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November 6th 2014
Published: November 7th 2014
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This is a picture of some of the roads in Mexico. We are following one of the couples we met.
Well, we finally made it to Stone Island. and we will be here for 4 months. It is a true paradise but it was a real journey to get here. I left off on my last blog we were in Queen Valley, AZ. We had a great time there, but we got anxious to get on our way to Mexico. We went to some fun places in Arizona, like Tortilla Flats, and Goldfield Ghost Town. The desert is beautiful and we both really enjoyed it. We met Barry and Sonja in Phoenix, which is a huge city and we were glad to leave......and to be on our way to our destination. We picked up Barry and Sonja and then met three other couples at a place in Amado, AZ which is south of Tucson. We all spent the night and left early in the morning to the border. There was no problem at the border and then we drive 21 km to the check point. There you need your papers, and lots of cash......or credit card. We were there about an hour and waiting for the other couples it was a wait. But all was fine and we headed south. Our

Just one of the many stops along the way. Either for fuel or lunch or both.
first night we stayed in San Carlos in a rustic RV park, but it had clean bathrooms and showers. The second night we we stopped in Los Mochis and that was a different story. We stayed at Copper Canyon RV Park, better name "chicken ranch RV park" There was literally chickens running around and the sites looked like grave sites. Anyway, we were concerned as there was a hurricane heading for Mazatlan and we were suppose to drive there the day it was going to hit. We continued to check the weather, and it was down sized to a tropical storm and the contact we had said if we were coming to come that day and don't wait because of the road into the Island. So we packed up everything and headed out. We arrived at the turn off to the Island around 3pm and headed in. The rain had already started, so the road was filled with water. But from what we were told, if we would have waited another day the road would have been worse. We got here and set up in the rain and the people living here took Barry and Sonja to the ferry to

Lunch along the way. No one was especially happy, just tired....
go back to their place. We made dinner and went to bed. Gerry got up early the next day to get some pictures, and he has been taking pictures ever since. This is our home and we love it here. The humidity is very high, but we deal with it. Temps around 80 degrees or more during the day and cools off a little at night. Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Additional photos below
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This is a pictures of the entrance of San Carlos. The mountain is called Goat Tit. We stayed at an RV park there.

Happy hours at the Houghton's with our new friends at San Carlos. After drinks we went to a little restaurant for a late dinner.

Gerry took this picture because it was very unusual with a funeral home next to a taco shop..,,,

This is the entrance to the rv park in Los Mochis....Copper Canyon RV Park.....we should have known with the sign it might not be paradise....

Copper Canyon RV Park....don't they look like grave sites?

And here is a picture of the chickens. They were all over and we were woken up by a rooster....

And this is a picture of the manager of the park and our security. He actually lives in this van. He was very good to us though as he walked around the park several times a night to check on us all.

This is the next day (November 4th) and as you can see the storm has begun. We are heading right into it.

This is the road to the Island. This was the good part.

We finally arrive.....

This is a picture of the beach in front of our rv park. Gerry got up early and started taking pictures.

Our first sunset on our first day.....This is taken from our rv park.

This is our rv park and our new neighbors. This picture is taken from our site. Welcome to our new home.

27th June 2017

Hi, we are about to book at Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island. for February, 2018. Any recommendations as to Park 1 or Park 2 ? could you tell us the difference between the 2 parks? How long is the walk to the water taxis? And where do you buy groceries and which restaurants did you like. We also will be crossing south of Tucson, any recommendations here? getting across the border? Things you can and cannot take across. We are thinking of getting our travel visas ordered online ahead of time. We will be driving with a truck and camper from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Any helpful info. you can pass on would be appreciated. thanks
6th October 2017

Re: tres amigo rv park, stone Island.
Hi Mike and Eleanor Girard, The difference between rv 1 and 2 is #1 is smaller and if you don't get front row the back row is very hot and not a lot of air flow. Rv 2 is bigger and the rigs are parked at an angle so front row and third row you are not facing the afternoon sun. We don't usually walk to the panga (water taxi) but people have. They have a little "super deli" on the island but most of the time we take the panga across and go to Sam's Club or Mega for our stuff. Or we take the truck and go to the Lay's on the highway. There is always someone going to town and we always ask people if you need anything from the store. You have asked a lot of questions and it is hard to answer them all. We love going there and now it is our 4th year. The restaurants are good, some better than others. Our first year we just went with the flow. We have an atvantage as I have a brother and sister in law who live full time in Mazatlan. Just come and enjoy. We will be there around the 4th of November until end of March.

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