A stone jaguar with jade eyes.

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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Valladolid, 16-01-1990. Spending yet another day at Chichen Itza, we managed to get inside El Castillo. Inside El Castillo is a second piramide within which one can see, after climbing a steep staircase which is damp and moisty with severly stale air, a stone jaguar with jade eyes. Very impressive indeed! We also found out that there are nine steps on each side of El Castillo, added with the upper platform there are in total 365 steps or the number of days in a year. Maybe the best part of the day was meeting two signorinas from Italia who are also lodging in Valladolid and will have dinner with us tonight. Much to the delight of James who is way too shy around the female part of the human population on this world to ever ask them on a date. This way he can have a date and leave the dreaded chatting up part to me!!!


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