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November 5th 2019
Published: November 15th 2019
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We arrived late in Valladolid. Check in is at Hotel El Canton (not recommended). The rooms are not even that cheap but quite bad anyway. Daria is not happy, nobody is and so we have a shower and run out for dinner asap. Daria tells me this weird, kitsch (but not cool) place reminds her of a horrible hotel she stayed in with Ele in Delhi in India. Even the guy at reception looks more Indian than Mexican. We wonder who designed this place...

After a day visiting the cenotes we were tired and so the idea was to go to bed early to get an early night and so an early morning. Like this it was, on the way back to the hotel me and Daria saw a huge scorpion, the first time I saw a proper scary scorpion in real life, it was 10cm long, on the pavement, black. We were happy having our trainers on instead of flip flops. Getting back into the hotel was like Fort Knox. We were knocking for ages until the Indian Mexican man opened for us. He was not impressed that we had disturbed him from his sleep in the hammock inside the court yard.

Me and Daria woke up and went for a run - our special run, called tourist run, which consist in running and sight seeing together, we did it in Merida first. After our run we understood the city a bit more and we found the nice posh area of the town, some nice places where to go in case we could spend some more time in Valladolid and some historical places too. Plan of the day, going to pick up Amanda, a friend of Enrico and Michelle that lives in the city and going to a nice cenote close by for a dip and lunch, then driving 3 hours to Tulum.

This cenote was completely different from the previous three; it was well maintained, an hacienda was build around it, there were proper stairs to go down to the water levels, there was a restaurant with tables around a swimming pool where Gringos were drinking margheritas, a nice grass space with some iguanas walking around or sunbathing like the other tourists. The Cenotes didnt have a roof - it was like a huge deep hole on the ground, with plants and trees hanging down towards the green/blue water. Very different from the previous ones but we liked as well, food also was good and not even expensive, we will recommend this to people that visit Valladolid 100%. In case you are wondering - the name is Oxmal. Cenotes de Oxmal.

On the way to Tulum we stopped in Cobá to see the Mayan ruins but unfortunately it was too late, the entrance was already closed because we didn’t realise that from Yucatan to Quintana Roo (two different states) there is a 1-hour difference and so we had just a little stop to see the sunset over the Laguna just in front of the entrance of the ruins. Looking for the best spot to take a sunset picture with my 35mm camera I see that a small damaged pontoon pier will be the perfect spot. I take the time necessary to set my camera and shut, when I see at 3 to 4 metres distance a shape in the water that looked suspiciously like a was a crocodile. I jump on the pier to get a closer look. It was 2 metres long hiding on shallow water totally still, eyes closed. Beautiful. It’s the first time I saw a crocodile in real life in his habitat and there was another 2 nearby in the shallow water. They move so slowly that they look fake. I am so happy to have seen my first crocodile, happy like a kid. Daria y Michelle less impressed by the crocodiles so went to buy tamarinds sweets with chilly, sweet, tangy and spicy, not my favourite but I understand why Daria likes them.

We pile back in the car and continue onto our next destination...Tulum.


16th November 2019

Sono contenta che abbiate deciso di dedicare parte del vostro prezioso tempo anche a noi che stiamo a casa! Mi piace leggere i vostri appunti con le esperienze uniche che state vivendo. Cosi posso seguire meglio il vostro percorso e apprezzare le foto che mandate!!! Effettivamente sarà anche un bel RICORDO anche per voi!!
14th January 2020

Grazie cara Pamela! Anche per noi fa tanto piacere sappere che stai seguendo il nostro viaggio! X baci

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