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November 18th 2014
Published: November 18th 2014
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This is one of the veggie trucks that come by the rv park everyday. There is also a truck with big bottles of water and also a truck that has propane. They all come right to us....it is so appreciated.
Well we have been here two weeks. Sometimes it feels like we just got here and other times the days just run into each other. It is definitely a much slower pace than I am use to. Also there isn't a lot to do here on the island. When you are use to working everyday and then all of a sudden you are not, it takes a bit to get use to. Everyday the vegetable man comes with his veggies and fruit. Which is really great because they are always fresh. Bananas (which I never eat at home), but they taste delicious here, avocados which are so good. Also he comes with pears and apples also. Sometimes they are really good, other times not so.... We experienced our first set of cruise ships this last week. Two of them came into port. It is so beautiful to see them come in and then leave in the evening. There was also a beautiful ship, I think it is called a schooner, it came in and stayed for 3 days. When it came into port all the cadets were on the mast, it was amazing. Tuesday evening we went to our first get

This picture was taken around the side of the island that we can take a ferry across and as you can see the ships are docked across the bay.
together here on the island. RV #2 put on a happy hour and everyone brought something to snack on. Like a pot luck. They made some margaritas and we brought some wine. It was fun. Always great to meet more people. It is always beautiful walking the beach and I am always looking for shells. We went over to Mazatlan on Saturday and Barry and Sonja took us shopping again. We really appreciate it because there isn't much on the island. We went to church on Sunday, which was very interesting. It is within walking distance to Barry's so we dropped off Jackson in the morning then went to church and then came back to their house. Had lunch and then walked to the market. We spent the day with them and their friends showed up so Barry cooked for us and them dinner. Then their friends took us back to the boat to go across to the island. It was a full week.

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This beautiful ship came into port and stayed for 3 days. At night it is all lit up.

This is one of the "panga's " that bring the cruise ship people over to Stone Island for the day. Notice the name.....

I decided to give Jackson a bath.......

Can't you tell he is just loving it?????

This was the coolest gadget his guy had to make margaritas.....

Our first "happy hour with the other rv park". Met some more great people.

This guy brings his horses onto the beach every evening for a swim and then takes them back home.

Here is one of the cruise ships heading our of our bay.

The end of a fun evening......

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