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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal February 7th 2023

After a quick breakfast of Cheerios we headed out for a day of exploring Mayan ruins. There was quite a bit of fog as we started our drive and I thought it would be neat to see the ruins shrouded in fog. Once we were closer to Uxmal the fog lifted and the sun came out. So no foggy pictures. Uxmal was founded around 700 and was inhabited until sometime around 1000. The city is made up of pyramids and other buildings used to honor Chac, the god of rain. The one interesting feature to me was the many cisterns they dug and used to collect rain water for the dry season. This area of the Puuc region has no natural source of water so to settle in an area without they had to figure out ... read more
Cute little bats
One of many iguana

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal February 6th 2020

Wir erreichen „The Lodge at Uxmal“ am frühen Nachmittag und genießen die schöne Anlage mit zwei Pools und den zwar etwas in die Jahre gekommenen aber schick ausgestatteten Reetdachbungalows ein paar Stunden lang fast für uns alleine. Wir sind hier dann doch wieder mitten im Dschungel, wenn auch nicht ganz so „ab vom Schuss“ wie wir es in Calakmul gewesen wären. Aber sowohl auf Handyempfang als auch auf Wlan müssen wir heute wohl verzichten. Vorsichtshalber klären wir mal ab, wo das nächste Krankenhaus wäre. Das wäre 35 Minuten entfernt, klingt nicht so ermutigend. Wir hoffen also einfach dass unser Baby gut auf die fiebersenkenden Maßnahmen reagiert und wir kein weiteres Krankenhaus benötigen werden. Außer ein paar hochpreisigen Hotels und den Ruinen der Maya-Stadt Uxmal (man spricht es Usch-mal) ist hier draußen nicht viel. Dafür ist man ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal September 24th 2019

After realising that Mexico was more expensive than the research I did before arriving had me believe I've decided to be quick and see the sites I came for and get to, hopefully, much cheaper Guatemala ASAP. My stop in Merida was just one day, so this is a short blog. The city itself I didn't see a great deal of, however it's a properly Mexican city. The feeling of really being in Mexico began here. There's a colonial church overlooking the main park which is a social hub for the locals. All day and all night the park is full of friends and families all socialising together and something that I thought was really nice. Something society at home seems to have lost is our togetherness and community feel. The main purpose of my stop ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal November 25th 2018

We are up and ready to leave by 7am. We had intended to walk to the bus station but we are feeling weary this morning so we call an Uber instead. That will reduce our 40 minute walk to a 15 minute drive tops. Our Uber arrives and takes us almost to the bus station. For some reason the police are blocking off the roads today so we just tell our guy to drop us off and we walk the two remaining blocks to the station. We have plenty of time and, apparently, the road isn’t blocked for pedestrians! We stop at a little local cafe that is full of people for breakfast. We share a table with a Mexican lady who speaks English. We suss out straight away that she is a guide touting for ... read more
Xlapak- chac mask
Sayil - El Palacio
Sayil - temple with roofcomb

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal October 31st 2018

SC writes : We thought it would be helpful to include a map of our Exodus Mayan adventure. The map shows our route but we are going the opposite way round to that indicated by the aircraft... We've done that and are now working our way down the West Coast of the Yucatan peninsular. The tour is called "La Ruta Maya'... So we doing many of the "classic" Mayan sights. First stop on this leg was Uxmal. See the few pix from here. Not much to report about the evening. Only problems so far, lots of mozzy bites...need to get some local repellant, and some hopeless wifi so we are behind on the blog. ... read more
Splendid pyramid at Uxmal
The main site at Uxmal
First sight of carvings / hieroglyphs

