051030 my first Halloween

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me and angie on my first halloween
Hey hey HEY hey… I’m not doing two bloggeroonies this week because I have lots and lots to say, but because I have lots and lots of fotos for your viewing pleasure ☺

I actually didn’t think we would get back in time from Cola de Caballo in time for what laid ahead that night, but who’s complaining, except I admit I could've been a better host. I was just SO tired though from all our day-time dramas and I just needed to recharge for the night time ones to come. SO…. SORRY to anyone that had to put up with a half clean house and a half asleep host ☹ I’ll make it up to you lads and ladies next time ☺

SO yes, our aim: not to spend money, or as little money as possible on our costumes, make do with what we have already…. Like rubbish bags! ☺ Angie and I were going to be the garbage girls, I can work wonders with rubbish bags and newspaper ☺ honest…. Remember SLF amie??? Anyways, so angie was talking to her friends back in Canada and they suggested we attach balloons to ourselves and be uvas (grapes), and
green and seedlessgreen and seedlessgreen and seedless

the best kind
when they pop…. We become raisins! ☺ being crazy cats, UVAS it was. We were more immobile than expected, having people help us here and there, everywhere really e.g getting in the car. We also took longer than expected to get ready, arriving fashionably ‘late’ lol, ooh and with an applause on arrival “how special” we thought to ourselves, and then…. They starting clapping for some others :P

So twas a good day, and a great night, and even though we didn’t help with the space availability in the house-full of happy halloweeners, we had fun, and I’m sure people had fun looking, admiring, mocking us too ☺

one bunch of ‘great grapes’

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daniel - freaking tall one too
green getting in cargreen getting in car
green getting in car

i feel the pain of the pregnant
the halloween huddlethe halloween huddle
the halloween huddle

not really a huddle
cowboy and his cow girlscowboy and his cow girls
cowboy and his cow girls

ricardo - boy from my art class

sailor, ballerina and i... with a mexican girlsailor, ballerina and i... with a mexican girl
sailor, ballerina and i... with a mexican girl

oscar, abril and i... with the mexican girl

3rd November 2005

Far out man... that seems so cool! I wish I was there with you, so I could actually talk to you... Not those 2 second ones on MSN! But anyway, points on the grapes! Looks really cool! I hope you come back soon, cause I'm jealous of you having all that fun, meeting noew people, etc... damn... Anyway, continue to have fun and keep putting 'em blogs up! See ya!
3rd November 2005

You loooook ..... No comments!
4th November 2005

heyyou better come back and host the halloween party next year AYE AYE!! guy fawkes tomorrow WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
6th November 2005

guy fawkes have been...i stayed inside combining my shuffled itunes with the neighbouring blasts of distant fireworks. (can u feel my enthusiasm?!) man, i like the baby...if ever there is a dress-up party...im bein a baby. oh an Mario! he is king. and ofcoarse, the delictable grapes...they make sweet sweet wine!
11th November 2005

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