Carnival Cruise - Day Three

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February 1st 2017
Published: February 1st 2017
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Fun Group at DinnerFun Group at DinnerFun Group at Dinner

Debbi, Melissa, Patricia, Steve, & Daniel
Third day on the boat and second sea day on our way to Roatan, Honduras. I slept in today and skipped breakfast. I got ready and then walked around the ship a little exploring. The ship is so big and I really have not seen all of it yet. I tried to get some reading done on the pool deck but it was SO LOUD with all of the music. I wound up going down to the promenade deck and read for while.

I started getting hungry so I went back to my room and ordered some room service. I ordered a philly cheese steak sandwich and it was awful. I definitely do not recommend room service on a cruise ship. I started watching a movie and then fell asleep for a couple of hours. For those of you that know me well, I never take naps, but I guess I really needed one.

I got ready for dinner and ran into Daniel in the atrium of the ship. He was meeting up with Ashley and Debbi for drinks and asked me to join them. We all wound up having a drink at the Steakhouse restaurant, which is a
First CourseFirst CourseFirst Course

Chef sent out a small appetizer served on a round rock. It was good but not sure why it was served on a rock.
specialty restaurant, so you have to pay extra to eat dinner there. We ran into Steve, Patricia, and Mel and they had tried to make a reservation but were unsuccessful.

While we were all having a drink the maitre de came over to us and asked if we wanted to eat as a group as she just had a large table cancel on them. So we all wound up having a great dinner with a lot of laughs and great conversation. I posted several food pictures as the food was definitely the best I've had so far on this boat.

After dinner we all went to a comedy show again. The comedian was not as good as the first night, but he did like making fun of Patricia and Mel. We probably sat too close to the front row. After the show we went to the dance club again, but I did not stay long as the music was not that good tonight.

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Second CourseSecond Course
Second Course

My second course was escargot served three different ways. It was pretty good. I liked the cream sauce the best.
Third CourseThird Course
Third Course

Beef Carpaccio is one of my favorite appetizers. This one was really good, but was missing the sauce that it is usually served with.
Fourth CourseFourth Course
Fourth Course

NY Strip steak cooked medium rare. I am glad I asked for it medium rare as it was actually cooked a little too well to be even considered medium. The taste was incredible though.
Shrimp AppetizerShrimp Appetizer
Shrimp Appetizer

This was Debbi's appetizer and she said it was delicious.
Porterhouse SteakPorterhouse Steak
Porterhouse Steak

Daniel decided to try the 20oz Porterhouse steak. It was a huge piece of meat but he was able to finish the whole thing.

I had a wine sorbet dessert that was a great way to end the meal.
Fruit CupFruit Cup
Fruit Cup

Daniel ordered the fruit cup for dessert and this was the best presentation I have ever seen for a simple fruit cup.
Carmelized AppleCarmelized Apple
Carmelized Apple

Debbi's dessert of carmelized apples.
Comedy ClubComedy Club
Comedy Club

This was all of us sitting at the comedy club before the show started. I great group of people, had a wonderful evening with all of them.

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