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March 19th 2018
Published: March 24th 2018
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On Sunday, March 18th, I went from Mexico to Flores in Guatemala. There have been different rumours about how to get there from Mexico, but from Yucatán there actually is only one way : you have to go to Chetumal, next to Bacalar, and take a bus from there. Unfortunately, there are no direct busses, so you have to cross via Belize, which is a bit annoying, because you have to cross 2 borders in one day and pay the Belize exit fee of 20$US.

I can recommend you the following : arrive in Chetumal in the afternoon, check in to the Hostel Manik. This hostel is quite nice and located just across the street from the bus terminal. You can either book the bus with them (Marlin Espada) or you can book a bus at the booth of a different tour operator at the bus terminal.

We took the Marlin Espada bus from our hostel, because we were in Chetumal on a Sunday and then the operator at the bus terminal is closed.

If you don’t have any US dollars yet, you should go to the bank in Chetumal (also open on Sundays) and change money to get 50$US, 30$ exit fee of Mexico and 20$ exit fee of Belize. They have a pretty good exchange rate there. But be careful to take your passport with you if you go there, otherwise they won’t change your money.

There are rumours, that the exit fee at the Mexican border is a scam, but it is NOT ! There is no way around it, except if you have a written document from your airline that this fee was already included in your plane ticket.

I can’t recommend you to try to argue with the border officers either, my friend Laurenz tried that, it did not help at all. In my case, I accepted it, I was very friendly to them and they were friendly in return. I had only 27$ or 40$ and told them I didn’t want Mexican pesos and since they couldn’t give back on 40$, they told me 27$ was fine. So, being nice helps. :-)

I also recommend you to buy a lot of food in Chetumal before leaving, so you don’t have to change money to Belize dollar to buy lunch there.

The only bad thing about the journey, in the bus from Chetumal to Belize, there is no toilet in the bus and no AC, so be prepared. It takes about 4h to get to Belize, but at the border you can use the bathroom if you want.

In Belize, you change the bus and get a bus with AC and toilet for the last 3 to 4 hours.

The bus ride is very long and the 1 hour stop in Belize annoying, because there is nothing to do there, people are a bit agressive, it’s expensive and there is a pretty bad vibe going on.

The best part is the last one, going from Belize to Flores, but still, you’ll be happy to arrive to Flores. It’s the only way to get there, though. There is no direct bus, except if you go via Palenque, and that’s a huge detour if you’re in Yucatán.


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