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January 21st 2008
Published: January 21st 2008
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We are here...there are no apostrophe or quotation marks on this keyboard...and the @ sign is on the key for Q. The _ key is down by the shift....it is throughly confusing me.

The flight in was great...I sat next to a middle aged woman named Susan who lives in Farmington Hills and did not mind getting up for me to walk (I opted not to do a shot in the belly even though I am off the blood thinner...the doc said it is not necessary for shorter flights, but they have not done research yet to know what is considered shorter).

We are at a huge resort that you have to walk about 10 to 15 minutes just to get to the pool. The place is pretty nice, but I would not recommend it to anyone looking to get away. We knew it would be like this before we came though. This is Alex using his time share that he has buyers remorse over, just so he does not waist another week. Alex says they give Time Share people the crappy parts of resorts. Our room is next to a room under construction, so they were literally drilling on the wall at the head of the bed while we attempted to nap after not sleeping the whole night. Big, busy, and noisy is not my ideal location for vacation. I am not complaining though...any time with him is a good time.

We are going into town today to see what the area has to offer. The pesos throw me every time I see our receipt and it says something like our dinner is $340.48

I think it works out to $35 dollars (ish)?

There is a fenced in crocodile area that is kind of random. I am not sure if they were here first so they built around them or if someone just thought it would be a good idea. Either way, we stop to visit them each time we pass.

Look what I can do on this computer even though I cannot quote anything or shorten words: !¿¡?


21st January 2008

Happy drinking!
How did you get the upsidedown question mark and exclamation mark? On my mac, I get the division sign when I press option and question÷. Never knew that. Cheers!`–ºª•¶§¢£™¡

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