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October 30th 2008
Published: October 31st 2008
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Italian act performing.
Zacatecas was a cool town. It had great architecture and everything in the centro (downtown) was easy to get to by foot. Rode in a cable car that crosses over the city. It had awesome views of Zacatecas. Traveled deep under the earth into a retired mine called El Eden. The mine was first worked on in 1586. As many as five people died on a daily basis back when they worked on the mine. They died either of accidents, tuberculosis, or other diseases inflicted by the mine work. The mine is 1,620 feet deep of solid rock. All digging was done by hand with picks! One can't imagine the labor it took. They even have a dance club built in the mine. Met some cool people at my hostel. Partied a couple of times with them at a bar called Huracan (hurricane). The theme of it was all things that represent Mexico: Mexican wrestlers, the Virgin Mary, mercado shopping bags, cumbia music....along with other things. Had a good time.

Upon arriving to Zacatecas I stumbled upon their festival of theater in the streets (Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle). Theater performers come from all parts of the world and perform short plays in the streets of Zacatecas during the evenings. On the first night I was here I saw an act from Italy. The beginning of it was cool. The actors sang and would walk from one location in the street to another where they had their props set up in order to perform a different part of the act. All the people would walk down the block following the actors. However, at the end of the play they started doing all sorts of random shit. It didn't make any sense. That part of it sucked...seemed like they were just winging it and pulling shit out of their ass.

Well, I guess it's true about Germans (Deutch), they are everywhere. Even Germans that I've met in Mexico admit that fact. Met two more Germans in Zacatecas and this time some Swiss folk and an Irish lady. They all turned out to be really cool. We'd all do our own thing when checking out the city, but when it came to partying we'd all chill together. Also met some cool local Mexicans. Good times were had here.

Now I'm headed to Zaragosa to visit my mom's side of

The crowd following the Italian act down the street.
the family.


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Cool lookin' church.
Cable CarCable Car
Cable Car

Riding the cable car!

Tomb of revolutionary heros that fought here in Zacatecas.

Did someone say conga line?!
Huracan BarHuracan Bar
Huracan Bar

Our bartenders.
El Eden Mine El Eden Mine
El Eden Mine

On our way into the mine.

Act from England.

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