definately lost. it was outside all day and it was superhot, but it was a good time. i tried to post some pictures but the computer won´t work so next time i will. it was a pretty fun day though. i played some basketball, futbol, sack raced, and did tug o war. it was funny because between every game all the exchange owuld run to the cafe where there is air conditioning but all the mexicans are used to it so they just waited ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán August 16th 2006

The Yucatan is HOT and comprises mostly marsh lands and jungle. Campeche is on the Gulf Coast which from an oceanic perspective is also as flat as a pancake (no waves). Two nights in Campeche / Edzna Ruins I stopped in the town of Campeche, as it shortened the bus trip and provided a base to see the Edzna ruins and also study some more local history. Campeche was an offensive / defensive outpost built and used by the Spanich. A sizeable militiary force was setup here complete with canons. The walls of the various fortresses are 2 to 3 metres thick. For me, however the highlight of Campeche was the Monkey Hostel where i met this Portuguese guy called Paulo, we got talking and ended up spending the next week traversing the Yucatan. The hostel ... read more
Campeche Coast
The Mayan Ruins of Uxmal
More Uxmal

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta August 16th 2006

Ok, so its 11 at night, a school night I might add (yup, I have officially started my last year of high school, again!) so this is going to be short and sweet. I had a lovely four days in Guadalajara with the De Leon family. There are so many of them, and they are all great! Came back on tuesday night, and started school this morning(wednesday) at 7, and since its a half hour drive, I had to get up at 5:30. oie! But all is well. Met some nice people, who I will tell you all about later, but at the moment, its time to go to sleep and dream of snow. maybe I´ll cool down a bit. haha joke! (I know it was awful. its the tiredness, im sorry. Ill have a better ... read more
SOME of the family
My First Mexican Tacos!
Taco Man!

North America » Mexico » Morelos » Cuernavaca August 16th 2006

The final week…*dun dun dun* As mentioned briefly yesterday, this week is jam-packed with last minute activities and lessons to do and cakes to consume! And I’m making the very unsubtle reference to cake mainly because I want to say that I ate THE BEST Tres Leches cake last Friday night at a restaurant called Casa Hidalgo. It was basically heaven in a bowl. The ONLY cake that I would give 2nd place status to…behind a cake from Renee’s, of course!!! Max, I know the reference to “the perfect dinner” should put a giant smile on your face!! Good times! I had Rosanna as my teacher last week and I really feel like I made big strides. In fact, we made so much progress that yesterday I graduated to Book 3! Woo-woo! I started at the ... read more
Talavera tile in Puebla
¡Popo up close!
The church atop the big mound...aka a GIANT pyramid

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