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January 6th 2009
Published: January 6th 2009
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- Before I begin, (although I already have), I want to apologize in advance for any rigid language or offensive ramblings that may follow -

As travels advance, and experiences mature, I am greeted with exactly what I expected; An exciting, yet diverse array of holas and "que el diablo te escupa el culos'". (Rough translation: " That the devil spits in your asshole". - (An abrupt 'fuck you' of sorts)). I mean this in a loose sense. Nobody has actually said this to me, yet, I have shared it with many people. In fact, I learned it from a Colombian named Alfredo, who most eloquently shared with me, (about a year ago), the workings of negative Venezuelan greetings (so he claimed). In reality, my awakening to annoyances with turistas from the locals' perspectives has come in a number of forms: a rental car worth far less than was charged, taxis pretending not to notice defenseless pedestrians, and hostel owners charging 2 dollars more per night for 'gringos', who, in my case, actually understood the hushed conversation explaining so, under the impression that, 'he must be rich' - which, with respect to me, is at least -$23,458.00 off the break-even mark. But that's alright. I have a heated, furnished, spacious home to return to, which is much, much more than most of these people can claim.

But don't let me embed any outrageous thoughts in your minds...at least not yet. Understandably, these experiences have been had through people, who, for the majority of their lives, will have very little, yet will do business with those who own much. In fact, the majority of my hours thus far, have been blessed with the presence of a local family, which has welcomed me as one of their own, celebrating the tradition of 'Los Reyes Magos' complete with Rosca de Reyes (a sort of circular-pastry-fruitcake) celebrating the arrival of The Three Kings to Jesus' manger way back in those fairy tale days (or demon-tale days, whichever you prefer). Of course, I have to add here, that the fruitcake, unlike its reason for celebration, was, in fact, real (and real good).

I have eaten home-prepared mariscos with Rocio, Marcelo, Linda and Ramon, been called tio (uncle), by Ramon's 5 year-old niece, Alondra, been kissed on the cheek by every member of his family, and been told 'mi casa es su casa' an immeasurable amount of times. My spanish is getting better by the hour, (although slowly), my taste for spicy tacos 'en la manana' augmented, and my understanding for the importance of family relationships deepened, as the calendar days float on. My affinity for these people is unbreakable. I don't expect this to change.

The rest of my stay in Mexico will consist of a tireless effort to organise a ritual peyote ceremony with local indigenas, a trip to a number of different ruin sites, and a finale in one of the world's largest - Mexico City (approx. 25-28 million).

Before I close, I want to take this opportunity to thank, first of all, those of you who are continuing to read my unorganised thoughts, and most importantly, those of you who showed up for the Community Development Jam in Calgary on the 21st of December, 2008. The event was aimed at raising funds for personal community development projects in South America, (of which I have yet to start, because I am not yet in South America), and, in my opinion, succeeded wonderfully. On such short notice, and with few resources, we were able to raise almost $1100.00, of which will be added to the capital, donated by the rest of you, who were unable to attend (right?).

For more information on this program, please leave me a note on this website, or send me an email (whichever you prefer), and I will be delighted to fill you in.

I am tired as hell, and have exhausted my El Jimador, and, as such, am heading to bed. Thanks again for following, and I wish you the ability and freedom to enjoy such adventures as I have some day soon.

Paz, Amor, y Amistad



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