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October 20th 2019
Published: November 3rd 2019
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Things happen for a reason right? Welcome to Marco and Daria’s Adventures blog around Central America, South America and beyond! We are five days into our trip and already have made so many new memories that we decided to set up this travel blog. The idea is to share our experience with our friends and family and also for this to act as a repository of our memories and experiences to go back to when we are old(er) and grey! We will both be sharing our experiences on here; sometimes Daria will post, sometimes Marco. So how did this all come about in the first place?

We took our first “big” trip together to the Philippines over Christmas where it turned out that we made great travel buddies (Phew!) We found a good balance of his n’ hers and shared some amazing moments together. It quickly became apparent that 2.5 weeks travelling wasn’t going to cut it for us. We had barely scratched the surface and already it was time to go back...the idea of taking extended leave - aka a sabbatical started floating around for us but it wasn’t until March 2019 when Marco was made redundant due to the economic situation and the dreary Brexit that this idea came knocking back. It was a pretty easy decision. The Pros were endless and the Cons...well, you get the idea. And so it was that in March we decided that YES we would give ourselves this incredible, once in a lifetime gift, of going away together and experiencing something unique to us. We were healthy and full of energy; our families were healthy; we could save enough if we worked hard for the months ahead; and the political situation wasn’t exactly pleasant to be around so this was the time - our time - to take this extended break after 12 years of back-to-back full time work for Daria and frankly not enough life / work balance.

Choosing Latin America was a no-brainer. We both speak Spanish, Daria has family in Argentina and studied Latin American studies at university, as well as having lived in Mexico in 2005 during her year abroad. This place has always felt like a spiritual past-like kind of home for her. Marco had been to Mexico twice a decade ago and then again five years ago and had such an enriching experience that - quote - “I can die a happy man”. We both loved the continent but the missing piece was exploring it together. And so, here we are now, back in our beloved Mexico - ready to make new memories and enrich our personal tapestry that we have started to weave as a couple.

Daria and Marco x


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