day 1 of my adventure through central america

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February 14th 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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woke up at 4:15am. got to LAX airport at 5am. had to pay $25 for my luggage. only backed one big backpack for my trip. from previous experience i knew the less i carried on me the better. flew from LA to Phoenix. very short layover. had a seat open next to me on the plane. arrived in Mexico City at 3:03pm.
had to change money. changed $300x12.50 pesos. got coins for the telephone, but couldn't use coins. had to buy a card for the telephone at a nearby convenient store. also noticed that once outside the gates the exchange rate was much better than what i had just got. called hostel. waited for about 30 minutes. the hostel that i reserved a bed for was the only part of the trip i planned before hand. from my experience traveling in southeast Asia last year, i discovered that the best part of traveling around is to not have a scheduled plan and see what happens. got to the hostel around 5pm. paid dollar us dollars for 2 nights. i was so hungry because all i ate were 2 yogurts and lemon poppy seed scones. went to the local market and got some delicious tacos and mango juice. dinner was around 60 pesos. bought water in a convenient store for 13 pesos. walked a little bit around the market place, but too tired from the flights so i went back to the hostel. i need to save energy for tomorrow.


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