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February 20th 2010
Published: September 8th 2010
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slept in a little bit. got everything out of the room. had bread and Oaxaca cheese for breakfast---really good. went to buy my bus ticket. wanted to take the Cristobal Colon bus, but it was sold out or cancelled. DO ticket 538 pesos. walked a little bit to town, but realized I needed to book my hostel in Playa de Carmen. went back to the hostel and booked Happy Gecko for 1 night. walked around with Grace. saw where the locals hang out. found another cheaper market. bought some bread and empanadas--mole and chicken--really good! made chorizo and onion sandwich. walked ALL around town. saw the main park. walked all the way to the artisan plaza. didn't buy anything. walked back to the hostel and just chilled. watched part of Date Movie, then went to the exercise bike and biked for a while. then laid in the hammock. took the 8pm bus to Playa de Carmen. had a seat next to me the whole time. NICE!


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