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September 25th 2010
Published: September 25th 2010
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Central and Southern Mexico

Sorry, but Quanajuato doesn't appear on this map. It's located west of San Miguel de Allende..

Two weeks to go! And what a job it is just planning for our trip. I’m a list kind of person and derive great satisfaction from making lists and checking things off when they’re done. So, of course, I’ve been working on my lists - where we’re going, what we need to take, what we need to get done before the trip, what we need to pack, what brother Pat needs to know and do while we’re gone, what the Mexico bus schedules are, and it goes on and on. Kind of fun in a perverse way.

Our first setback happened yesterday. I tried getting on-line to Aeromexico’s web site to check our seat assignments and such. It simply wasn’t happening. So, Bob took his netbook and sat next to our hard-connected phone for 45 minutes while he waited to reach the top of the queue so he could speak with a live person. Turns out they’re having trouble with their on-line system. But, the most interesting news was that our flight’s schedule has been changed from Sunday morning at 7 to near midnight - the same day, but 7 hours earlier.

Wow, now doesn’t that change things a bit. Actually, the change is a good one. The last time we took that flight was difficult as we had to check in too early - the rental car offices aren’t open, the local hotel airport shuttles haven’t started, public transportation is out. We had to get brother Pat to drive us all the way from home way east of Sacramento to San Francisco in the middle of the night to drop us off. Even with the morning flight, we didn’t get much sleep.

Now, we can rent a car in Auburn if we want to and drop it off at the airport in San Francisco. We can leisurely drive over to the city and have a nice dinner out. A great way to start our trip. And, even though I don’t sleep well on planes, I’ll probably get a lot more rest and sleep this way than I did last trip. So - this is a good change.

- Sue


5th November 2010

Happy trails in Mexico
Things are nice in SAcramento, enjoying an Indian Summer. It will be 77-80 F today. I'm going for motorcycle ride sAturday and doing Jim's Burningman ho-down sAturday nite. Would like to ask a favor if your remember. I collect rocks from different parts of the world. Since, I can't join you, I would like a piece of Mexico. if you could note the rock came from that would be a bonus! If ther eis anything you need on this side of the boarder please let me know..... El Kent and La Bonnie

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