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal November 28th 2017

Pirámide del Adivino is part of the Mayan ruins at Uxmal (OOSH-mahl) located in Yucatán sort of between Mérida, where I arrived last Monday, and Campeche. One name for the ruins is thought to be "three times built" while another possible translation is "what is to come, the future." Either way, legend has it that the pyramid was built in only one night by the Mayan god Itzamna. Not too shabby... $US ≈ 19 Mexican pesos ($M) Mérida I'm fairly certain that when I last visited Mérida in 2014 I did not have any motivation whatsoever to visit any of these places. Not surprising since it was very close to the end of 2 years of continuous travel around the world. This time I managed to pack in quite a bit in a few days. It's ... read more
Atop Templo Mayor
From Templo Mayor
Cuadrángulo de las Monjas

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal August 31st 2016

Stätten der Maya – die nächste Runde. Heute steht Uxmal, eine der bekanntesten Mayastädte auf dem Programm. Der Tag beginnt vegan. Kaffee ist gut, aber Soyamilch. Für mich ok, trink ich zuhause auch. Aaron’s Kakao in der Variante mit Mandelmilch ist nicht so sein Ding. Außerdem fehlt ihm die Butter zum selbstgebackenen Brötchen, da kann die Aprikosenmarmelade noch so vegan sein. Der Melonensaft und die Fruchtplatte schmecken und gleichen es wieder aus. Durch das Straßengewirr von Merida dauert es mindestens eine halbe Stunde bis zum Stadtrand und von da sind es etwa 80km über kleine Landstraßen nach Uxmal. Die Fahrt zieht sich hin, gegen 11 Uhr kommen wir endlich an. Die Sonne heizt schon gut. Zum Glück sind nur wenige Touristen da, so sind die Tickets schnell gekauft. Im Gelände leben hunderte Leguane verschiedenster Größe. Bis ... read more
Down-town Merida

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal March 23rd 2016

Oli ostettu liput klo 6 lahtevaan bussiin. Siis heratys klo 5 - asema oli onneksi lahella. Matka kesti reilun tunnin. Uxmalissa oli onneksi hotellin ravintola, jossa saattoi syoda aamiaisen. Alue aukeni klo 8. Kierreltiin sitten aluetta parin tunnin ajan. Ei ollut ihan yhta vaikuttava kuin Chichen Itza tai Teotihuacan. Pari tuntia jai bussin lahtoon. Kaytiin vieressa olevassa kaakaomuseossa. Bussi tuli sitten puoli tuntia myohassa. Majapaikkaan valipalaa. Iltapaivaunet. Pulahdin altaassa. Paikallinen kaveri tuli hotellille klo 19, ja tehtiin kierros kaupungilla. Paivalla oli jo 33 astetta - yolla hiukan viileampaa.... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal January 6th 2015

Although Uxmal isn’t as large a site as Chichén Itzá, it’s farther from Cancún, so it isn’t overrun with tourists. Before it was abandoned in the 10th century AD it was a city of about 25,000. There were apparently no cenotes there, which may be why Uxmal was abandoned roughly at the time when Chichén Itzá, which did have cenotes, began to come into prominence. Today Uxmal is considered the crown jewel of Mayan archeology, with unusually elegant buildings considered to be “pure” in style without the later Toltec influences found elsewhere. They usually have plain walls surmounted by intricately-carved upper facades, which include countless images of the rain-god Chaac. Four of the structures stand out for their beauty and originality. The first is the pyramid dedicat... read more
Yucatan State is part of the overall peninsula.
This huge rural church on the way to Uxmal is now virtually abandoned.
the most beautiful Mayan city, pronounced [ooosh mal]

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Uxmal February 22nd 2014

Tuesday morning we were out of the El Caribe ( ) trekking across the now more familiar roads and traffic circles making our way to the ADO bus depot where we were going to catch a bus to Merida. (ever notice how unfamiliar roadways and surroundings look so much better in the light of day ? ) We had decided Monday night that for the trip to Merida we would just catch the next departing bus. It seemed that if we were to be making any decisions there would have been a choice of three types of bus. The standard, First Class, and some sort of Deluxe. When we got to the ticket counter it turned out the next bus would be leaving in about 30 minutes, and it was a First Class unit. Near the ... read more
Hotel Hallway
Pool view
the Courtyard

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