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August 13th 2009
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(Final draft)

One year ago, I traveled to Guanajuato with my partners from the school. It was

the best trip of all because I went with some of my best friends.

This trip was organized by the Engineer Georgina, and the objective was to visit

some of the most important mines in this city.

Guanajuato is a city situated in the middle of the country in Mexico; it is

beautiful and is a important city of Mexico’s history, and it has some of the most

important mines in the country because these mines exploit a lot of minerals

like carbon. In this city the people can do many things like visit the museum of

mummies, the Cristo Rey of Cubilete. Another place that people can to visit is

the viewpoint of the monument of Pipila; it offers a panoramic view of

Guanajuato that is a unique spectacle by day and at night. For people who

like legends they can visit the House of the legend; In this house, you can

see the presentations of stories and legends of Guanajuato who along with

animation, visual effects, sound and light, scale reproductions and size, do a

great show. At nights the people can go to the callejoneada; they are long walks

by the most colorful alleys and streets of the city in company of music and

Picardy of glad students that fill of row and candor the nights of Guanajuato.

We went to Guanajuato city but it is a long journey and we had a bad day

because the bus broke down. Fortunately, we arrived to Charcas, San Luis

Potosi, so in this place we slept and then in the morning continued with the trip.

But unfortunately the bus started to fail again and we had to stop again. We

arrived to Guanajuato the next day and visited the mines, so it was a beautiful


Among other things we could do other activities like going out to the caverns,

walk in the city or any other thing; but the conditions were that we had to arrive

early at the hotel, no smoking and no alcohol. Finally we went to Leon city and

we visited the most beautiful church in this city, and then we could go shopping

in this city since it sold a large variety of clothing and shoes. After a few hours

we came back to Tampico city.

By omar taboada

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