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November 14th 2016
Published: December 7th 2016
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Two busses, a waiting room, and another bus and a few hours later I found myself at one of the new seven wonders of the world; Chichen Itza. This is probably the most famous of ancient Mayan sites. It is a temple dedicated to Kukulkan. One story is that this dude was a Nordic sailor that washed ashore one day. He had seaweed in his hair and a big beard. So our guide pointed out that I look like him….damnit….i cant go anywhere without being compared to someone else. So strange for me! Oh, also we were at Chichen Itza for about 5 minutes before a lady came up and took my picture twice. :/ Anyways… This place is pretty neat and reminds me a lot of the other giant stone complexes around the world. All very inspiring. Also loooooots of numerology related to how the temple was built and how many levels there were or sections of bricks and the light play on the equinoxes…These guys were pretty freaking smart. At the complex there was also the biggest ball field in Mayan antiquity. That’s the game where you bounce a rubber ball off your elbows and hips through a stone ring on the side of the field up pretty high. It’s like an early form of soccer and basketball. Aaaand the losing team captain lost his head at the end of the tournament so theres that too…Lots more history in this place and it was really fun to experience. I picked up some statues as well and got to play the fun game of bargaining. Watched a German guy pay $10 for a statue I got for 50 cents! Hahahaha oops!!!! Another part of the tour was visiting a cenote. That’s an underground water hole carved from limestone. Very clean water and very refreshing in the hot Mexican sun. Sacred to the Mayans and now a giant toilet for all the tourists!!!!

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