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North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí November 19th 2010

No one told us about the bells. There are a lot of churches in San Luis Potosi, even for Mexico, so there are also a lot of bells. Each of the towns has a main plaza with a church or cathedral. San Luis has about 6 in close proximity and they all compete to have the most tuneful telling of the time or whatever. But I've skipped ahead a little. In Mexico City we caught the metro to the North bus terminal from our hostel. Another 20c each – it hurt, but we paid up. The bus system in Mexico is incredibly well set up. There are a multitude of different bus companies to choose from, and the buses are pretty comfy, with toilets, movies, occasionally food. We went with Primera Plus for this leg, mainly ... read more
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Not all fears are irrational. Like pain tells the body that it needs attention or stop that you idiot, fear acts as the emotional cue to fight or flight. It is a way to protect ourselves from danger and the possibility that the next step in the process could be injury and pain. When I was a small child, little fingers drawn to that hot stove, there was no fear of pain, for there was no experience with stoves. Mothers warning that it was hot meant nothing. What does hot mean? In later years, when sitting around a campfire, I used a long stick like a surrogate finger to poke at it, proving mastery over the hot thing. What other reason is there to stab at a fire? It needs no help from me to burn, ... read more

I have been pondering the nature of compassion, or the nature of mine in any case, while I live in a country that has so many poor people while I am so comparatively rich. Walking anywhere outside involves the possibility of street beggars pulling at my shirt and heart, looking for a few pesos. How many of them really need it is hard to tell. I am pretty sure the bent over old ladies or the mothers with infants need it. There are also quite a few cripples in wheelchairs and makeshift hand operated bicycles that could use some help. How I choose to distribute funds to them is baffling to me. What makes me give out change to one old lady and not another? It appears to be quite random, based on the whim of ... read more

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí December 12th 2008

For some unknown reason, I find that the idea of eating chicken and eggs at the same meal is barbaric. Separately I enjoy them both very much. Together it feels as if I am wiping out an entire species. Do they taste good together? I can not even contemplate it. The breakfast buffet at the hotel where I live serves both, so it is apparently culturally acceptable. To me it is nothing short of poultricide. (Yes, I made that word up). There will not be any war crime tribunals at the Hague though, and no chickens carrying their accusatory picket signs through the hotel lobby, shouting for justice. “We are not just meat! Find something else to eat! Our young are not over easy!” they would shout. Of course they are just that and so much ... read more

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí October 31st 2008

ok, so im in the bus station of San Luis Potosi waiting to head back to Guanajuato via Dolores Hidalgo (the buses to Guanajuato finish at 13:15!?!?!?). I went with this friend called DJ to go look for peyote in the desert (dont worry ma, its for spiritual enlightenment, seriously) and we had no luck. we ended up camping out in the desert which was REALLY cool. We then went to this semi ghost town called Real de Catorce, where there are supposed to be tours that take you out to the desert, but it didnt feel right. The guys would try to sell you horseback tours, and then whispering would tell you about going to the desert, and try to charge ridiculous amounts to go there. so in the end i turned it down. according ... read more

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí October 25th 2008

To pass the time and improve my health, I have decided to use the workout room at the hotel. Exercising in my room has not worked, and I know that I need to lose about 15 to 20 pounds around the equator. It was one of my goals when I came to Mexico to lose some weight and exercise more, so I head off to the hotel gym with the best of intentions. The first obstacle encountered is the location of the room. It is on the second floor of the hotel. I would have to climb stairs to access it. Stairs! Don’t they have elevators in Mexico? I decide that tomorrow would be a better time to exercise, and I walk 2 blocks to the party store and buy a package of white powdered donuts, ... read more

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí October 22nd 2008

Tilting at windmills is a favorite past time of mine, not to be reserved for the chivalrous or the idle nobility. There is a Cervantino festival, named after the author of Don Quixote, in an old silver mining town called Guanajuato, in a Mexican state with the same name. It is a three-week affair held in October every year, and I was urged by my coworkers to attend it. An arts festival is how it is advertised, with artists and music and a good time promised. What it has to do with Cervantes is uncertain, since he was never there. A better choice to name a festival for would have been Diego Rivera, having been born there and all. The vagaries of festival naming in Mexico elude me. An arts festival sounds good to me, being ... read more
Me and my steed - A real rockin' horse!

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » San Luis Potosí October 17th 2008

There is a local theatre group in San Luis that has, as part of its contingent, a group of clowns. They perform on the weekends in the plaza where the theatre is located, entertaining the crowds and collecting pesos in a hat. Street clowns are treacherous creatures, preying on the weak and helpless, the slow of wit or the outsider. Little children are merely props to them in their quest for laughs. Now, I won’t specify which of the above categories I fall into, as I may fall into more than one. One evening while casually strolling through the plaza, I noticed a crowd of happy, laughing people, circled around some activity. Naturally my curiosity was aroused and I innocently went to investigate. I walked to the edge of the crowd, and it was almost as ... read more

Drinking coffee is one of the few remaining vices that I will admit to openly. I tell people that I don’t really like the taste, that it is just a delivery system for sugar and caffeine. Those two essential elements prop up my existence, and I would be a wrinkled shell of a man without them. Forget the vitamins and nutrients and pour me a cup please. In truth I love the flavor of coffee, and I was surprised to find that it does not taste better in Mexico. Naively I imagined that living closer to the source of the beans in South America, the coffee would be that much fresher and vibrant. Another example of innocence lost, my naivety exposed as simple ignorance to the world outside my usual existence. Thinking more clearly on the ... read more

I find myself contemplating the mechanisms that drive my creative endeavors, and how it is that I am writing more in Mexico than I usually do at home. Not being very prolific anyway, my usual method is to wait for a kernel of inspiration to pop into my head, and then start writing until the idea is at fruition. That does not mean I am finished with the work. It only means my vessel is empty. If I have to plod along after the creative spark is extinguished, my labors are not as satisfactory to me. I suppose that points to a lack of discipline and craft. Should I only wait for inspiration to strike, or should I expand from inspiration through the sweat of craft? Take my poetry writing for example. From time to time ... read more

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