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February 15th 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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woke up early due to noise. waited until breakfast was being served which was around 8:30am. walked to the subways station. only 3 pesos to use the subway. went to the central north bus station. bought a bus ticket for 34 pesos to go to Teotihuacan. people kept coming on the bus to sell stuff. one guy even played the guitar on the bus. paid 51 pesos to get in. saw one museum really quick. then went to Quetzalcoatl temple. then went to the Pyramid of the sun. AMAZING!! so big. the stairs were so steep. the view from the top to see the entire area was amazing. walked through the valley of death, then went to the Pyramid of the moon, another great view, bit not nearly as big as the Pyramid of the sun. bought water for 15 pesos. got bothered to buy silver bracelets. bought 2 silver bracelets for 30 pesos. nice bangles. walked back to the same exit, but on the way saw the jaguar mural and then the museum. took bus 33 pesos back to the bus terminal. bought bread 14.5 pesos. took metro back to insurgantes=3 pesos. walked around. saw the Angel of Independence then the Diana Cazadora fountain. walked for a long time through the park. sat on an interesting park bench that was slanted a lot. saw a lot of policemen everywhere!!!! walked all the way to the National Auditorium. passed by a small Korean shrine. passed the zoo. saw the Japanese and American embassy. saw the St. Regis. walked through Rosa Zone. got back to the hostel. then went to get cup of noodles.....2 for 10 pesos. chips and cookies 36 pesos. got back to the hostel and noticed how red my arms got. along with my raccoon face. the temples at Teotihuacan were AMAZING!!!!!!!


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