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November 18th 2016
Published: November 19th 2016
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Belize to Costa Maya

Costa Maya PierCosta Maya PierCosta Maya Pier

thats a long walk...
Another early start by loading the bus for a 2 hour driver to Mayan ruins north west of Cost Maya. Thankfully this was a half decent newer bus with great air conditioning and a smooth ride. The tour guide Letti gave us an abundance of info as we drove along about the Mayan culture and language. I really should start to record these guides, I can’t remember a lot of the info that they pass along.

Spectacular ruins at Kohunlich. Actual Mayan name has been lost but when the archaeologist came to the area he named it Kohun ridge. The locals couldn’t pronounce the “R” in ridge so it became known as Kohunlich.

While the Aztecs were known for their astrology the Mayans not so much but they did find 2 of the temples lined up with the rising sun on April 21st to signify the start of the rains.

We also viewed a ball court where the winner(s) got to be sacrificed. New rule for the NFL, or NHL???

The Mayans believed that Kings, warriors, mothers (in childbirth) and those who were sacrificed went directly to heaven. All others had to go down first to be tested to see if they were good enough to go to heaven. Their religion was so heavily based in going to heaven it was an honour to get sacrificed and go to heaven.

We had our lunch on the way back on the bus and wandered thru the shopping market on the way back to the pier. No straight lines here, they want the tourists to get lost and spend more time near the stores where the hawkers are always trying to get you to come in for the “Amazing deals”, “Almost free”

Dinner tonight was at Illusionarium. A steampunk magic show. Very well done!

Tomorrow an “easy” day of shopping in Cozumel.

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Kohun treeKohun tree
Kohun tree

tree that lends its name to the ruins
Temple wallsTemple walls
Temple walls

temples are not hollow like Egyptian. They have another layer built over the previous one
Temple of the MasksTemple of the Masks
Temple of the Masks

Palapa built over Masks to protect them from the elements
Nice picture with our ship in the backgroundNice picture with our ship in the background
Nice picture with our ship in the background

had quite a discussion about the que for this picture

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